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Narconon Stonehawk Responds

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BROADCAST DATE: March 2, 2007

Vince Daniels returns to the topic of Scientology and their drug rehab program Narconon. After having several patients on the air in previous weeks from the Stonehawk facility, the letters come rolling in.

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Former Stonehawk patient Melissa Casey returns to the show to share more details of her treatment at the Scientology facility.

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Vince reads e-mails and takes phone calls about Scientology drug rehab program at Narconon Stonehawk.

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What do you know? Stone Hawk posted a blog entry on their site about the Vince Daniels show. Turns out any patient who speaks out against Stone Hawk is a criminal. The patients are lying druggies and the parents are foolish enablers:

Many people enter a drug rehabilitation program to appease parents or the law and then deliberately leave or behave in a manner that gets them kicked out so they can continue to use drugs. Then, they turn around and say “Narconon stinks, they’re full of BS, they are only interested in taking our money, they are abusive…etc.” which is just justification for the addict to go out and use drugs. The addict then continues to get to do what they want to do guilt free because they tried, but Narconon failed. Parents are naturally enablers, and would oftentimes not want to put the blame on themselves or the addict, but turn to saying there is something wrong with what Stone Hawk did.

But what struck me most in the post was this section:

Although Narconon Stone Hawk is in no way associated with Scientology, the Narconon Program was created by L. Ron Hubbard, the same person who founded Scientology. This Vince Daniels, for whatever reason, has a problem with Scientologists. Because of his misconception that Narconon is associated with Scientology, he feels the need to attack it, too. Narconon does not teach or practice Scientology in it’s drug rehab program. Yet Vince Daniels goes to great lengths to degrade a drug rehab program that has saved the lives of thousands of people and families.

Wow. No connection to Scientology? Unbelievable. It is Scientology through and through. Listen to the last Vince Daniels show. The patients reveal that the same training routines are used, the same BS Hubbard policies of Ethics Officers and overts. I was stunned by all the Scientology jargon I heard from these former patients.

Listen, you want the truth? Turn to Professor Dave Touretzky. He’s done the research. Narconon is an official church program and designated as such in the church’s 1993 IRS agreement.

The social benefit and other public benefit entities discussed at pages 1-28 through 1-42 of the June [1992] submission [by CSI] along with all subsidiaries, subordinate chapters, subordinate organizations, or sub-licensees thereof (e.g., organizations that are permitted to use particular names, copyrights, service marks, and/or technologies) are Scientology-related entities. Thus, for example, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, Scientology Defense Fund Trust, Association for the Better Living and Education, Applied Scholastics Incorporated, Narconon International, The Way to Happiness Foundation, and the Foundation for Religious Freedom are Scientology-related entities.
[“Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters”, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, 1 October 1993]

Still, Stone Hawk respects Vince Daniels rights:

We respect the rights of Vince Daniels to print and say whatever he chooses on his radio show and blog. This great nation was built on the rights to do as such. But, his biased and false beliefs prevent him from telling both sides of the story. Truth be told, Narconon Stonehawk has saved lives.

Truth be told, Narconon Stone Hawk can’t tell the truth.


A reader has caught Stone Hawk editing sections of their blog to remove the blatant lie that Narconon is not affiliated with Scientology. The section now reads:

Vince Daniels, for whatever reason, has a problem with scientologists. Because of his misconcepton that Narconon is teaches the religion of Scientology, he feels the need to attack it too. Narconon does not teach or practice scientology in it’s drug rehab program. Yet Vince daniels goes to great lengths to degrade a legitimate and effective drug treatment program that has saved the lives of thousands of people and families.

Well, I am once again at cause over Scientology. I have forced them to react to a mere wog. See how powerful a non-OT can be? We don’t need hours and hours of training routines and indoctrination in the ways of that tubby, lunatic charlatan L. Ron Hubbard. All we need to do is tell the truth and, believe me, that is so much easier than jumping through the hoops put up by Scientology management.

What makes these attacks unfair is he only seeks out people who are dissatisfied with the program to speak. At no time does he bring in the comments or letters of those who swear by it. His website and radio show are filled with people who have terrible things to say about Stone Hawk, but these are all people, or parents of people, who have not successfully made it throught the program to no fault of Stone Hawk.

Wait? More lies? At NO time does Vince bring in the comments of those who swear by Narconon?  Can Vince help it that the people who say good things about Narconon are Scientologists, many of whom lie about it or their connection to Narconon? What about the Wickstrom’s appearance on the show?

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What about Bob Adam’s appearance on the show when he was too frightened to sit in the same room with Tory Christman?

I believe that Vince has had an open invitation out to Clark Carr or whoever would come on and openly speak about the issues. Too tough for an OT, it seems. The mighty beings are really outside of Scientology.


Being shown to be the frauds they are, the Stone Hawk people have moved their blog entry to a new url so the link from this site would not find it. They also suddenly have many success stories popping up to refute the the charges leveled on the show.

Notice how they whine about Vinnie not letting anyone speak positively about Narconon on his radio show? Try posting an opposing view to their blog and see how they react.

Think for yourself. Leave Scientology now.

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