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Shooting at Denver Scientologist Owned Company

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Rex Fowler shooting

Details are still sketchy and confused but what appears to be a murder- attempted suicide has Scientologist Rex Fowler at its core.  Initial reports said a disgruntled former employee tried to kill Fowler at his software company.  Later reports now say it was Fowler who put three bullets in the employee’s head before putting one into his own.

The website for Fowler Software Design appears to have been removed.  Here’s Google’s cached version.  They are a WISE business, meaning they use Hubbard Tech to run the business and give Scientology a cut off the top.


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  1. lurking says:

    There seems to be an effort, on the Denver Post story about this incident to make Ciancio look like he is from a mobster family and deserved what he got as “karma”. I have no doubt the scilons are making these posts to divert attention away from scientology. There was only one post mentioning Fowler’s connection to scientology and his OT VIII status.

    I have little doubt that this is yet another tragedy induced by the insanity caused by scientology “tech”.

  2. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scilons are liars and dishonorable filth. Of course Scientology would lie about an innocent, that’s what these scum-bums are good at.

  3. mbm says:

    2010′s getting off to a VERY good start


    “Address: Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB


    In October 1969, the Sunday Times published an article “The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard’s career” by Alexander Mitchell about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s 1946 involvement in occult ceremonies that included “sex magick” with John Whiteside Parsons, an America devotee of Aleister Crowley and rocket scientist.

    Mitchell had access to documents relating to the Hubbard-Parsons relationship, including a record of a set of rituals called “The Babalon Working,” which is in the Gerald Yorke collection in the Warburg Institute Library. Yorke was Crowley’s disciple and typist, ended up with Crowley’s personal papers, and donated them to the library.

    For some reason, which to my knowledge has never been publicly disclosed, in December 1969, and without any real comment, the Sunday Times published a statement from the “Church of Scientology” claiming that Hubbard had been on a mission, from unspecified US departments or agencies, to break up the Crowley-Parsons “black magic group.” Jon Atack in his 1990 Hubbard biography A Piece of Blue Sky wrote: “The Scientologists threatened legal action, and the Sunday Times, unsure of its legal position, paid a small out-of-court settlement. Without retracting their earlier article, they printed a statement submitted by the Scientologists.” The statement sent to the Sunday Times was actually written by Hubbard.

    As I understand it, not long after the Sunday Times “settled” with Scientology, Yorke withdrew the documents relating to the Babalon Working from the collection at the Warburg Institute Library. Upon Yorke’s death, these materials were returned to the library on the condition that they be kept sealed 25 years. The Institute Librarian advised me some time ago that the documents will be unsealed or “available for consultation” January 1. The library is closed until January 4, so that’s probably the real unsealing date.

    The Hubbard-Parsons-Crowley-Babalon-Scientology story is more involved and interesting than I can write here. My wife Caroline Letkeman and I have been developing a web site, which we just activated, to make available our evidence and argument concerning what was going on with Hubbard, in the Working and in his other occult dealings. Hubbard and the Babalon Working

    Caroline also just wrote to Scientology head David Miscavige because we are convinced that he and his representatives are perpetrating a fraud upon the public by continuing to disseminate the 1969 statement the Sunday Times published and by failing to provide the truth they know about Hubbard’s participation in the occult, and most importantly his incorporation of occult concepts in Scientology. Letter to David Miscavige : Hubbard and the Babalon Working

    We have no doubt that if we had known the truth about Hubbard and The Babalon Working, we would never have entered Scientology or given the cult a moment of our time or a plugged penny. Because Hubbard and Scientology withheld the truth and instead, for forty years now, repeated his lies about being on a secret mission for the US Government, Scientology got me for 12 years, got Caroline for 24 years and over $60,000, and when we complained they made us fair game and got her daughter.

    I am quite certain that there are more ex-Scientologists like us, and many more people around the world the Scientologists are trying to hook and reel in, who should get the latest truth about the not only odd but sinister beginning of L. Ron Hubbard’s career. And in this case, it really is a truth that will set people free.

