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Aaron Saxton Speaks to Rinder and Rathbun

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Former Scientologist Aaron Saxton addresses some of the complaints people have made about Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder not fully looking at Hubbard, his background and the creation of some of the nastiest parts of corporate Scientology, like the RPF, disconnection,  etc.  He calls on them to do more to help those they may have harmed while in leadership positions in the Sea Org.

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10 Responses to “Aaron Saxton Speaks to Rinder and Rathbun”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Aaron Saxton is a bigger man than Marty or Mike could ever hope to be.
    At least he’s trying his best, but I don’t see the brainwashed pricks ever listening to his reasoning. They’re too selfish and evil for that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I salute you sir.
    Well, freaking, done.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Aaron appears genuine and does not need explain away his past behavior using verbal gymnastics, selective recall, or an evil bogeyman. Aaron’s language and mannerisms are consistent with a person telling the truth. I admire his courage, passion, and fearless self-examination.

    Unfortunately, Marty still seems to want to the ride the Scientology gravy train. The evidence is his superficial and guarded criticisms of the church, which basically amount to attacks on David Miscavige. Also, he pads his pockets with monies earned by his own auditing practice. Furthermore, he enjoys power and prestige as the premier threat to DM’s empire. His criticism appears self-serving and is designed to undermine DM’s primacy. He attacks the despot for being tyrannical while endorsing an ideology that promotes tyranny. You don’t topple a dictatorship by changing dictators.

  4. HG says:

    Right the F… on Aaron. Mark you are so right “balls of steel”

  5. bunkai says:


    “There is not going to be a single OT level you will EVER do that will compare to having good friends around you, and people that love you, and a good partner in life. Nothing beats these things. Nothing ever will…”

    (blink … blink …)

    _/!\_ (gassho)

  6. Trams says:

    I think its past due to rid mr.hubby’s ego navy trip and all its policies that only hurts the common human race. Life is so much more than turning your stats in on every Thurday at 2 pm. or getting sent to ethics because he or she did not like you to begin with but thats the s.o. police for ya.Aaron you are making a path for others to walk on.I wonder if those two guys will reply to what you said to them?You are the man thats taking your stand and I like the spirit of what your doing.

  7. Greg says:

    I agree 100%. Rathbun and Rinder know a LOT about the cult’s illegal activities and so far all they have done is talk about DM’s abuses. I guess considering their background that is not totally insignificant. However, they are stopping short of revealing some of the church’s dirty laundry. Perhaps they are worried they could be prosecuted? Either way I am not on board until they do more. Rinder especially has done a lot of nasty things to a lot of good people over several decades.

    Also, I have tried to post on Rathbun’s blog and I got banned for making some comments about LRH himself. He only tolerates criticism of DM. I tried to highlight LRH’s creation of Fair Game, Disconnection, his involvement with the occult, etc. When I posted some of LRH’s most famous quotes (the best ones about using the law to harass and discourage, destroy your enemies, always attack never defend, etc. The usual ones) he removed my post immediately. Rathbun still thinks that Scientology is good and that it really works. He still holds LRH up on a pedestal as a brilliant man who was out to help mankind (and not simply trying to get rich by defrauding his followers). These things are absurd and he still shuts down when you try to talk about them.

    The idea that Scientology was corrupted after DM took over is ridiculous. DM was just a kid when things like Operation Snow White and Operation Freak Out went down.

  8. Artoo45 says:

    Mr. Sexton is a great speaker and a wonderful addition to the family. I do think that Rathbun wants to be the one to pick up the pieces of the cult when it finally falls. I think that’s why he clings to Hubbard’s ridiculous “tech” and holds the old man in such esteem. His vilification of DM seems to be a way to create a distraction and cover his own ass when it comes to his own abusive behavior while in the cult. When he’s able to see Miscavige as a victim of Hubbard’s, then we’ll talk.

  9. XSO says:

    Sexton – from an XSO guy – you hit the nail on the head.

  10. The Oracle says:

    You are a natural police officer Aaron, keep up the good work! I see your area of policing is actually expanding! Instead of a few staff you are three feet in back of the organization’s head and policing the entire activity now inside the buildings and spreading out into the field onto former staff in the field. And the way you can inspire followers is a real talent. I see you still wearing that CMO hat with total competence! Inspector Javert had nothing on you Baby! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for your next declare!

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