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Tom Cruise Defends Scientology Video

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2 Responses to “Tom Cruise Defends Scientology Video”
  1. cwhale says:

    Been done before by others with, I believe, much funnier versions. What would be a “blast”, “wild and wooly” not to mention “rough and tumble, would be if Cruise, sometime before his 6,333rd re-incarnation, parodied himself on this, by now, dead horse video.

    Self-mocking is, if not done to excess, a sign of a well-balanced person – a condition that is still some distance away from Cruise reaching.

  2. Xenumania says:

    This stuff never gets old. This parody in particular was well done because the actor did not go too “over the top.” Reminding people of the crazy tom cruise video is a good thing and we get a good laugh out of it to boot.

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