Friday, March 24, 2017

Catholic Group Takes on Scientology

A poster named Clerical Whispers posted a lengthy and detailed report about the Italian publication of a new book from Maria Pia Gardini.

Daughters of St. Paul in Italy are taking a courageous stand against the Church of Scientology.

Their publishing house recently issued the second of two books by Italian Catholic Maria Pia Gardini, who is a former Scientologist.

The publishing house has just published a second book by her exposing abuses within the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology in Italy has announced it has instigated legal proceedings for libel against Gardini and those who have assisted her.

In bringing this lawsuit the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige risk the enmity of millions of Catholics around the world, particularly since the organization forces all women, both married and unmarried, working for their elite Sea Org management organization to abort their unborn children.

In 2007 The Daughters of St. Paul’s publishing house Edizioni Paoline (Paoline Publications) published I miei anni in Scientology (My Years in Scientology) and in the first week of December 2009 released Il coraggio di parlare – storie di fuoriusciti da Scientology (The Courage To Speak Out – Stories of Ex-Scientologists),

The books have been widely reviewed in Italy. Numerous Italian-language reviews with the links to pdf files may be found at the links to the two books cited above.

Both books are co-authored by Italian Catholic journalist Alberto Laggia and Italian Catholic Maria Pia Gardini. Gardini is a former adherent of Scientology and member of its Sea Org elite, who run everything in Scientology and its front groups under the leadership of David Miscavige. She returned to full practice of Catholicism after leaving.

My Years In Scientology recounts Gardini’s own experiences. The Courage To Speak Out contains the stories of fourteen ex-Scientologists including three from the US.

Both books are replete with accounts of horrendous abuses, including Maria Pia Gardini’s having been defrauded of over a million dollars.

In September the National Church of Scientology in Italy sent a formal warning (Atto di diffida, approximately equivalent to a Cease and Desist letter) to Paoline saying that it had engaged in libelous attacks. The warning was signed by a lawyer for Scientology and the head of Scientology in Italy and was also sent to Maria Pia Gardini.

Laggia has written frequently on cults and Scientology for La Famiglia Cristiana (The Christian Family), a weekly magazine produced by the Daughters of St. Paul. It is widely read by Italian Catholics. More than one million copies are distributed every Sunday to parishes and churches throughout Italy.

Scientology says they have instructed their attorneys to sue Maria Pia Gardini for libel.  Read all about it at Why We Protest.


83 Responses to “Catholic Group Takes on Scientology”
  1. marcehole says:

    Well anyway, thankfully, Co$ is currently in a state of rapid deterioration (in dramatic contrast with their aggressive propaganda). Fewer people are entering due to the immense publicity (like Anonymous) which has given potential newbies a fair heads-up warning. More long-standing members are leaving, significantly a lot of upper management and OT’s who have been pushed to the breaking point by the abusive elements of Co$(so again more revealing information to lend fair heads-up warning for potential initiates).

    But this is no time to let things coast, just because the momentum is flowing in the downward spiral direction for ‘them’. As things get tougher for Co$, there is bound to be a sense of desperation in the remaining hard-liners. But ‘they’ will not get past our gauntlet.

    I feel such a sense of success, encouragement, and profound gratitude when I hear about courageous SP’s like Tory, Maria, Jason Beghe, Jerry Armstrong, Graham Berry, Mark Bunker, Andreas, Stacey Brooks, Mark Headley, Jeff Hawkins, Paul Haggis, Jon Atak, Paulette Cooper, Mary Jo, Isene, Katz, Airey,… Anonymous… I am almost sorry that I even started writing this list because there are so many and I hate to leave anyone out… but you know what I mean here. Thank You Thank You… all of You.

  2. Knight of Anonymous says:

    S.P.s are Legion and we are growing. Anonymous does not forget the innocents harmed by Scientology, We do not forgive their crimes against humanity, Expect us for we are the voice in the desert crying out for those without a voice.

  3. Ualtam says:

    So many children have been born into this group, never seeing the light of day. They have very little idea how the rest of us function. I have several in that state and one tried to leave once, so I heard, and had to go right back in, lost just lost and afraid. Just think about the children, think what they must have been told.

  4. gerryphilly53 says:

    Ualtam -

    I think you need to take solace in the way events are unfolding – Yes there still are children who are being born into Scientology, but probably fewer than you fear. Remember, Sea Org members are barred from having children. Other members live in the community and therefore the amount of control that can be enforced is severely restricted. Some of these members are hearing of the widespread abuses and making connections to things they may have experienced. Finally, the economic situation may prompt people who have not experienced the results that were promised to begin to question the never-ending demands for money.

