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New German Movie About Scientology

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A public TV network in Germany has secretly filmed a TV movie about corporate Scientology and their destructive  disconnection policy.  Based on the true story of Heiner von Rönn, “Until Nothing is Left” is set to air on March 31st.  Spiegel Online has the full report.

Heiner von Rönn could reel off a sobering list of the people and things he has lost to Scientology. They include thousands of euros, 10 years of his life, his former wife, and both his children.

Fifteen years after leaving the organization, Rönn recently found himself confronted with his own past again, complete with all the terminology and threats from back then. He was on the set of a German TV production, where rooms in a Scientology office had been meticulously reconstructed. The TV drama, whose plot is inspired by real events in Rönn’s life, deals with a family that falls apart because of the organization, which in Germany is regarded as a business rather than a church and is monitored by domestic intelligence agencies.

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7 Responses to “New German Movie About Scientology”
  1. zoro says:

    recently, my wife got a job at a German university, and as usual, she got a contract with dozens of pages detailing everything imaginable (typical German). Anyhow, one paragraph states explicitly, that she will not get a job if she were a member of a terrorist organization, was involved in criminal activities, and is a MEMBER of THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY.

  2. Gladys Kravitz says:

    Hmm, wonder if it’ll be shown in the US.

  3. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Mirror it all over every video site.

  4. Batman says:

    Maybe someone could subtitle this?

  5. Sauerkrautesse says:

    @Zoro: It sounds as if all German contracts are complicated and state something about Scientology. I’ve signed several contracts without ever coming across the word ‘Scientology’. I’m actually relieved it’s included in your wife’s contract, who after all works in the public educational field. Don’t forget, Scieo is still considered a very dangerous and subversive oragnisation in Germany.

    @Gladys Kravitz & Batman: doubt it will be sold to a US broadcaster. But should I be able to ever lay hands on a digital copy I’ll try my best w/ the subtitling.

  6. zoro says:


    when she was reading it, she hardly knew what scientology was all about. She heard the name, but had no clue of all the details. Luckily, I explained her everything one should know. But as a good academic, she did her own research, and freaked out even more :) Thank you internet :)

  7. Hubert Rauber says:

    I’m assuming from what I’ve read in these reports that Scientology spied on the filmmakers during production but must have gathered only a cursory idea of the content and message of the movie. Why else would Scientology request a viewing before it airs? This diabolical, very dangerous, cult is attempting to pre-empt the release of a documentary in Germany – a democratic nation.

    Unbelievable and frightening.

    Scientology wants to mute free speech even before it can be spoken. Scientology has every right to take action against the filmmakers if it can be proven to be defamatory/yellow journalism but it has no legal right to suppress the release of this film. I guess I shouldn’t find it unbelievable but I can’t help but find this development enraging.

    This is Scientology’s motus operandi – it is the REAL SUPPRESIVE FORCE in the world and has been for decades (hiding behind a facade of “religion”). Anonymous is taking a brave stand but I’m beginning to believe much more is needed to stop this cancer whose goal is to “clear the planet” by making every human being a Scientologist. And “The Source” is akin to the second coming of Christ – L. Ron Hubbard and his bogus religion whose birthday loyal Scientologists celebrate every year as the man who will save humanity – the second coming is upon us. Right, and snake have hips.

    This “religion’s” delusions are deeply rooted in the writings of LRH – far from the savior of the human race as he and his similar loony minions would never admit – and much more like the force that may destroy it if those harmed (and there are countless) don’t coalesce into a counterforce that will drive Scientology into “effect”. If this isn’t done millions will be suffering at Scientology’s doctrine of “cause”.

    For 10 years Scientology ruined my life, my marriage, my family unit, my career as an artist, my self esteem, created so much enturbulation in my life that I completely lost my sense of identity. I had a psychotic break after an 18 hour non-stop auditing session that left me with almost complete loss of coordination. I had no food or water during the entire session, totally exhausted, disoriented, hallucinating, I tried to stand when the session ended but
    the ground felt it was shaking and wavering under my as it would in a major earthquake.

    I had just enough of a sense of reality remaining – enough so that I could hear my auditor and case worker whispering that it should be a cinch to get me to put my next auditing session on my credit card. I staggered out of the org and vowed never to return. I spent over $2500 on that auditing session and after I walked away and stopped all involvement, I was harassed by mail, by phone, by “strangers” prowling the area where I live, and was spied upon. This outrageously dangerous cult has to be stopped – despite all the money it has bilked from its members to pay lawyers to file SLAPP suits against anyone who dare to publicly expose the abuses- especially the “Fair Game” tactics that are used
    ubiquitously against Scientology’s perceived “enemies” – enemies Scientology creates through its own diabolical and sinister intentions and practices. David Miscavige and Tommy Davis are pathological liars. They make my stomach turn and set off my gag reflex.

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