    The Warburg Institute is a member Institute of London University’s School of Advanced Study. The Library’s regulations are important: Opening Hours and Admissions Information

    Happy New Year!

    Gerry Armstrong

    Caroline Letkeman

    #2-46298 Yale Road

    Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P6



    looks like OSA’s gonna have a tough time suppressing this…

  4. Rmack says:

    I’m not saying I have any idea what happened with this, but know that in stories where someone successfully defends themselves with a gun, It can stay ‘unclear’, whereas if some nut shoots several unarmed people, it gets reported in detail.

    This happened in the press a few years ago when an legally armed woman stopped a guy after he only killed a few in a church by shooting him dead. This guy had written that he planned on killing many more. At first the press lied and said the guy shot himself, and it’s gets weirder after that.

  5. marcehole says:

    My heart goes out to Thomas and his family…

    I have had enough ‘contact’ with Scientology ‘Scripture’, and bear personal witness to the bizarre behavior of Scientology-accredited OT’s… in particular OT VII’s and OT VII’s… to be ‘not surprised’. At the time, I was not even aware of the Xenu stuff… that was almost 20 years ago. I concur with Jason Beghe when he say’s ‘the further up the bridge you go, the worse you get’. When I first met these OT’s, I was astonished at their ‘ineptitude’ (an understatement at best). Thankfully, I jumped off the ‘Bridge to Total freedom’ while I was still close to shore. Rex is yet another victim who projects Co$ insanity… long before THIS particular incident… Even if it was Thomas who physically shot Rex… I would not be surprised… Scientology has that effect… IMO.

  6. Anonymous says:

    End of cycle?

  7. Ed Lollington says:

    As ever, Anon is on the case. Take nothing beyond this point as actual FACT as such…. just yet that is.

    Rumors have been floating, from sources close (we are everywhere), that good ol’ Rex owed some money to the victim. Like, a whole paycheck. However, being a W.I.S.E. outfit, much of the funds for such meaningless MEST worries has wound up in Co$ coffers.

    The victim had enough, and on his son’s 7th birthday went to demand his earnings. At this point, a theory that’s been put forth is that the victim, once aware that no pay was forthcoming, may have been aware of certain “business practices” and possibly threatened to expose them to the proper authorities. Rex flipped his shit, and “handled” with “R2-45″.

    It is also believed the victim was under pressure (as usual) to buy into the Hubbardian fantasy, but due to the strength of his personal religious beliefs was constantly telling the W.I.S.E. folk to GTFO with that stuff. This may have added to an already tense situation.

    In the wake of this tragedy, it is believed that the Co$ will follow the same “battle plan” it always does; deny existence of Fowler. When documents are retrieved linking him to Co$ (as they will be), they will fall back to “LULZ! Oops! Yeah here he is!”, admit participation but downplay level (“He was never OT VIII”), when THAT is debunked, what’s left of the pressure groups will be unleashed on critics and media, while diverting attention from the fact they LIED from beginning to end about knowing this man.

    Same M.O. as what they did with Epic Swords Guy.

    This is a tragic situation at one of the worst possible times of the year. However, critics need to focus on the lies of the PR machine and be ready to fight back with truth. W.I.S.E., although mentioned, is often overlooked in teh shadow of the turmoil of the “Mother Church” and other more common exposures of things like NarConon or the Freewinds debacle. This one could really blow up in their collective faces, if their business dealings were further dragged, kicking and screaming into the light for closer scrutiny.

    If deeper connections are made between Co$ and W.I.S.E., especially with something “headline”, it could really put their tax-exempt status on the chopping block. Be aware, be alert, be watching, be ready to act.

    Glory Marcabia.

  8. Elron Hokum says:

    Well, the plot thickens…

    Now it appears that the gun was registered from an adress on L.Ron Hubbard Way; reportely a gift from his son.

    Now, I’m speculating here: but wouldn’t someone who *lived* on L. Ron Hubbard way be a Sea Org member?

    Most handguns cost around $400-800. How many Sea Org members make enough money to give a gun like that as a *gift*?

  9. pointer says:

    Rex obviously is guilty, insane or not. He still had a choice however influenced!

