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Why Scientology Won’t Talk About Xenu

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Aaron Saxton spills the beans about why no Scientologist is supposed to discuss the top secret contents of OTIII with people who have not been properly prepared for the powerful materials.

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I am about to explain WHY most Sea Org members and Scientologists can not explain the Xenu Story. Even most of them do not know this information. Why did LRH lie and say it would kill you? LRH has called for the extermination of those in control of Earth – the World Bank and the Jewish population. This is covered in Sea Org Flag Orders and NOT within the “secret” texts of Operating Thetan Level III (advanced course). This is based on first hand knowledge and viewing of these very guarded policies that exist curently in the Church of Scientology International and are NOT “teachings”

Want to hear Ron’s Journal 67?  You can find it at Wikileaks.

And Aaron followed up this video with some clarifications of the Flag Orders he cited in the video.

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I had to add a quick addition to this due to the comments and emails I received regarding what was seen as “required” answers. Please people, I am just quoting the policy, it is there int he Sea Org files if anyone can get to them. This policy, and every activity of the Sea Org and Scientolgoy should become painfully obvious now. Has anyone read what LRHs REAL views on Jesus Christ were? It is in OT VIII and it has bene publihsed. The dots should be connecting for the viewers…


37 Responses to “Why Scientology Won’t Talk About Xenu”
  1. TommyKnocker says:

    I can’t believe anyone could think that there is anything salvageable in Scientology or the writings of Hubbard if these Sea Org Flag Orders are made public. Why anyone would want to dabble in Scientology “tech” in full knowledge of the kind of Sea Org Orders Saxton has been exposing is beyond me unless it is another symptom of the brainwashing techniques employed by Scientology.

  2. Will says:

    This needs to be put out into the Media, the momment Scientology gets labbled anti-semetic it’s over!

  3. Mike says:

    Xenu is indeed here on Earth, in Burbank, California, and he has a fake British accent. Tory’s got him on video at

  4. mbm says:

    how ironic, because Miscavige was born and baptised Jewish.

  5. sj says:

    Just want to comment on Aaron Saxton’s courage and integrity in speaking out. As a lifelong “wog” with no connection to Scientology or its detractors, I find all of this pretty stunning. But I am so impressed by this man’s courageous actions, not only in risking retribution but more fundamentally in rethinking his entire world view and major life decisions. It’s rare to see such commitment to truth: a simple thing, but somehow it too often eludes most of us. Many people have very serious regrets about past actions–I’ve rarely seen anyone undertake such meaningful restitution. More power to you, Aaron.

  6. fjd says:

    Baptised Jewish?

  7. Artoo45 says:

    More interesting stuff from down under. After listening to the entirety of Ron’s Journal ’67 I certainly have no reason to doubt Mr. Saxton’s account of the bizarre origins of the Sea Org. As a tool of criticism, this recording is priceless. It’s pure, batshit-crazy gold (on steroids). This is Hubbard at his most transparently self-serving and manipulative. His prowess as a raconteur (and egomainiac) is well represented in this spectacularly odd recording. Letting Hubbard’s loony yarns speak for themselves is always the best way to show $cientology in its true light.

  8. Scam Shamalam says:

    Is Miscavige actually a Jew. Oy gevalt. We have enough tsouris without him.

    I have never heard that Hubbard was a Jew hater. I know he wasn’t crazy about blacks, gays and Chinese but I didn’t know he hated Jews. I figured he shut his big trap about the Jews because so many of his early Sci-Fi colleagues were Jews. I think his agent (Forest J. Ackerman) was a Jew. I have never come across a statement in his writing about the Jewish people.

    I always thought there to be a disproportionate number of Jews in Scientology. I explained this to myself thinking that Judaiism is not the central religion, Christianity is. If a person is already not in the centre, it is easier to be transplanted into another religion on the outside.

    The only good thoughts I could muster about Hubbard are that he wasn’t going around molesting the under age and that he didn’t hate Jews. If anyone tells me that he was molesting children I won’t be able to defend him on any counts. Did he luck puppy dogs or kittens?

  9. Jim says:

    They don’t want the story out because they want you to spend $300,000 to find out!

  10. expect us says:

    This is on front page of reddit despite OSA rallying the troops to downvote it [232 down votes]:

  11. Jesus H. Christ says:

    So, Hubert he was right about the bank. I guess Xenu is real.

  12. Elron Hokum says:

    Aaron’s got some great insights. It’s the Sea Org, Stupid! :-)

  13. Elron Hokum says:

    Holeee-shit! I just listened to Ron’s Journal #67-the guy talks just like a hypnotist! No wonder people get messed up listening to this jackhole!

  14. marcehole says:

    Hey Tommy Knocker… I know what You are trying to say here, and I appreciate it… I want to say something about this… and I am not ‘knocking you’ on this… I promise (at least safely…:) … I swear (if you can trust an ex-sci…:)

    There is actually IS ‘something salvageable in scientology’… otherwise the ‘phenomenon’ would have never taken ‘hold’ to begin with.