  5. Knight of Anonymous says:

    You kinda have to pity Sea Orgers. So brainwashed are they that they’ll do anything to keep their… whatever it is they have. I like to say Scientology is dead, but I’ll hold off until there is a repeat of what happened to Disco, where bon fires put an end to the fad, scam, and tyranny of Scientology.

  6. marcehole says:

    Haaaaaa…. Yup… and with all the above said… and back to the original topic… We have a brave team of nuns to assist us. Co$ may have finally met their mother superior…:) Let’s lend a good hand to Maria and her friends. Have you all watched that 6-part video on this site of Maria interviewed by Stacey Brooks? I have watched and listened to this many times over the last couple years. It portrays some of the sneakiest sleaziest downright dirty tactics of Co$. I wish so much for Maria to win!!!

  7. gerryphilly53 says:

    The thing that continues to amaze me is that just when I think that I’ve heard the worst about Scientology new information comes out that lowers the bar further. Coerced abortions should be an issue that horrifies both sides of the abortion divide.

  8. marcehole says:

    I hear ya! THAT’s why we protest!!!

  9. marcehole says:

    I think Davie’s battery is running low. He needs one of those ‘Eternal Batteries’, like the one keeping Xenu safely tucked away in that mountain. Can you imagine the BT uprising that will occur once they have all been disconnected from our human bodies, and then the eternal battery proves to be not so eternal after all. I can just picture all those trillions of angry BT’s sucking on Xenu’s eyeballs, and biting down on his brassballs…. Oh poor Xenu… Oh poor DM… such a pity… Duracell abandoned them… Eveready abandoned them… and now the Loyal Officers… thanks to the Monitoring System…:)

  10. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scientology will get the smack-down it so richly deserves, until then, buy the book. Once it sells a million copies, the Scilons will be surrounded by Entheta that it will literally be crammed up their cultist assholes.

  11. Lop Dop says:

    Christ! It’s almost becoming a “high class status symbol” to be declared an “SP”! Pretty soon it won’t be such a scary thought; there may even be waiting lines starting to form, or even internet sign up websites!

    and to the friendly reply to me, I see where you’re coming from. What I’ve said in terms of the Catholic Church and mixed marriages comes from what certain Catholics have relayed to me, seriously. I wasn’t confused; perhaps in their situation they were dealing with a “hard ass” diocese, Perhaps?

    Believe me when I tell you I wasn’t attempting to embellish, but thank you for your reply.

  12. marcehole says:

    Indeed!…. SP’s comprise a majority… hey… look at us here being ‘critical’ and ‘lulzy’ and ‘free’ and ‘infiltrating’….. ooooooh… my mom and dad are SP….. my brothers are SP… most of my sisters are SP… all of my friends are SP… I suspect that my cats are SP too… I am trying to imagine an Org that would have the ‘tech’ to be able to ‘handle’ a cat… I kid you not, I was once talking with an OTVIII, pointed to a cat, and asked what he thought this cat was… his definitive answer: “Degraded Being”… I kid you not… this same OT vigorously defended cigarette smoking even though he didn’t smoke… hmmmm… sounds like LRH duplication… anyway…. onward… SP’s are OK… I don’t care what you ‘learn’ about that in ‘The Ups And Downs Of Life’ course…. whew!… seeds of gradient knowledge be implanted upon thy soul… where are those dam tin-foil hats when ya need em, huh?…

  13. marcehole says:

    The $ea Org Creed,

    Let us prey…

    Our fodder…
    Who farts in heaven…
    Hollow be thy name…
    Shallow be thy game…
    On Teegeack…
    As it is in Hemet…

    Give us this day our daily head…
    As we focus upon our engrams…
    And forget about our victims…
    And lead us not into PTS’ness…
    But deliver us from freedom…

    Awww Men.

  14. Ualtam says:

    Thanks, for the humor and the responses. It is nice to know that I have not been the only one under fire. I am hoping with all that is coming out about Co$, my attacks will stop.
    One day,I will get my whole story out, it goes all the way back to the 1940s.
    It took me awhile to understand what was happening to me for I am just a peaceful artist who thought that what my other family members were involved in was listening to some tripped out old man ramblings.
    My family members have been talking and taking me down for years because they believe they are better then me and I guess they are because they are the super power.LOL!
    And when it finally came down to money that is when the hits began and that is when I started to educate myself on the subject. What I found on the inter net has been shocking and a huge light bulb went off in my head and then all the pieces fell into place.
    So,thanks for the freedom of the inter net. Thanks Freedom Fighters.

