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Does Scientology Blackmail its Celebrities?

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Aaron Saxton talks about Scientology’s confessionals and how the group deals with your deepest secrets.

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12 Responses to “Does Scientology Blackmail its Celebrities?”
  1. Bill W says:

    I know this is totally off topic for this post, but maybe someone can tell me why/how Marty’s site went down? I know it was hacked this week. I hope he is ok and I hope he is still going to keep moving forward to help those with their Bridge. Mark, maybe you can get in contact with Marty and tell us what is going on. I hope all is well

  2. Robert Biasotti says:

    Well said, sir.

  3. maputo95 says:

    So Lisa Marie Presley according to Aaron was told to divorce Michael Jackson by Org. Mmmmm, interesting.

  4. cwhale says:

    If true, then the celebrities so named should prempt any action by Scientology by holding a press conference prior to announcing their decision to leave the cult and “come clean” with their past indiscretions.

    If being embarassed is the worse that will happen it is better to do so in this way then live a life of deception within an organization you no longer wish to be a part of.

    Alex Rodriguez held a press conference at which he admitted to steroid use and went on to have one of his best seasons ever culminating in a World Series win for the Yankees.

    Celebrities “trapped” in Scientology for fear of their private lives being exposed should take the lead in revealing secrets in their past which would nullify any blackmailing by Scientology. These people can afford the expertise of professional public relations people to prepare a written statement and provide support during the press conference.

    I cannot feel sympathy for someone who is willing to live a lie rather than speak the truth and I certainly don’t blame the media for reporting such information – the media can be helpful if you use them wisely. Holding a press conference allows one to control the information being released and provides one with the oppourtunity to elicit public support and sympathy.

  5. Jeanette says:

    Gee, on one hand being embarrassed, on the other hand supporting and recruiting people into a destructive cult that will certainly ruin their lives and could kill them?

    If the celebrities just sucked it up and owned up to whatever it is they did, they could be free of the cult, could earn public respect and could actively end an evil that harms people. I really don’t see that hurting their career in the long run.

    I like you Aaron, but it is not the media’s responsibility to let people off their misdeeds, it is for those people to carry the responsibility and deal with the actions that have led them to be blackmailed. As soon as the celebs have publicly admitted to whatever the CO$ has on them, then they are free. And as the previous posters have said, celebs have PR teams to put the best spin on things.

  6. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Just a few more reasons Scientology the Scam should be outlawed and banned. The federal government should place an injunction against this “church.” Celebrities should use their P.R. machines to expose this fair game tactic and further ruin David’s “church.” Then they should collectively sue Scientology for obscene amounts of money and turn their fans against Scientology. This will then ultimately destroy the global scam-church.

  7. marcehole says:

    It is blatant wonder that a so-called ‘Church’ which engages in blackmail also enjoys tax-exemption status in the U.S. (a supposed world superpower). The ‘officials’ who were ‘running’ the IRS in 1993 were likely in the same quandary as many ‘celebrities’ find themselves now… as coerced sycophants.

  8. Mike says:

    If John Travolta were to leave, he’d have to take the decision together with his wife or else likely face divorce. He’s got consider putting his daughter through that, in a situation where they’ve already lost their son.

  9. Cyril Cyrus says:

    I don’t think John Travolta and Lisa Marie Presley are concerned what the media will publish about them if they were to leave.
    I think the issue here is DISCONNECTION – BREAKING UP FAMILIES! I agree with Aaron, the media are horrible and
    they sensationalise and the blow things out of proportion. We all have done things in life to be embarassed about.

    But if John Travolta or Lisa Marie Presley were to leave they could stand to lose a lot like their families and friends. That’s
    why they don’t leave because of Scientology’s vicious disocnnection policy. They also stand to lose their religion and some may not
    understand why they would care if they did but it does matter.

    Anyway, the thought that the members of the church are so paranoid and insecure about their stronghold on their celebrities that
    they need to resort to extortion and black mail is immensely diabolical enough to say the least.

  10. Dr. Bundsen Honeydew says:

    Dear Aaron,

    As a member of the media, I can tell you exactly what would happen if John Travolta walked into the offices of People Magazine and stated he wanted to get out of the Co$- the editor would suggest that John, in a sympathetic and classy article, come out of the closet in conjunction with the fact that he was forced to stay there due to the Church’s blackmail, but since Jet’s untimely death, he has learned that he no longer wants to live his life with fear, and is therefore is coming clean before the Church can do more harm.