    Now, it’s to get him, after the trial and after he re-orients with normal reality, to be interviewed and tell his story about how Scientology affected him and others he was and is associated with!

    Lots of interviews! It could drag down Scientology to the same degree that Tom Cruz has picked it up.

    Without Rex making a turnaround and telling his story, what a sad waste it would be!

    Then we can make sure it gets out and not pushed aside!

  10. The plot enturbulates…


    I’d like to echo the thoughts of marcehole ealier. Whatever the story is behind this, my thoughts are with Thomas and his family.

  11. pointer says:

    Well, Thomas didn’t shoot Rex (I say this because Marcehole wasn’t sure), and of course my deepest sympathies go out to Thomas and his family that has now been left behind. Rex was very selfish in taking that action.

    I know Rex personally, very well. He does have a bad temper. He was also outgoing; very much so to help whomever, especially if the Church was taking notice. However, he did cross the line from time to time, if Orders from Co$ demanded him to do so. This obviously disintegrated his personal integrity. From there, only a down spiral could develop!

    He was a victim, for sure!

    I didn’t do what Rex did to win the favor of Co$. However, if my child was in the Sea Org, with me knowing that his possible fate was the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force = Labor Slave Camp) or being transferred overseas to a place where I couldn’t communicate with him, if I didn’t cooperate with the Co$ demands, I’m not sure what I would have chosen to do! That’s right, if your child is in the Sea Org, that’s tantamount to having him in a kidnapped status! Co$ uses your family as leverage pawns. I can’t begin to imagine what was swimming around in Rex’s mind, possibly for years! Thomas was more or less in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m just saying someone else could have just as easily gotten Rex’s negative outflow.

  12. exponerejustice says:

    my name was “pointer”

    it was taken and I added a picture

  13. exponerejustice says:

    Fowler makes court appearance in Adams murder case:



    BRIGHTON — A DNA test was ordered today for a 58-year-old businessman and founder of an Adams County software company accused of killing his former business partner.

    Adams County District Judge Francis Wasserman this morning also set an April 9 preliminary hearing for William Rex Fowler, who appeared in court shackled and wearing surgical scrubs.

  14. exponerejustice says:


    -Scientology uses harassment techniques. They are very proud of their ability to put someone into effect, make them commit suicide, get in car accidents, get into domestic violence situations, and get into whatever it takes to destroy them!!!

    -Rex Fowler’s son was in the Sea Org. If Rex doesn’t do what the bullshit Church of Scientology says, they will get his son a passport and send him to a Scientology Base in another country – wherever, and hold his passport – keep him as a prisoner, until Rex becomes submissive to their request!! The request could be money, labor/services, forced participation is harassing other members deemed to be a possible future threat to the Church, or just whatever!! His son, while this is going on, will be told that he is on a secret mission (being impressionable and easily influenced – BRAINWASHED) or that his family is now SP’s (Suppressive Persons – enemies of the Church) and he is not allowed to communicate with them, or just use your imagination!!

    -These techniques used by the Church of Scientology could very easily drive a person, Rex in this case, into a state of CONFUSION, hence an inability to make proper and moral decisions and/or an inability to correctly identify the true enemy!! In this state he will grab onto anyone giving him direct guidance (the Scientology Church has always been a good source of direction up until now. It seems logical he would lean in favor of what they demand), hence a human weapon, if the case calls for it!!!

    -Concerning Rex’s trial, if the Church of Scientology were to be slandered in court, us – the public/democracy would feel sorry for them and they would resurface stronger. However, if the Judge/Court protects the rights of the Church fully and allows them not to be scrutinized unfairly in the trial, but it is obvious that they were the underlying cause of it, we the public/democracy will deem Rex and Ciciano both martyrs and the Church of Scientology would be revealed as the true villain, but not sentenced. Hence, the Church of Scientology will sink because we/the-public/democracy will protest and demand enforced guidance over their future actions in order that these crimes don’t commence. Freedom of Religion doesn’t mean FREEDOM FROM THE LAW!!!

    What do I know? I don’t know!! What is just is!!!


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