  15. marcehole says:

    Holy Gwawckamoley Ualtam!… back to the 1940′s? Man, You must have quite a story to tell! That pre-dates Dianetics, let alone Scientology. So, You know LRH’s Black Magick Clubs?

    Our currently Co$-maintained Monitoring System doesn’t go that far back….:)

  16. gerryphilly53 says:

    I didn’t posit a direct connection between the Alistair Crowley-disciple interlude and the founding of Scientology but on reflection it does make sense.

  17. marcehole says:

    It seems to make sense to Ualtam.

  18. Ualtam says:

    Yes, LRH had a major connection in my family that dated back to the 1940s and no it did not have to do with the black magick club.

  19. marcehole says:

    Ualtam: I guess I could do a little more research on this. I was under the impression that virtually all the early partners and adopters of LRH Inc. have since blown or passed away. So I am surprised that any connections that go back as far as the 40′s could still have the effects of which you speak. I hope that the recent increased and continuing disintegration of Co$ will bring some resolution to your troubles.

  20. Ualtam says:

    A domino effect.

  21. Knight of Anonymous says:

    L.R.H. should have learned: Nothing leads to ruin faster than the worship of Mammon.
    But that would have required critical thinking and last I heard Scientology is against that. Here’s one free piece of wisdom for those still in: Lust for power, Destroy your soul! Love thy neighbor, Live in peace!
    or tell them that: Freedom is the right to say f*$! you to Tyranny.
    and if they cannot comprehend this tell them: Stupidity comes from not asking questions.
    If a Scientologist still doesn’t get it tell him/her this: Unquestioned obedience does a moron make.
    This should hopefully help them break the cult’s bonds and if wisdom fails then that person is lost.

  22. marcehole says:

    Amen Knight of Anonymous… Freedom is the intended goal of a Scientologist… Yet the actual result of Scientology is the exact opposite!!… BTW, you should watch your @#$%ing language…:)

  23. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Wisdom is free, Scientology is not. Here’s some more free wisdom: Do not as a fool does, for it only leads to ruin. This you should teach anyone contemplating a life of Scientology.
    and: Never let friends be guided by fools. This is for friends of people contemplating a life of Scientology.
    and: Hurl insults and they will always come back. This is to counter bull baiting.
    finally: Stupidity and Scientology should always mix. This is for a protest tee shirt.

  24. marcehole says:


  25. marcehole says:

    So if I really want to mix with Scientologists… then I act stupid?….:)

  26. The SS says:

    Well Well Look Who is Talking and In Australia there are 119 priest and Brothers charged for for Sexual Misconduct unbecoming of “men of the Cloth”
    For years covered up by the Church through People in high Places! Cardinals Bishops! …….This is no Lie in Australia! Go to the USa and the Number is even Higher! Ireland is in Shame with what has occurred there for Centurires ! ” Abuse of Children” The Catholic Church should look it self in the Eye and say to itself! ” It behooves us to go on the attack until we cleanup our own scene!” Hmm what do you think PAPA!?

  27. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Something like that.

  28. marcehole says:

    Oops! I guess we all got a little off topic. If we recall the original motivation for this thread:

    (1)Maria was defrauded by Church Of Scientology (Co$).
    (2)Maria publishes her story.
    (3)Co$ tries to make Maria shut-the-fuck-up!
    (4)We who are familiar with this Co$ bull-shit are justifiably outraged.
    (5)We support Maria and attack Co$.

  29. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Take my Scientology quiz. It’s in the article above this one. S.S. forgot this is an anti-Scilon website, not anti-Catholic Church website. Unless of course S.S. means Scilon Supporter. Does it S.S.?

  30. marcehole says:

    TeeHee….:):)… Secret Service?

  31. Vanca says:

    I think maybe they have just met their match with the Catholic church. Finally they are suing someone associated with an organization that has as much or more money than them, and many good Catholic lawyers ready to tithe their services. How low can you go to sue a bunch of nuns. Oh brother.

  32. marcehole says:

    Allo Vanca… I smile broadly when I hear a real clear… welcome to this fine earth… Oh sister or brother indeed!!!…:):)… yup… met their match… a fire right under their own ass… swing low sweet chariot….:)

  33. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scilon tech only teaches them to shoot themselves in the foot. Give Scientolgy the Horse’s Ass Award. Scilons, man are they dumb;)

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