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Robert Vaughn Young Declarations

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RVY-01Prior to Jesse Prince’s departure, Robert Vaughn Young was the highest ranking member of Scientology to speak out against the church. Vaughn worked in Public Relations for the church and was it’s most effective spokesperson during the period of great turmoil surrounding the uncovering of Operation Snow White.

After leaving the church, he was instrumental in bringing out the truth about what Scientology is and what Scientology does.

While Vaughn was in Scientology, he appeared on several TV shows — including some in which he debated L. Ron Hubbard’s son. I have two of those shows available on the site. The PBS Late Night show from May 24, 1983 and a local talk show called Morning Break from 1982.

I also have an excerpt of a show called Network First in which he and his then wife Stacy Brooks demonstrate some of the Scientology training routines.  He can also be seen in Secret Lives, a biography of L. Ron Hubbard.

Shortly before Vaughn died from cancer, he videotaped a depostion for the Lisa McPherson Civil Case.

Essays from Vaughn Young

Toward a New Model of “Cult Control

The Orwellian Nature of Scientology

Scientology from Inside Out: Strategies for Managing the News Media


Scientology vs. Gerry Armstrong

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated May 12, 1985.  (PDF 5.6 megs) Vaughn was still in Scientology when he wrote this declaration on their behalf. He denounces Gerry Armstrong and criticizes Gerry’s abilities as Hubbard’s official archivist.

Cult Awareness Network

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated September 8, 1993. (PDF 4.4 megs) Vaughn details his career in Scientology and details his knowledge of Scientology’s use of WISE as a recruiting tool.

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated October 31, 1994. (PDF 438k)  Scientology made many attacks on Cythia Kisser’s character. In this declaration, Vaughn states that he has no knowledge of the validity of these charges.

Scientology vs. Fishman

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated October 25, 1993. Vaughn covers in great detail Scientology’s Fair Game policy and shares experiences from his time as a PR person for the organization.

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated November 23, 1993. (PDF 5 megs) Vaughn details his career in Scientology as a trained Public Relations representative for the group. He writes about his experiences and his knowledge of Fair Game and front groups within Scientology.

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated December 29, 1993. Vaughn discusses a video deposition of Heber Jentzsch taken by Graham Berry.

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated March 9, 1994. Vaughn explains how Scientology’s belief that psychiatrists are evil led to their attacks on Dr. Geertz. Vaughn also details the deaths of Hubbard’s son Quentin as well as that of David Miscavige’s mother-in-law. These comments caused Mike Rinder to respond in a declaration of his own.

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated December 14, 1994. (PDF 6.6 megs) Vaughn disputes statements made in a declaration by Scientologist Mike Rinder. In Rinder’s declaration, he accused Vaughn and Stacy of demanding huge sums of money to stop testifying against Scientology.

RTC and Bridge Publications vs. FACTnet

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated February 1997. When Scientology sued Factnet for copyright infringement, Vaughn was asked to examine Scientology’s documents and discovered many important discrepancies in the copyrights of Hubbard’s works.

Declaration of Vaughn Young dated July 26, 1998. (PDF 1.47 megs) Vaughn samples several of the Scientology documents which had been submitted to the court and disputes the validity of the copyrights on altered materials.

Lisa McPherson Civil Suit

Affidavit of Vaughn Young dated October 6, 1999. Vaughn pierces the veil of Scientology’s elaborate corporate structure.


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