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United for a Hate Free San Diego Summit

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Hate Free San Diego

There’s an interesting event coming up this Thursday in San Diego.  Here’s a press release for the event:


Date of Event: October 1, 2009

Contact: Joe Kocurek (619) 818-5834/(619) 645-3090

United for a Hate Free San Diego to hold second summit

United for a Hate Free San Diego, a coalition of faith and community leaders, presents the 2nd annual Hate Crimes Summit on Thursday Oct. 1 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Ronald Reagan Community Center, 195 E. Douglas Ave, in El Cajon.

The event will focus on developing community and law-enforcement response to the rise of bias-motivated behavior and the increase in the number of hate-groups in the San Diego region. James McElroy from Southern Poverty Law Center and Morris Casuto from the Anti-Defamation League will headline the event. Other panelists include representatives from Sheriff’s and District Attorney’s offices.

The event is free. Advanced registration is required. For more information or to RSVP, visit Crystal at the Center for Social Advocacy, 619-444-5700 ex. 310 or email For additional information, visit

Now, I’m all for a hate-free San Diego.  It’s where I live and work.  But what makes this event so interesting is Scientology’s involvement in it.   Anonymous dug up some details on Hate Free San Diego a while back.

Here’s the group’s website.

Assemblywoman Lori Saldana sponsors Hate Free San Diego.  Scientology went into her office and supposedly said, “we’d be happy to put a website together for you and host it.”

The website is registered to the president of San Diego’s Scientology church, Dave Meyer:

A Whois search returned these results a few months back.

Created On:23-Jan-2009 16:54:57 UTC
Last Updated On:25-Mar-2009 03:55:31 UTC
Expiration Date:23-Jan-2010 16:54:57 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Abacus America Inc dba Names4Ever (R14-LROR)
Registrant ID:ZAQSR
Registrant Name:Dave Meyer
Registrant Organization:PlusPoint Development
Registrant Street1:2500 Sixth Avenue, Suite 103
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:San Diego
Registrant State/Province:CA
Registrant Postal Code:82103
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.6195467403
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+1.6195467760
Registrant FAX Ext.:

Dave Meyer appeared on a newscast my TV station did on Scientology shortly after I joined the staff.

This disclaimer at the bottom of the Hate Free San Diego website leads to a government email address:

For assistance in creating a custom Declaration for your city, business, school or organization, please contact the City of San Diego Human Relations Commission at with questions or email the webmaster at Webmaster@HateFreeSanDiego.Org to have your name and website link added to the endorsement list.

At the time Anonymous gathered this info, the connection to Scientology was not mentioned on the site and would not have been known unless someone knew that one of their front groups was listed as a sponsor: Youth for Human Rights.

This is how Scientology works. They don’t need to get elected. They just get close to elected officials and gain control of projects. Is this a government project?

So there’s some interesting questions that could be asked at this meeting.  Like, why is Scientology – recently labeled a hate group – so heavily in control of a Hate-free program?

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7 Responses to “United for a Hate Free San Diego Summit”
  1. Little bit off topic here, but why do we have such laws catagorizing specific groups for protection. One would think any crime perpetrated towards a group or individual, by definition is a hate crime. This just further diminishes the section 1 of the fourteenth ammendmant’s equal protection clause. What it really does is allow any group or individual to claim they are targets of a hate group as they hide behind these laws.

  2. Scam Shamalam says:

    I think the linked-arm creatures in the logo look a lot like Xenu.

  3. TheGoddamnPacman says:

    I remember hearing this bit of corruption LONG before Anon came around, and its sad to see that its still in the works.

    If I can see a video of an Anon or OG asking the tough questions in front of this group, I’ll be a happy little hacker-on-steroids.

  4. Mr. Mike says:

    Weird related thing with the SD CO$ and David Meyer; the “Church” bought the old Coleman College campus on the outskirts of La Mesa, CA. a few years ago and they haven’t done a thing with it. None of the Coleman College signs have been taken down and many of the windows have been covered in plywood. I drove through the parking lot and found a trailer behind the building so I’m guessing that they have a live-in caretaker for the complex. I know the “Church” buys properties, but are most of them vacant buildings? Also, Meyer himself appeared at a couple of La Mesa City Council meetings as an audience member, but he hasn’t come back since.

  5. XENU TV says:

    I saw a press release from Scientiology a day or two ago that they were holding a “Disaster Preparedness Seminar” for the public at the Coleman College address. They mentioned that every memeber would get a copy of The Way to Happiness, crucial for any disaster prep kit.

  6. Mr. Mike says:

    I drove past the building again last week and now the driveway is coned off…

  7. xenubarb says:

    There were some further developments with the Hate Free San Diego. Anonymous went to a pancake breakfast hosted by Lori Saldana; she sat down with us for a brief discussion about the website and how Scientology is the portal. She did not like this. One of our cell designed a whole new website and offered to host it. But, Hate Free San Diego now seems kind of moribund. It is ironic that the “church” of Scientology is part of a group that includes gay activists. Being as how the San Diego org supported Prop 8 and all. Incidentally, the ONLY org listed as supporting Prop 8 was the San Diego org. It is David Meyer’s fault that Paul Haggis left Scientology. Imma write up a KR on him.

    As to the ‘Disaster Preparedness Seminar,” they’ve held these for two years. The first one, we were outside by the driveway and saw nobody but a small group of Scilons in attendance. One wog lady pulled in and asked us if she was in the right place. When she heard it was Scientology, she left.

    Then last year, Anonymous went door to door in the neighborhood around the Ideal Org, handing out useful and helpful literature as people stuffed chocolate in our trick or treat bags. One woman told us about the disaster preparedness thing and said the neighbors refuse to participate in any Scientology program. Heh heh.

    Early last year, there were two RVs camping out on the property. One of the points on our flier included a number to complain about squatters. The neighbors didn’t want the cult starting a trailer park back there.
    We went by the other day (Jan 2011) and all RVs are gone. The one that was originally there is gone, but we saw the owner, this chimneysweep, in the org parking lot the other day.

    Yanno, Mark, if you were a little more communicative with the San Diego cell, you’d already know this stuff. And since you’re blogging about it, you ought to.

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