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Tory Chats with Ida Camburn

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When Andreas Heldal-Lund from Operation Clambake came to L.A. for a visit, a group of us went to see long-time critic Ida Camburn at her Hemet home.  Tory Christman and Ida sat down to do a short video.

Ida always loves when critics drop by. We have to sneak up on her or she’ll spend all day whipping up the best Snickerdoodles ever baked.

It was great seeing Ida again and Andreas, too, who came all the way from Norway.

YouTube Preview Image

You can read all of Ida’s story at Lermanet.


2 Responses to “Tory Chats with Ida Camburn”
  1. Rmack says:

    I love that lady! She’s a real hero.

    In our youth worshiping culture, a vid like this showing the wisdom of someone who’s been there and done that is so relevant.

    Kudos, Tory

  2. Ida will ALWAYS be one of the original warriors. I love her, and I miss her TONS.

    Blessings and thank you, Ida, for ALL that you have done to help
    expose the insidious CULT of $cientology and helping SO many
    peeps. :) I hope—I pray–your having fun where ever you are.



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