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Aaron Saxton on INCOMM Security Breach

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Former Scientologist Aaron Saxton talks about what happened to the staff of INCOMM in 1995. Human Rights Violations committed by the Church of Scientology International.  For background, Arnie Lerma has comments from Dan Garvin on these events at

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3 Responses to “Aaron Saxton on INCOMM Security Breach”
  1. Sounds like after they raided me, they had their own little internal holocaust. I was occupied at the time following the raid and didn’t really follow the story of AB. Thanks for the backstory, Aaron.

  2. Chuck Beatty says:

    The guy who was the INCOMM staffer that caused all the trouble was interrogated non stop for years! He was not allowed to leave the building, the complex, for I think two years, and he was followed up sec checked and audited for years afterwards. In my opinion, when that man finally someday tells his story of what he did, in detail, and why, it is a very convoluted strange purposed story in itself. I heard parts of the story, and someday I hope he tells the rest, but I think Scientology has him too scared to speak.
    I know he would like to speak to Mike Rinder, since I believe Mike Rinder had something to do with his “handling.” AND, to top it off, we Scientology movement observers would really hit paydirt if Mike Rinder would to open up and tell about this incident at INCOMM. The INCOMM staffer who caused the leak did the unthinkable, which is copy all of the SIR (Hubbard’s scriptures) libraries (this means all the various “types” of issues Hubbard wrote, plus loads of senior exec Int Base staffers’ traffic, and OSA traffic) onto some computer tapes and almost leaked those into the public domain. When I got my interrogation on the emeter in Jan 1995 by some of the INCOMM Missionaires, I gleaned what it was they got that INCOMM staffer to cough up. I was the computer person at ASI at the time of that RTC Mission to INCOMM, and I dealt with the INCOMM computer people daily. I know all the INCOMM staffers of that time, I had been INCOMM and transferred from INCOMM to ASI. If Mike Rinder talks about this INCOMM mission, maybe it might make it “safe” for the ex INCOMM staffer who did the leaking, to go public. Chuck Beatty

  3. binturong says:

    wow. this guy is on the friggin war path. awesome.

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