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Aaron Saxton Interview

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Aaron was with the Australian Church of Scientology International CMO.  He shares stories from inside Scientology’s Sea Org.  He was one those who Senator Xenophon cited when he called Scientology a criminal organization:

Aaron Saxton claimed he had assisted in the forced confinement and torture of a female church member who was kept under house arrest, Xenophon told the Senate. Saxton also said he was involved in coercing female followers to have abortions to keep followers loyal to the organisation and to allow them to keep working for it.

“Aaron says women who fell pregnant were taken to offices and bullied to have an abortion. If they refused, they faced demotion and hard labour,” Xenophon said. “Aaron says one staff member used a coat hanger and self-aborted her child for fear of punishment.”.

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33 Responses to “Aaron Saxton Interview”
  1. Astar says:

    Now this is ONE OUTSTANDING Interview!

    A key contribution in “as-is-ing” the Sea Org (pulling up the old lingo – lol). This one is going to make a difference…

    Thank you Aaron for standing up, coming forward and speaking!

    as far as I’m concerned, you’re absolved! ;-)

    All the Best to You and Your’s!

    Thanks WBM for collecting the treasures of media world.

  2. acute says:

    omg please how can these people be stopped. i want to help stop them.

  3. acute says:

    i feel so sorry for him. he has so much guilt to deal with.

  4. Marty Rathbun has shown his real coloures. He will not acknowledge Aaron Saxton’s Expieriences

  5. Astrid says:

    SHOCKING! Absolute honesty. I had an inkling, some of Xenophon’s Australian Seven were going to be good, BUT I HAD NO IDEA.

    In the few years I’ve read in depth about Scientology, how it operates, and watched hundreds of videos, I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like this!

    Aaron Saxton gets personal, gets honest, and isn’t “playing his cards” like Marty “blame-it-on-Miscavige” Rathbun. This guy is the real deal! He accepts responsibility. He knows what is what, and he isn’t playing games. Thank you Aaron, for explaining some things I’ve never quite understood. May the truth you told set you free.

    Australian TV should be all over this guy.

  6. Richard Dineen says:

    Some people claim that Scientology is a religious movement intent upon advancing freedom and human rights. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Hubbard was skillfull in his propaganda…The Aims of Scientology, The Creed, The Way to Happiness are all but a powerful smoke screen to hide his true intent which is the absolute subjection of mankind.

    “All men will be Hubbard’s slaves” unless it is not exposed for what it honestly is.

    The ugly truth is that those at the top know that Hubbard was a profound liar and a fraud. Slappy Dave, Moxon, and many other key executives are going along with the con. Aaron Saxton lays bare some of what is really happening and shows the true face of the Sea Org and Scientology. Thank you, Aaron.

  7. Breaker Morant says:

    God ! Thank God you left Arron! Imagine working for you? I would have shit myself 100 times over. From what I can tell from what you say! You are a bad representative and no wonder people ran away from you and then eventually you ran away from what you were doing to others day in and day out ! You were treated badly so you treated others badly! What Gutless wonder you are?! Sure you are not American? SO All I can say is: What a complete total Prick you must have been! Good riddens to bad rubbish!

  8. Eldon Braun says:

    I posted the link to XenuTV’s “rundown” of news coverage on Marty’s blog day before yesterday, and he approved it. Then yesterday, I posted the link to this page and a “personal message” video to Marty and Mike that Aaron taped. Marty deleted those last two two links, and subsequently, Aaron has removed his “personal message” video. I wonder why.

    See Marty’s article entitled “Noise” in which he refers to “Aron somebody” who is bound to be filleted because what he said doesn’t ring true. Sounds like Aaron missed his withhold.

  9. Will says:

    Everyone should forward this to the Aussie news stations

  10. binturong says:

    it sounds to me like “moving on up a little higher” has a lot of gaps to fill in his story of being a member of executive management. rathbun has been doing some good work, but i think he is far from absolution.