    Blackmail only works if keep the information hidden. Decontaminate with sunshine and all will be OK- the Church will no longer have anything to shame him with.

    Travolta is past the stage of “girls want to be with him, guys want to be him” so his career won’t take a nosedive; hell, most of Hollywood will support him for his brave act of coming out. He will, however, have to take personal responsibility for the things he has done (which he should), even if those things may be distasteful to many of his fans. Everyone has to pay the piper; even the rich and famous are not immune. Once that’s achieved, John can live an honest life, perhaps even with a bonus career boost far from the influences of the Church for finally embracing a well-known open secret.

    I know that a lot of celebrity media is hyperbole and spin, but some of the reporters are genuinely sympathetic to celebrity Scientologist’s plights. That doesn’t mean that as a member of the human family, those celebrities get a free pass on acts of questionable judgement- they did what they did, and must be accountable for those acts. If they were doing something under duress, tells us that too, and the public will forgive. It just needs a mea culpa, an acknowledgement that they take responsibility for things that they have done, and the public will forgive almost anything.

    So what’s holding the celebs back? Everyday people have risked life and limb to leave the CoS with far less resources or even public platforms and high profiles, and yet if, for example, Travolta wanted to leave, the only thing he would really risk is his career in a day and age where talkshow hosts and politicians are openly gay. Even if he never worked another day in his life, John and his family have enough money to last three lifetimes, so the loss of earnings potential is mute. I personally think perhaps it’s the fame, the power, and the adulation that has celebrity Scientologists staying put, at which point I would ask what is more important- Q rating or a clear conscience?

    It’s easy enough to blame the media; I don’t shy away from the fact that 75% of tabloid reporting is from dodgy or unreliable sourcing. But the other 25% has strength. It can free a celebrity from this vicious cult if they’re only willing to take the chance and the responsibility of their actions. Celebrities aren’t babies; they’re grown adults who were looking for spiritual answers, yet only got a cult in return, so on that level, I do pity them. But if the only reason they don’t leave, if they see the scam for what it is and yet continue to shill for the cult out of what boils down to petty personal greed for power and fame, then I will continue to report on their efforts to bring other innocents into their scam in a negative light, and think the public have the right to read about these acts.

    That way, if the public don’t like what CoS is doing in relation to human trafficking, sub-minimum wage payment for staff, forced abortions, fraud on a massive scale and the Church’s wholescale refusal to acknowledge even the most basic of human rights, the public can vote with their wallets.

  11. rickrollme says:

    Aaron, here is the problem I have with this overly-dramatized, bullshit video you have made:

    Travolta recently aided Haiti by flying Scientologist ‘priests’ over there in his plane. If what you said was actually true, and Travolta wanted out, why would he go out of his way to promote his religion at a time like this? That isn’t required of him, and he could have just as easily gone over himself and helped without that scientology folks at his side. Good intentions don’t mean squat as long as the man’s actions still reflect a strong belief in the tech. Clearly, John still believes in it.

    What’s disturbing to me the most, however, is that this proves you, Aaron Saxton, are full of shit. What you said about Travolta wanting out apparently isn’t true. So that discredits all the other truthful ex-scientologsts in the eyes of some people, does it not? How is that fair? Because you can’t resist the thrill of the internet attention, you’re going to make wild, unfounded claims about a guy who still openly supports the very thing you say he wants to escape? That completely ruins the legitimacy of other people who actually tell the truth, like Tory and Mark. Because scientology can run with that, can’t they? I mean, if ONE of you critics don’t know what you’re talking about, it opens up the possibility that all the other don’t, either.

    Get it? Your uninformed blabber could potentially risk the image of scientology opposers, and this type of behavior needs to be kept in check. If we are going to win this, we need to make sure our statements are true, and that we remain consistent in our criticism. Talking out of our asses based on rumors won’t help, and if anything, it could cause us to go backwards. So please, Aaron Saxton, limit yourself to speaking only on things you can prove from now on. Otherwise, you make everybody on your side look bad. Those of us who actually care want to make sure we are LISTENED to, not laughed at. Unfortunately, when Mr. Travolta waltzes over to haiti in his scientology-mobile directly after you state he wants out, it encouraged the latter, not the former.

    Have a nice day.

  12. Snapicus says:

    I’d kinda like to know what Leah Remini’s file has in it. It really seems like she’s wholeheartely into Scientology. She’s always aggressively defending it.

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