    Each and every Scientologist that I ever met demonstrated a sincere wish to help (alright OK about 80 percent…:)… to the best of my perception. It is far too easy to label a cult member as ‘weak’… I prefer to acknowledge their ‘sensitivity’… because this is the delicate work of a beginning of awareness (about something or other… or ‘some such thing’ as LRH would habitually proclaim…:)… I believe that LRH himself originally intended to be benevolent… WTF do I know right?…:)

    Bear with me here… please… but no obligation…

    The ‘trick’ in the cult business is to seize upon a bit… even just a ‘little’ bit…:) of TRUTH… and THEN… this is the clincher!!… EXPLOIT IT.

    I was not ‘on-lines’ for very long (slightly over a year)… but I was astonished at the ‘power’ of sci-tech in spite of the fact that I was in a continual “CONDITION OF DOUBT’… Even as I doubted, I wondered ‘WTF’ (myself being ‘irreverent’ by nature…:)…

    Of course, there is only so far that I could ‘suspend my disbelief’… so naturally I ‘blew’…. YET…. now get this!!!!… I continued to defend the position of Co$ for almost 20 years in spite of my ‘doubts’ (just in case…:). welll… this is pretty ‘crazy fn sht’… hmmm… and maybe not… although I think it is CFS.

    Exploitation can only really be completely mastered by EXPLOITERS…

    And quite frankly, I can understand how I ‘could’ be such a beast… but I did choose to fall away… and fight the f—–s….:)… with a smile of course…:):)

    Aaron… It is a great pleasure to listen to someone who has fully transcended the ‘condition of doubt’… specifically in Co$ terms… and speaks with the candor of someone who KNOWS THE BEAST OF EXPLOITATION…

    All my ‘beefs’ with Scientology actually has very little to do with Scientology itself (Silly as I think most of it is IMO, after all.. I am silly to this very day…:) … it is the EXPLOITERS (e.g. DM, LRH)…. although… here is where my little doubting machine kicks in again…

    NOW!!!… take this BOMB… DM and LRH ARE / WERE VICTIMS of an abusive conceptual machine both created and perpetuated by themselves with the ‘aid’ of their fore-bearers.

    Remember… take a bit of truth… and then EXPLOIT it!

    And I might add FURTHER perpetuated by people like ME who ‘apologized’ for them…

    BUT NOT ANY MORE!!!! Oh No…

    My ‘condition of doubt’ is now ‘NOT A SERIOUS CONDITION’…

    I dare Co$ to EXPLOIT my truth again… ‘ya know? oh well… um if it’s not true for you then It’s not really true… soooo’… hmmmmmm… yeah tell me something new… FU!… that is ‘fair game’ on a very personal level… and I will not allow this sort of exploitation to continue…

    But I still smile… because the nature of humor is often reflected from the most beautiful AND hideous venues… TRUTH… all fine… until it is EXPLOITED…

    XENU is a ‘cartoon’…. and if you believe that… then welcome to Mike Ferris’ reality… it’s true for him… right???…:):) I shouln’t laugh so readily I guess… especially having taken in my personal dose of EXPLOITATION…

    I figure if someone can swallow LRH b__l s__t in earnest… ‘they’ can surely take mine in jest… and do I dare (AND VICE VERSA…:)…. counter-intention … ya know the drill… designed to capture a thetan and keep him rattling between a couple of ashtrays, pictures of the virgin mary, and bottles and books just in case the afore-mentioned have no ‘charge’… and so forth or some such thing… uuum… this is factual… from the supreme roolah:) maybe so… but I highly doubt it because it is too improbable for me… There is enough RPF on this fine earth without swallowing Co$ version of it …:) And being already indoctrinated and thankfully subsequently cleared by my own dad of ‘extreme christian religion’…

    Hey!… Do I sound Sound Angry?… I am not angry anymore…. I WAS… I used to be so… but now I take BS and EXPLOIT IT….:):):)

    Of course with a smile…:)

  15. Will says:

    Can Aaron please explain what the deal is with the Scientology cross. It’s a Christian cross with a star across it. But why does it contain the cross, an obvious symbol of the Christian religon?! Never understood that…not very original really is it!

  16. ten says:

    What specifically does Hubbard say about the Jews? Can anyone provide a quote?

  17. acute says:

    TO SCAM SHAMALA–That he hated blacks and the chinese isnt it enough not to defend him.

    TO WILL– The cross and the word church in front of the name scientology was LRH’s way of giving authenticity to his cult.