  11. Ken says:

    Wow, great expose of $cientology in the Sea Org. Brillant, thank you Aaron.

  12. mbm says:

    “St. Petersburg Times Sells Magazine to Scientology Publisher
    By: Roger Friedman // Friday November 20, 2009

    The St. Petersburg Times in Florida has been running lots of hard-hitting stories about Scientology lately.

    So guess what? They are in the midst of selling a magazine they own in Washington, D.C., called Governing, to e. Republic, a Scientology publisher located in Folsom, Calif. E.Republic has four publications including one called Government Technology.

    And there’s more: On the website page for the story about the sale in today’s St. Petersburg Times there’s a video ad for… Scientology! A source familiar with the paper and its workings says Scientology paid $1 million for the ads on the paper’s website.

    A 2001 Sacramento News & Review story from 2001 about e.Republic explains more about its history.

    The story, by Jim Evans, recounts the history of e.Republic and its connections to Scientology. Evans writes: “All new hires at e.Republic, a publishing company based in Folsom, California, are required to not only read [a basic Scientology manual], but also take a course based on its contents, which — notwithstanding the grandiose description above — reads much like the same kind of hokey training materials that millions of workers try to avoid daily, except Hubbard’s methods have the higher goal of ‘improving conditions in your business, your life and on Earth in general.’”

    What the heck is going on here? Are publishers so hard up for cash that they’ll take money from the subjects of their exposes? Calls to Andrew Corty of the St. Petersburg Times and Christopher Swope of Governing were not returned. But the strangeness of the situation cannot be overlooked. The Times has run several exposes about abuses in Scientology just this year. They can be found here.

    More to come…”

  13. TommyKnocker says:

    Incredibly horrific! Isn’t it ironic that the elite of the Scientology are totally devoid of any of the supposed benefits that the Church of Scientology claims it provides! It is absolutely mind-boggling that human beings would tolerate this incredible disconnect between their private reality and their public claims. The Cognitive Dissonance must be absolutely terrible.

  14. Jeffrey says:

    Greetings Aaron,

    Thank you for giving this interview and being completely candid, without trying to save face or worrying about managing impressions. Everything you said had a ring of truth to it; nothing seemed contrived as you spoke naturally and freely admitted your own culpability. It was as though you were in a therapist’s office and were confessing to your most intimate personal secrets; you seemed very genuine.

    I really liked your analysis of so-called detractors like Marty Rathburn who have not truly accepted responsibility for their actions. Marty appears disingenuous in his criticism by minimizing his own responsibility and using David Miscavige as his scapegoat. I believe his criticism is self-serving on many levels as he extracts various secondary gains by having “one foot in and one foot out” of Scientology. The core cancer, as you’ve idenitified, is not David Miscaviage. The real disease is the irrational, callous, corrupt, and psychotic ideology of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Thank you for your candor and courage,


  15. Thank you, Aaron for speaking out, telling in such detail why the totalitarian
    organization known as the “church of Scientology” IS That bad. (SO often I hear
    people say, “Well, it isn’t *that* bad”. This is exactly why it IS that bad.
    Thank you, again, Aaron!
    My best to you,
    Tory/Magoo~~X-Scientologist after 30 years “in”, escaped out in 2000

  16. Ironhead says:

    it’ll take me a week to pick my jaw up from the floor, it’s stuck there permanently. I NEVER expected to hear an interview as candid as this. I pray I can buy this aussie a beer someday. Marty wont let go of the tech, and consequently that’s why he’ll never take full responsibility. there’s tech that they sell to the celebs and the public, and then there’s tech that enslaves them. this organization MUST FALL!

  17. Ironhead says:

    PS this is why

  18. Thank you so much Aaron.
    Don’t you worry one bit about how you’re going to make it or what you missed. I’d say you’re a fine example of a man.
    As you move along in life you’ll figure out how to take things that initially were considered as disadvantages and turn them into your advantage. That’s part of what life is all about.
    Thanks again.

