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Aaron’s Message to John Travolta

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Aaron Saxton speaks about Scientology’s claim that they don’t deny medical treatment to members.  He speak directly to John Travolta about the Scientologists he personally knew that have died because they handled their illness with auditing.  Aaron says he was told to treat his own medical condition with Scientology nonsense instead of drugs.

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And for good measure, Aaron has some strong final words for Marty Rathbun.


12 Responses to “Aaron’s Message to John Travolta”
  1. We’ll never know what would have happened to Jett if the anti-med culture in the Church of Scientology didn’t exist. What we do know, though, is that the CCHR, the Church’s front group, list the anti-seizure medication Jett had been on in a list of psychiatric medicines it considers to be poison.

  2. Ken says:

    Aaron, you carry a powerful message and I thank you for your testimony. I hope your presentation saves lives. The irony of smokers pushing the purif is so blatant!Ron had military experience and, I think the purif, is his equivalent to basic training with the objective of getting the subject fit and compliant.

  3. thefatman says:

    Aaron, you truly are an amazing guy. I really do hope you are able to expose the CoS for the dangerous and repulsive cult it is. Their policies on healthcare is appalling and I find it incredibly disturbing that such a policy can exist in countries like Australia, the USA, to name a few.

  4. conor says:

    wow! aaron, you are incredible. your bravery shines through like a beacon in the darkness. keep going mate – your words will find their target (even if it takes time).always remember the old adage: “All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”
    you are a truly good man. big love from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  5. Scam Shamalam says:

    I was near tears listening to that.

    This is off topic but I have two questions. I don’t know where else to ask them.

    Has anyone heard of L.Ron Hubbard abusing people to the level or beyond the level of Miscavige?

    If Scientology has a billion dollar war chest as Marty Rathbun has recently stated, why aren’t the critics being sued left and right?

  6. acute says:

    OMG. this is great. john t is brainwashed but i know he loved his son and thought he was doing the best thing for him. this horrible cult is to blame for brainwashing people.

  7. anonaussie says:

    Scam Shamalam,Hubbard was pretty abusive. He starred the whole’ throwing people off deck’ thing include children & the elderly.Hanna Whitfield is pretty scathing:

  8. Susan Jones says:

    Dear Aaron, You are an extremely eloquent and well spoken young man. I hope you seek out further instances to be the speaker for anonymous. You come across brilliantly!
    I have really no idea what John Travolta did with his son Jett. I certainly hope he listened to his own heart and not scientology regarding his treatment.I would hate for anyone to live with a guilt like that would impose. And yes Aaron, ignoring modern science is ridiculous.
    I hope to see and hear more from you in this battle against such absurd beliefs.
    Thank you, Susan

  9. cwhale says:

    Yet another charge to be laid against this cult – unlicensced medical practices that directly cause illness and death.

    Being that Scientology is, at it’s heart, a profit-driven corporation, to have specific policies on medical coverage would eat into their revenues. Imagine Miscavige having to spend money on the health and well-being of his staff. Hubbard said if you want to make money start a religion, you can’t increase your profit margin if you have to take care of your employees.

    Scientology found the perfect solution. That’s some philosophy!

  10. Elron Hokum says:

    “Has anyone heard of L.Ron Hubbard abusing people to the level or beyond the level of Miscavige?”

    I know his first two wives both alleged spousal abuse (though the second one retracted her statements after LRH kidnapped their daughter). Also, LRH’s son LRH Jr. (aka “Nibbs” and “Ron De wolf” also said that his father was abusive and controlling-even going so far as to saying that Scientology made his entire life miserable.

  11. Elron Hokum says:

    And one more thing-you have to remember that LRH wrote the policies that Miscavige follows. Miscavige is very much a “product” of LRH. He dropped out of school and joined the Sea Org when he was just a kid, served directly around and under LRH growing up.

    I dont’ know if the beatings were in policy or not-LRH tended to control you through blackmail and coercion than physical violence. But many Commodore’s Messengers would talk about his being verbally abusive.

    Just really amazing that people seeking “ultimate freedom” would subjugate themselves to total assholes.

  12. Rebecca Howell says:

    There is nothing wrong with being a homosexual but there is something wrong with lying. Once you start lying, you keep lying more to cover your tracks. I believe that John Travolta would be just as accepted as an openly gay actor. He isn’t highly sought after these days and I hope that Gotti does well for him. In fact, if he is outed now- the profits from that movie will skyrocket.
    I can understand how difficult it is to tell your children that you are gay but they probably already sense strangeness in their home. If Kelly was willing to co-parent with a gay husband before- there is nothing stopping her from doing so with a divorced gay ex-husband. He has the means to fight her in court if she dares to disconnect from him with her kids. Its messy but liberating and I hope that people appauld him and anyone else that comes clean.

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