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Nightline Takes on Slappy Miscavige

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Slappy Miscavige orders all to salute his dog.

ABC’s Nightline has done a two-part report based on the amazing St. Pete Times articles about David Miscavige’s physical and mental abuse of Scientology staff.

What I don’t understand is, how come the self-published “Miscavige is great” issue of Freedom Magazine didn’t handle the flap?  Who is to blame, Slappy?  Who will you lash out at this time?

Here’s the first day’s report:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Day Two centered on Scientology’s celebrities:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Tommy Davis has the “storming out of an interview” tech down pat.  Way to show Scientology’s commitment to communication, Mr. PR Guy.

If you’d just like to see Tommy Davis storm out, here’s the clip.

YouTube Preview Image

You didn’t see Slappy pull that stunt when Miscavige appeared on Nightline with Ted Koppel.


47 Responses to “Nightline Takes on Slappy Miscavige”
  1. 3rdman says:

    Is it airing tonight? Eagerly awaiting.

  2. Humanist says:

    I don’t think anyone can find the guy. I heard he has somewhat disappeared. Perhaps to learn OT IX and OT X?

  3. Kevin S. says:

    thanks mark or whoever runs this website. would have never seen it if i didnt get email updates. looks like its on at 11.35 eastern for me. looking forward to it. to bad ill miss the second half of the racheal maddow show rurun for tonight,already missed the first showing cuz of the office and 30 rock.

  4. XENU TV says:

    I’m sure Anonymous will have the show captured and up on YouTube as soon as it’s aired.

    That used to be my job but now I can kick back and watch.

    Ah, this is the life.

  5. Anonymous says:

    NYPA Bunkie! :p

  6. Kevin S. says:

    there wasnt any new information but atleast there getting the message out there.

  7. Megaroni says:

    There are parts of it up on Youtube now. Kind of bad quality..

  8. Humanist says:

    Well, Tommy seemed rather subdued. I wish Martin had time to press him more.

  9. Artoo45 says:

    See Tommy, psych drugs aren’t so bad after all, they keep you from flicking spittle all over your interviewer. What a bad night for the cult. Can’t wait for part two . . .

  10. wil thompson says:

    My word. DM insists people salute his dog dressed as a Sea Orger. Its all weirder than I thought.

  11. flyguy says:

    Tommy’s a mean little pr@ck. He just can’t bottle up his disdain for the wog world.

  12. Horatio says:

    I lol’d hard at this, the dog was hilarious and Tommy was his usual foot shooting self.

    Already have popcorn for Dateline 2: Electric Incident Boogaloo.

  13. RJ says:

    Loved your intro Mark :)

    He may be known as Mr. Miscavige or COB inside the Church of Miscavigology but from now on to me he’ll always be Slappy ;)

    Don’t worry about those 80 pages of fluff! It’s probably being recycled right now by Charmin and being used as toilet paper.

    A proper use for ‘em.

  14. Horatio says:

    Tommy walked out on his interview after confirming hidden documents! Oh good lord was that epic!

  15. XENU TV says:

    I’m grinning with anticipation!

  16. XENU TV says:

    Thanks for the links, Horatio.

  17. wannabeclear says:

    It’s always so amusing to watch Tommy Davis lie and fumble and try to keep his thinly veiled rage from breaking the surface. Watch his shifty eyes blinking and his slight stammer, all the while wearing the smirk of “superiority.” Which only lasts until a clearly offensive word is uttered…VOLCANO! Ooooh…and on national television even. I quite enjoy his righteous indignation as he takes his toys and goes home.

    With all of defections over the last several years (Rathbun, Rinder, Scobee, Beghe) and the rise of Anonymous, it’s nice to see the media actually covering the story rather than running scared for fear of the legal machinery. But, I do wonder who the teeny tiny dictator is beating up for being unable to handle this PR disaster? How long before Tommy Davis ends up in the RPF? Must be his fault, right?

  18. Wh00mph says:

    For the love of Xenu, please tell me the dog’s called Yappy Miscavige :)

    ,. ,” ,`-o
    (_( ( | _,’
    \ `-’ `-’ (__
    ( O `–.’
    /) .__,`–~’
    (( (

  19. cwhale says:

    Given the history of incessant litigation by Scientology I am a surprised that their very vocal denials regarding Miscavige and his treatment of staff would not immediately send their legal team into a flurry of defamation lawsuits against Rathburn and others. Perhaps, just perhaps, the fear of exposure court cases usually bring on the parties involved has made them drop such actions that in times past were virtually automatic.

    It is difficult to put any credibility in affidavits from people still in Scientology who deny Miscavige’s abusive practices. Cults always have obstacles and punishments available for those that dare to express their true opinions. Undoubtedly, these affidavits were written by people who were very mindful of this.

    Tommy Davis is a poor spokesperson, he lacks the ability to “handle” the media by employing such tactics as evasiveness or manipulating a reporter into changing the line of questioning. Instead he merely offers vague generalities and one-line denials.

    One of the worst things a person who is being interviewed can do is walk away from the situation. There is an immediate reaction from the viewer – this person cannot defend their position. It is a sign of weakness and surrender. As the spokesperson for this cult, Davis’ actions illustrate all too clearly the reluctance of Scientologists to express freely and unequivically their beliefs.

  20. Scientologist says:

    Tommy Davis is right.
    In the religion of the Church of Scientology we really find the word “volcano” to be extremely offensive because it associates to ejaculation, as St. Hubbard has often preached.
    And Tommy Davis is not that stupid he appears to be, he is actually an famous author of two books: “Lying For The Beginners” and “How To Get Caught In Lying”.

  21. Jeanette says:

    Would it offend a Christian to ask about their core beliefs? Would a Muslim stalk out if an interviewer used the word “Allah”?

