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Australian News Coverage

November 18, 2009 by  
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A collection of the media coverage over the past two days.

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16 Responses to “Australian News Coverage”
  1. Rorty says:

    I hereby nominate Senator Nick Xenophon for the “Balls of steel award 2009″.
    Awesome stuff!

  2. Maika says:

    He’s got my vote!

  3. Mike says:

    It’s freaking fantastic. Saying ‘disgruntled former members’ as a response doesn’t sound the least bit credible anymore. There aren’t any other kind or members, current or former.

  4. 3rdman says:

    Goddammit media. I’ve been wiping my man-milk from my computer equipment every day they keep releasing more win against the cult. Its like a set of dominoes tumbling towards the cult’s defeat. If it doesn’t go bankrupt having to defend itself legally from several different nations, its going to be systematically dismantled by a U.N. tribunal if enough countries launch a complaint.

    France, Greece, and now maybe Italy and Australia. Keep em coming globe! The more, the greater the party, lol!

  5. Neteret says:

    Mr Xenophon tear down this evil organisation!

  6. South African says:

    The same thing is happening in South Africa. We are going to call for an investigation by Parliament as well.

  7. wil thompson says:

    This story is actually going GLOBAL. Family members of mine in South Africa and New Zealand have seen these reports on local news in their respective countries.

    All I can say now is “WOW!!!”

  8. Mike says:

    See this blog entry (linked on Why We Protest) “The Whole Field Is Disaffected”:

    Apparently many of the public Scientologists think that the Church is broken well beyond repair. No wonder given that it’s the topic of some very bad news daily, worldwide. Seems like the longer Miscavige holds onto his positions, the more complete the destruction will be. I guess there’s no risk of him handing things over to someone capable of reform.

  9. bunkai says:

    I really liked the ninth clip that showed the Victorian 1965 inquiry which puts to bed any claims of so called “reformers” who are acting sad and contrite about “losing” the “true tech” after Ron died. They imply that everything was just fine when Ron was around. “It wasn’t perfect but it worked.”

    Here is what the ninth clip down said from 1965 on a government inquiry: “Scientology is evil. Its techniques evil. Its practice a serious threat to the community.”

    Reformers, why would a government inquiry offer such a statement of a religion?

    All you Scientology “reformers” are in denial or lying about the “good old days.” You have to go a lot deeper than “not perfect but it worked” to reform your religion into something that is actually useful to our world.

    I’m now convinced you will not go deep enough. They’ve been too conditioned to truly confront it.

  10. TommyKnocker says:

    I wonder how many half-mad Scientologists suspect that Xenophon is Xenu loosed from his electronic prison and running amok! Xenu …Xenophon …Xenu-phone-home.

  11. R. Hill says:

    Virginia Steward says that the Church of Scientology tried to contact Senator Xenophon 8 or so months ago.

    That begs the question of why were they trying to reach him in particular back then? They were aware of the letters Senator Xenophon was receiving?

  12. tip says:

    Here’s a tip: a great video series by Aaron Saxton on YouTube about the Sea Org. Apparently there’s more to come yet. Starts there, seven parts going into many topics.

  13. Astrid says:

    Finally, Hubbard’s mind-control insanity meets its match, in an intelligent, lucid, and articulate Senator named Xenophon.

    About the average politician in the news clips, who thinks Scientology is something about a bloke who came here on a spaceship…that’d be Xenu, the intergalactic overlord, 75 million years ago, and his spaceship looked just like a DC8 airplane (except no propellers), according to Hubbard.

    Xenu is the center of the sacred hidden scripture Scientology charges $360,000 USD to learn, after their members are thoroughly brainwashed. And by brainwashed I mean trained to do just about anything to Keep Scientology Working, including covering up the death of their own child within the cult if necessary.

    For his followers, Hubbard pretended to detail the political history of the last four quadrillion years. Scientologists accept this, and everything else Hubbard wrote as the truth.

    This is a wonderful collection of news clips Mark. Thank you so much.

  14. Sharon says:

    Thank you to all who are speaking out against this cults abuses. It’s time to investigate!

  15. piginthecity says:

    This is looking good !!

    I know he’s a hero and all that but I must say that Xenu-phone-home really drove me nuts in the last clip by preceding all his answers with “I have an obligation … blah blah blah” He sounded a bit like a scilon himself !

    We wanted him to dish the dirt with some gruesome stories !!!

    Still, I guess he’s working to a strategy of seeming very measured and non-emotional and he knows what works best.

    He’s a great man !

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