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Narconon Stonehawk Debate

March 17, 2007 by  
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BROADCAST DATE:  March 17,2007

Vince Daniels invited representatives from Scientology’s drug rehab program Narconon on his show to debate but they refused so he plays excerpts from their radio show and rebuts them with guests.

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2 Responses to “Narconon Stonehawk Debate”
  1. Leannekera says:

    I have spent the majority of my day today listening to these shows whilst working, and I have to say they have been fantastic. I have so much more knowledge about Scientology and Narconon now than I had before.

    Mark please please please keep us all up to date with these radio shows… I think I have listened to every show on your site now! :)

  2. Grant Flower says:

    Effective video clip but not fully assume! Please share with us some feature about Narconon about this. I consider that video with content is more effective for assumption. Thanks :)
    Narconon Southern California

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