  19. Sheila Van Schineider says:

    Thank you Aaron for speaking the truth. I saw many things you mentioned.
    $cientology needs to be exposed, because of their crimes against humanity.
    It is not a religion. It is a business dressed as religion to be tax exempted.

  20. Lawrence says:

    With an attitude like Aaron has it is no wonder that David Miscavige hit him in the face as many times as he did.

    Arrogant guy.

  21. Bravo!! Anyone EVER on staff or in the Sea Org knows what it means to be ordered in the manner Aaron demonstrated here. The pressures put on staff members were made to be ‘ life or death ‘ every week. I got a headache at times while watching him, just remembering my experiences in HCO and being around the indoctrinating experiences of others.

  22. Trams says:

    Aaron spoke for most all ex-sea org members,I am glad to hear a clear reality that reaches out and touches the hearts and minds of those who needed to see and hear what scientology really is, the traps of all traps with a small amount of truths to suck one in.Thank God for the internet and people like Aaron who is helping to wakeup people whose been dead to life for to long.

  23. from Ex Sea Org member - South Africa says:


    I am about your age – and I wept listening to you. Thank you for being so honest. A rare quality that gets ‘processed out’ in Scientology.

    I would love to meet you in person.

  24. Moochie says:

    Thank you, Mr. Saxton, for your honesty, and thank you for your compassion toward those whose lives you’ve affected, often in devastating ways.

    I sincerely hope that your stepping forward, along with those who already have and those who may yet do so, will lead not only Australia’s government, but governments in all countries where this organization has gained a foothold to forensically examine the nature of Scientology and how it affects those who would seek succor from the writings of its creator, L. Ron Hubbard.

    The truth must come out — thank you for expediting its journey.

  25. maggie says:

    Thank you Aaron, it is an awesome thing you do to speak without reservation and help make sense of your experiences for others.

    I was never in, and you are helping me to understand just how abusive and damaging this organization and its policies are.

  26. Rebecca Jessup says:

    I was in from about 1966 until 1987, and I just want to thank Aaron for the incredible courage he has shown in speaking so honestly. I also would like to suggest that by speaking out in this fearless way he is undoing any harm he did while in the CMO. Many of us suffered and all of us can heal.

  27. Breaker Morant says:

    Wow ! Arron Bates! Arron Bates! Did you go blind through Masterbation Arron? Sorry Did you go blind through your tight undies?
    No Worries Master Bates!

  28. saint says:

    Master Bates !
    Quiet a good name Arron! yeah! No Worries Master Bates!

  29. sjsjesq says:

    Kiwi are ya?
    Come to Australia and use our parliament Did ya?
    You and Carmel Umderwood, Two Kiwi Trouble makers using our Parliament to get you own Back!
    Arron now that you are out of the Sea Org them sheep look good ah Fella? No more Tight undies for you! and now more Creaking and squeeking in the back there by yourself!
    So how are you and yourself going as a 2D Arron! Breaker was Right! you Are the Master! The Master of Masterbating!

  30. sjsjesq says:

    Oh and what an IDIOT you were at Greek St Saturday! The MASTER ARRON BATES!

  31. Billtong says:

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    Yo Ma Bok Vera Nosta!

    Billy Biltong

  32. 102arron201 says:

    Wait a Second Anon! Are you reall a New Zealander?
    How come you came to the Australian Parliament?
    Who are you really?
    Where do you really come from?
    What are your real motives?
    How sane are you is my question?
    You bnever were a Scientologist were you?
    No Scientologist can be this much of a crazy Man!
    Who would talk about tighenting uyp your undies on the World Wibe Web?
    You have to be really nutty to do that?
    List mate! Go back to New Zealand! At best we can let you stay in Bondi ….
    But can you go back to New Zealand Please and stay there?

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