    Why don’t the Scilons have a clue what it looks like to the normal world when they get offended and storm off if someone asks them about their core beliefs? Anyone who knows the cult knows why (money,money) but couldn’t someone in OSA make up a “shore story” so they don’t looks like idiots when TD runs away in the middle of interviews.

    Bleating that it is “religiously offencive” to ask about their beliefs just sends up red flags for any non-cult person watching. I had a childhood friend whose mother was an binge alcoholic. When anyone tried to speak to her about her drinking when she was sober, she used to pull an aristocratic “how could you be so rude speaking about things like that” attitude. She could shut people up with just a lifted eyebrow. That didn’t stop the fact however, that she was a drunk.

    Claiming religious offence does not cover the fact they are a cult. Walking out of interviews will not convince the general public otherwise.

  22. The Tommyknockers says:

    Love it! Davis storming out of the room was great!


  23. flyguy359 says:

    Tommy can’t keep straight whether he is answering for other Scientologist celebrities, offering general responses about the church, or giving personal responses. So he personalizes the Xenu question to his detriment. He is really dead as a spokesman now, because even softball lobber Larry King is going after Xenu. Scientology really needs a non-Scientologist spokesman if Xenu is out-ethics to speak of.

  24. Artoo45 says:

    And part two didn’t disappoint, since we got to see that little martinet Davis storm out of yet another interview. What’s so offensive? He already admitted that the Xenu story was official canon in his KESQ interviews, so what’s the problem? The Wall of Fire crap isn’t being distorted by the media, it’s being repeated verbatim from Hubbard’s own handwritten notes. I guess the problem is that it’s batshit crazy and everone outside the cult knows it.

  25. Elron Hokum says:

    I’m really surprised Davis bothered with the interview. What is he going to say that is going to effectively refute what has been said?

    It’s funny-they say that they are the most “able” beings on the planet, but all they’ve got to rely on is Retreat Tech when confronted with the truth about their religion.

  26. Roob says:

    Tommy Davis is a little Bitch! what a puss-ass wanker cant even stand up and talk about his own religion without getting his prissy panties in a bunch and RUNNING AWAY!

    This is the guy they hand picked to be their spokesman? hahahahahahaFAIL.

    if you get suckered in my these fools you deserve to lose all your money.

  27. kerry says:

    No more roping people in and telling them about Xeno a hundred grand later, eh, Tommy Boy? Deny all you want, the world knows you believe in little green men, you psycho.

  28. AK209 says:

    Tommy is showing some strong signals of a lier. He looks off to the side (our left, his right) every time he speaks, I noticed one time where they panned away and he was wrapped tight, not moving around. His body is off to the side slightly. He has a very forced smile, a smirk that only engages his mouth and not his whole face.

    On the other hand, the folks that defected, all looked the interviewer in the eye most times. They were naturally expressive and faced the interviewer head on.

    I agree with Jeanette, if you talk to any other person in any other religion, they will share their core beliefs with you. If Tommy feels his beliefs are legitimate, then why run away?

  29. Susan says:

    What I find most interesting is the Scientologists’ implicit understanding that their beliefs are ridiculous. I know they want to keep the Xenu stuff under wraps in order to extort the most money they can from their victims by letting them in on the “secret” a bit at a time but they don’t approach it with anything akin to the reverence one might expect from people who deeply feel that their beliefs are revelatory and ultimately true. This blatant greed and dishonesty is the #1 reason these people should not be granted tax-exempt status.

  30. Christine says:

    Why Martin, we can talk about auditing and e-meters and how wonderful the church is but we can’t talk about Xenu or those pesky aliens inside us! C’mon people would think we’re wacko or something!

    I would like to see Martin’s report expanded and on during prime time where more people would see it. Now that Paul Haggis is out, he could speak about disconnection. Spread the word!

  31. kiwi pete says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant… i got out in early eighties and the negative aspects of being on staff for over five years is now being off-set by good people wageing a good fight, against what i now truly believe to be a cult.. thank-you all …

  32. Scam Shamalam says:

    Great time to be alive.

  33. JJ says:

    Tommy Davis is the worst spokesman I have ever seen. Keep up the great work Tommy boy!!

  34. ReggyGDI says:

    Scientology is already at work on there own version of this. They will try to discredit the news reporter and all the people that spoke out on the report. Maybe this will help people wake up.

  35. JJ says:

    Scientologist says:
    October 24, 2009 at 8:18 am

    Tommy Davis is right.
    In the religion of the Church of Scientology we really find the word “volcano” to be extremely offensive because it associates to ejaculation, as St. Hubbard has often preached.
    And Tommy Davis is not that stupid he appears to be, he is actually an famous author of two books: “Lying For The Beginners” and “How To Get Caught In Lying”.

    Dude it’s called twisting an exposed truth such as OT3 (actual handwriting and audio recordings of LRH on the internet)and fabricating/distorting it to sway the public. I feel really sorry for Tommy Davis because he has so much potential for a much fuller life. It’s unfortunate his mother raised him in the granddaddy of all cults.

  36. Ernie says:

    The correct question would have been something like: “Mr, Davis, what is your own understanding of the space opera aspect of the OT lll level process, called “Ring of Fire”? Davis would still have to refuse to answer, since it is a church secret, but then Bashir could have concluded “The Church has its secrets.”

  37. I feel so bad for Tommy Davis. He’s getting played like a fool cuz he doesn’t know better, hes not trained, they just got him because hes cute and Rinder left. Please Tommy, you can’t do this job. Just go and volunteer or something please. I can’t believe they didn’t even train him

  38. Alex says:

    Great watch. That is nothing but a cult and everyone should know it. Unbelievable to me that people fall for fairy tales, but then again there are unfortunatelly a lot of dim wits in this world.

    Thank you for the videos.


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