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The OT Panel

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Videotaped September 24, 2000

Four OT 7s (Greg and Debra Barnes, Tory Bezazian and Peter Alexander) swap notes about their experiences on Scientology’s upper levels

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  1. Brian says:

    I’d like to bring some balance here, if you will. I see a lot of the people who post here are already set in their minds.

    I’m not here to sell Scientology – i left it. I left in dec of 2007 after being harassed to fork over thousands by a one, Jim Conely Sea Org member.

    That said – I dont get these videos. They are supposed to show how “bad” scientology is, but these very people are USING Scientology methods in the damn video. Video 1 is unavail, so i went to video 2. This guy and his wife start talking and use the same knowledg they gained from Hubbard’s writing to describe how the church was with them (i.e. surpressives.) Another lady starts talking about a kid and his parents and how they fight, etc. and she starts doing a “demo” on the kid “if this pencil represents…” blah blah.

    So first – they evidently found some value in the system because they continue the practices they learned.

    Second – this is a religion conversion result. Look, everyone who has a religious conversion (which includes leaving said religion) has an initial thrust of power. “The Satanic Verses” was written by a guy who left Islam for Christianity. His conversion causes him to have this new mental state. Such a state can cause one to overcome a compuslion, an addiction – a lot of stuff.

    That said it’s no big deal they leave scientology to become better husbands/wives… or parents. conversely people can say the same who find Scientology… Islam… Chrsitianity… Paganism… Aethism.

    This is just another “I left because i didn’t like it.. i got better… so everyone should leave and be like me.”

    it’s the lack of freedom – it’s the mindset of “do what i do.” which is the same mindset of the church system they left.

  2. Brian says:

    I would add that video # 3 is pretty interesting – especially with the guy who kicks off that video.

    When he mentions that according to the church no one has attained to Clear or OT, that’s very interesting.

    However – even he uses Scientology methods. So I just gotta ask… and wonder… if they found no value in the system, why do they keep using the system outside the church? If they are just against the church but not against the teachings… then say so.

    They seem to be against the teachings and it’s odd because they use the same damn teachings in this video. the lingo, the demo’s, the models.

    Towards the end, the one guy’s wife says “it’s not a religion because they persecute you if you leave.” Um, that’s the hallmark of religion. It’s only the modern era that this has been stopped, due to political and legal stands by government. In the past, if you were declared a pagan, the Catholic church killed you.

    EVEN TODAY, if you are found to be a Freemason, in the Catholic church – the church will automatically excomunicate you – which is fairly close to the description of some of Scientology Disconnect. The Catholic church has no logical reason for this. They do not automatically excommunicate people who are practicing paganism… but if you’re a Freemason – look out.

    I can’t help but think that people are ignoring what common (such as the Catholic Church) and condeming what’s odd and different (Scientology.)

  3. XENU TV says:

    Refresh the page and try watching video one again, Brian. It is a working video.

  4. Astrid says:

    I thought these four were about the best you’ll hear at explaining what they were thinking and experiencing while in the cult, what they gradually found out, or how an event (or events) made something shift and how they came to a new understanding.

    Tory was terrific at explaining and acting out the Stepford Wives testimonials she was getting from other OTs at one point.
    Seeing these videos again — I saw them when I first started reading about $cientology a few years back — gave me a taste for more Peter Alexander on the cult.

    1999 talk for the LM Trust to the city of Clearwater:

    Part I

    Part II

    If there were one SP I could get Travolta, Cruise, or any celebrity Scilon to listen to, it would be this guy. Yes, even more than Jason.

    These Hollywood people follow each other into the cult like sheep, and they are the only people who can lead each other out, if they don’t have an individual revelation.

    If any them are as bright as Peter, they can also just do what he did, look at the documents. Look at Hubbard’s war record etc.

    Unfortunately, people like Alley, Cruise and Travolta, believe that any free time they have, they want to spend KSW, not cracking open the door to doubt or truth, which would make them come face to face with themselves, and realize they were deceived, sheltered, and used. They are just human beings after all, not “Thetans,” and they are prone to mistakes and manipulation just like the rest of us.

    Celebrities are targeted and criticized by the public and journalists, for what they wear, what they say, how they perform, every choice they make, and everything they think or do. They learn to shut out all that as much as they can, and that’s why they make such hard core $cilons.

  5. John says:

    Brian: Another lady starts talking about a kid and his parents and how they fight, etc. and she starts doing a “demo” on the kid “if this pencil represents…” blah blah.

    Me: Brian, that’s amazing. I was completely unaware that LRH had invented the concept of visually representing ratios or percentages. I assume all graphs must then owe their existence to Hubbard? Truly remarkable.

    Get out in the real world, man.

  6. Dimitris says:

    Haha, this is hillarious. If they don’t like the system why they keep going upper on the levels, OT 7 is very high on the bridge (but not the highest level) so why they spent 20 and 30 years of their life in Scn, go all the way to OT 7 if the don’t like it? (!) Some people here asking why they still using Scientology methods, Scientology is not a typical religion, go to the Church every Sunday and pray etc. Scientology is an applied religion whith methods that you can use in your everyday life. You don’t have to be a Scientologist to use these methods, I know so many people who are not Scientologists but they use Scn methods because they understand that is good for them.

    I don’t understand why people is so crazy about religion, maybe because they don’t have anything else to do in their life’s.

    I keep reading on the internet about Scientology crimes, lawsuits blah blah blah, ok, but – when you see that Scientology actually works for you and does only good to you then I don’t see any reason go against it. There are over 8.500 Scientology orgs in the world, and inside these org’s there are people who work there, they don’t get paid much but they still work there, why? Because they know is good for them and other’s, they can’t be all crazy! I know I am not.

    So get over it, spending your day on the internet writing how much you hate Scientology won’t do anything. Scientology is here to stay, deal with it!

    P.S Sorry for my bad English, well, I try!

  7. Ben says:

    Very informative videos. Glad to see these people who escaped and found a better and more healthy life. Hopefully more trapped people will simply open their eyes and look for answers, and be able to find them.

  8. I’d like to re-clarify something that no doubt I did a year ago and is now pushed WAY down and onto other pages. I say “I loved OT 3″. Let me clarify that, please. #1) A Man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest. #2) Yes—I THOUGHT I was having HUGE “Win’s” on OT 3. Why? BECAUSE HUBBARD HAD TOLD ME IN 1972 THAT *I* NEEDED TO “HANDLE EPILEPSY” and THEN I could returned to the Sea Org……and I THOUGHT I was FINALLY Handling it, to a done. Did I? I THOUGHT so, until I completed and THEN Tried to get off of my medication for Epilepsy. I ended up in Morton Plant Hospital..and the Dr told me, “You NEARLY Died”. Thankfully I’d called a person I knew was not a “True believer” and would take me to that hospital–so I did not end up like Lisa McPHerson. Had they driven me to the Doctor they drove her to, 45 mins away—per the Doctors I would have died. So I hope that clarifies the FULL Picture of what I went through on OT 3. Love to ALL <3 Tory/Magoo PS: I was part of the Golden Age of Crap, too.


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