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Nancy Many Radio Show

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Nancy Many appeared on a KNOP radio show today from Washington state to promote her new book, My Billion Year Contract.  She talks about her experiences in Scientology as an aide to L. Ron Hubbard,  being sent to the RPF by Hubbard where she was locked in the garage of the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater when she was five months pregnant, escaping from Scientology with her husband, disconnection and much more.

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5 Responses to “Nancy Many Radio Show”
  1. Sponge says:

    Thanks for putting this up Mark. Thanks to Nancy too of course.

  2. lisa says:

    This is just fantastic. Well done for getting out Nancy and keep talking!

  3. Amy says:


    I spoke to Rathbun about Nancy Many’s RPF lockup when she was 5 months pregnant. I was curious to see what his response would be because he still holds LRH up on a pedestal as being a wonderful man who wanted to help mankind. We all know that is absurd. In my opinion the most sinister parts of Scientology’s history occured under LRH and not DM.

    All he did was attack Nancy’s credibility based on the fact that she has leveled some accusations against him for some of the shady things he did to her back when he was in the cult! He immediately lapsed into, “Always attack, never defend.” Marty is still a Scientologist and he is NOT owning up to some of the shady things he and Rinder have done over the years. I have seen your YouTube videos where you defend him. Marty is not yet deserving of anyone’s forgiveness. When he comes clean about Scientology in general, LRH, and what he and Rinder have done to people over the years then (and only then) does he deserve anyone’s forgiveness. He needs to do more than just complain about being beat up by slappy. In fact, I think he wants to step in as the new leader of Scientology should DM go down in flames. I would like to see Scientology come to an end regardless of who is at the top. The writings of LRH are evil and as long as Scientology considers him to be “Source” the cult can never be good regardless of who is at the top.

  4. XENU TV says:

    I understand your feelings, Amy. Marty has said he has no desire to take over Scientology. We’ll see what the future holds. Whoever is in charge, I’ll keep speaking out against the fraud and abuse until it is cleaned up.

  5. Jay Sandora says:

    I believe there should be amendmants to the laws in all countries that cover emotional, physical and mental rape and abuse for individual victims of cults and brainwashing organizations. Scientology falls well into all the checkpoints of a cult (ask Tory Magoo).

    Nancy Many has spoken out from a broken mind despite every attack she well knew she would be subjected to, after already being broken down by those she trusted most of her life. There is no difference whatsoever between physical rape and mental rape, except under current laws. Those laws need to be changed, and will be only if we insist they will be.

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