    TO MBM scientology will use david miscavage as a poster boy to say ‘ no we like jews dont you see our leader is jewish’

    TO FJD– It’s both a race and a religion (i.e being jewish)

  18. srq says:

    @acute- it’s not a race. it’s only a religion. unless you believe in eugenics like hitler, the carnegies, and the rockefellers, to name a few…

  19. Scam Shamalam says:

    For Acute– Once a teenager who got his knowledge of Scientology from South Park told me that Hubbard sexually engaged with little boys. I know a lot about Hubbard and I don’t believe that to be true. I defended Hubbard on this matter. Once a protester told me that Hubbard hated Jews. He had probably read literature that told of his demeaning remarks about Blacks and the Chinese and gotten a bit mixed up. Again, I defended Hubbard. It is important to dispise Hubbard for the right reasons.

  20. Rorschach says:

    Perhaps Hitler re-incarnated himself as LRH and devised a more devious way to take down the Jews…

    Seriously though, if we could somehow get this to the media, wouldn’t that really help out cause? Like someone else mentioned, as soon as Scientology and LRH get labeled as anti-Semitic, it’ll be a lot easier to bring that cult down.

  21. Rorschach says:

    @ Will – That cross is actually a deviation of Aleister Crowley’s symbol. LRH was a pupil of Crowley.

  22. I think the 8 point cross represent the 8 dynamics of Scientology. Or a crossed out cross.

  23. Scam Shamalam says:

    I got this from Wikipedia. “David Miscavige was born in Philadelphia to Loretta and Ron Miscavige Sr.[13] and he was the youngest of their four children. The Polish-Italian family was Roman Catholic.”

  24. Number 2 says:

    @Rorschach – I believe you are right. It’s a Luciferian cross, i.e. a crucifix with an X over it.

  25. fjd says:

    acute>It’s both a race and a religion (i.e being jewish)

    Yes, and Judaism is a religion that doesn’t practice “baptism.” (Immersion in mikva’ot notwithstanding.)

    Anyway, according to Scam Shamalam above, if Miscavige was baptized at all it would seem to have been as a Roman Catholic.

  26. Scam Shamalam says:

    I have tried repeatedly to link to Ron’s Journal 67 but with no luck at all. I have also searched on the internet for the key part of the text with little success. If anyone is having an easy time of getting to the journal, could he or she transcribe the relevant portion and post it here? That person would be doing me (and I assume others) an important service.

  27. Jay Sandora says:

    Hubbard was a narcisstic, schizo paranoid con man. There’s hundreds of his taped recordings where eventually there is no one left that he did not denigrate and hate, every gender, every race, every religion, government, education, medical institutions, financial, just name it, including his own family. All but him, master of the universes.

  28. Brian says:

    I’m an ex-scientologist…

    but with all this stuff you guys post, video, etc. I fail to see how it’s any different then any other religion, secular organization – Except by Degree.

    By this I mean – the degree is different, where one spends in Scientology say $300,000 in 10 years to get up the bridge… vs. spending $300,000 in 30 years of being a good Catholic and paying tithe.

    But you guys are mocking a character most likely invented by LRH – yet it’s no different then the character of Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Satan, Demons, Angels… they’re just images. to some they are Holy, to others invented nonsense.

    someone mentioend what Hubbard felt about JEsus… yeah – he wasn’t alone on that. I think Hubbard liked to lift from Aleister Crowley – who said it first, that Jesus was an image in the form of a lamb sent to deceive the world into slavery. but so what?

    Basically – every artical that’s up here, except for one vein of thought, can be applied to every other religion (for the most part.) You guys are barking up a tree called “all religion” and pinning the blame on one branch called Scientology.

  29. Rusty says:

    Wait wait wait… there is documented communication from Hubbard that calls for killing the Jews!? That seems far-fetched even for Scientology. But if it is true, then can someone please explain why we haven’t copied it and distributed it EVERYWHERE yet!? That seems like something the media would have a great deal of interest in, and I would absolutely adore to see Tommy Davis when a reporter confronts him with the documents.

  30. Rockyj says:

    marcehole, you are so loved as a human being (we all are) that you don’t need anyone but you’re own core values & inner knowledge, what’s in your heart about what is right and what is wrong and direction in life isn’t dependent upon anyone else but yourself. QUIT, looking outside yourself or anything else because your own truth will always be there and NO cult or religion can ever define anyone’s inner truth.

  31. Rockyj says:

    Brian: Quit comparing the Scientology Cult to other religions its not a religion, its a scam and all Scientologists have been duped.
    All ex-Scientologist should sue to get all their money back from this scam.

  32. LRH'sPsychiatrist says:

    L. Ron Hubbard, The Occult, and Aleister Crowley

    L. Ron Hubbard speaks about Aleister Crowley

  33. 102arron201 says:

    Arron as A Kiwi what do you think living in Australia has given you?

  34. Chad Zerr says:

    the videos were removed…. did they get to him?

  35. Bradley VanBenschoten says:

    Why was the video removed?


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