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Scientology Convicted in France

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After a lengthy trial, Scientology has been convicted of fraud in France.  Unfortunately, they can’t be banned because of a last minute change in the law quietly put into effect right before the beginning of the trial.   At the very least, there should be some sort of Surgeon General’s warning slapped on all the buildings.

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Tony Ortega has a nice entry on the case over at The Village Voice.   It’s great that France has made this ruling but little changes.  They still are allowed to commit further acts of fraud.  The ruling, however, helps to further warn newbies.


14 Responses to “Scientology Convicted in France”
  1. 3rdman says:

    ^^ ^_^ :) :D XD

    -nuff said.

    more bad PR for scientology… soon they won’t have anyone to recruit ..
    SAVANNAH LARSON la sea-org 9 years ..(since she was barely 16)
    we have had no physical contact with our daughter for 6 years…
    LACEY KADE LARSON, MONET & MEGAN LARSON no communication, talking or discussing anything for 11 months due to scientology disconnection policy…

    ps Savannah called her dad last night after 2 years with no communication .. she told him she was sorry for not staying in touch and that she would be able to see him in Nov.. they are finally giving her some time off….
    we can’t wait to see her….WE ARE VERY HOPEFUL

    all out love
    nate and mona

  3. Ironhead says:

    I think I speak for a great many out there when I say, BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WOOOOOOO! SCIENTOLOGY JUST GOT PWNED!!!!1!1!!

  4. ReggyGDI says:

    This is a win but they will not pay out to fast. You know what will happen next.

  5. Scientologist says:

    That are very bad news for Body Thetans in France.
    One minute of silence for them, please.

  6. Elron Hokum says:

    Part of their penalty is for them to pay for printing up the verdict and why they were convicted in some of France’s major newspapers.

    Purif rundown was spanked hard as being a pharmacological and medical fraud.

  7. cwhale says:

    The constant refrain from Scientology when things don’t go their way is some form of “persecution”. If that is the case why don’t they specify what is it about their “religion” that entire governments feel compelled to (persecute) prosecute?

    With few exceptions (the death of Lisa McPherson being the most known), official actions against Scientology have focused on fraud, financial abuse and dubious business practices. If these accusations were groundless no government would waste time and money pursuing them.

    Want Scientology won’t tell you is that these cases rarely touch on some supposed faith-based religious beliefs rather, the profit-driven motivations behind the cult. It is usually ex-Scientologists spearheading these charges because they have been finacially ripped off, paying for services that are at best a curiousity and at worse utterly useless.

  8. Lazarus says:

    Finally. We have won the battle, but not the war. Scientology would be left in peace if it wasn’t for their bullying tactics and fear mongering. My mom and I got a real dose of ‘Fair Game’ when we escaped. They should peacefully let members leave when they want to. If they don’t start complying with human right (hideous practices such as the RPF, retriction of freedom,travel, taking passports away etc) then they MUST be shut down.

  9. roflogy says:

    Vive la France!

  10. Rorty says:

    great news! But why did the small law change take place before the trial? Could scientology have really been banned if this small change wasn’t made?

  11. Thomas More says:

    The small legal change occurred because there was a line being pushed in France that the judiciary had too much power and that it needed to be reined in. You can thank M’seur Le President Sarkozy and the Gallists for that.

    And yes, Scientology would have been banned if this change had not happened.

  12. nono la patate says:

    et bientot la belgique et de nouveau la france affaire lopez ,stoffen, boublil et d’autres…

    and soon in belgium then france again
    different cases LOPEZ
    STOFFEN and some more …

  13. nono la patate says:

    the law was voted and published month before the trial and first time in france this law was made under a “private jurist and law specialist” first time even congressmen didn’t knew who wrote it and it cost the tax payers $100 000 for services !!!!!
    that’s what I call a democratic”coup de loi”

  14. anonymous says:

    Hi, Wisebeard !
    I’m from france, and I can tell you that all this story about law modification makes me rage.

    Also, the fact that my own government seem to help scientology in his criminal behaviors… that’s really disgusting.

    Keep on telling the truth,

    A concerned anonymous.

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