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Scientologist William Rex Fowler Charged with Murder

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An OT8 first considered a victim of a crime was recently charged with shooting his former partner to death.   The Denver Post has the details.

A 58-year-old businessman and founder of an Adams County software company was arrested Friday on murder charges in a bizarre office shooting at the end of the year that left him injured and another man dead.

Adams County District Attorney Don Quick filed charges against William Rex Fowler in the shooting death of 42-year-old Thomas Ciancio, his former business partner at Fowler Software Design.

Investigators say Fowler shot Ciancio three times in the head with a 9mm Glock handgun when Ciancio came to Fowler Software Design to collect $9,900 in severance pay.
Police had originally thought Ciancio was the gunman but later described him as a victim.

Ciancio, who was Fowler Software’s chief operating officer,resigned Nov. 23 in a dispute over the way the company was being managed.

Employees of the software company told investigators Ciancio had blamed Fowler for the company’s recent financial difficulties.

The employees said Fowler had taken about $200,000 of the company’s money without asking and gave it to a church or charity, according to the arrest affidavit.

Ciancio arrived at 10 a.m. Dec. 30 to collect his check. He chatted with employees, asked about their holidays and was preparing to attend his son’s birthday party later that day.

Ciancio asked to speak to Ubaldo Ciminieri, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, but he had stepped away from his desk. Ciancio then went to Fowler’s office.

Two minutes later, according to the affidavit, employees heard gunshots. Police were called by another tenant in the Elati Building, near West 84th Avenue and Elati Street in unincorporated Adams County.

The article goes on to explain the bizarre Scientology connections.

Investigators say the gun was registered to Alexander Hyung Fowler, 26, who lived at 1413 L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles when it was purchased. In interviews with police, Alexander Fowler said he gave the gun to his father for Christmas in 2007.

Police also found a briefcase and a typed note, dated Dec. 30 and signed by Fowler. The note said nothing confidential was in the satchel and that it should be given to his wife, Janet.
When Janet Fowler was interviewed by detectives, she demanded the briefcase.

“It is important to me and my church. It is religious material and I want it now,” she said to investigators. “Even if you looked at it, and read it, you would not understand anything in it. Because it is way above a normal person and you would not know what it meant. I want it back right now.”

Janet Fowler also reportedly told investigators that her husband “is a Scientologist and would not have gone without a fight. He would have grabbed a gun in a struggle and would not have let someone shoot him.”

She also told investigators that Ciancio had sent e-mails to Rex Fowler, threatening to hire an attorney and sue over money he said was owed him.

According to the arrest affidavit, Ciancio’s brother gave investigators four binders of Scientology materials that Fowler had given to Ciancio, asking him to study the religion.

Ciancio was raised a Roman Catholic, his family said, and had attended New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock.

Read more: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_14251372#ixzz0enVBv2ov

Read more: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_14251372#ixzz0enUuJDQX

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Read the affidavit attached to the case.


14 Responses to “Scientologist William Rex Fowler Charged with Murder”
  1. Humanist says:

    What I really want to know is: did they give the briefcase to Rex’s wife? I would really like to see what “is way above a normal person”, as she put it. Hopefully, the Adams County Sheriffs will retain it as evidence.

  2. gerryphilly53 says:

    I’m also very curious about the contents of the briefcase. Could it provide investigators with a motive for the crime? Is there evidence of requests by the church for contributions to fund the building of Ideal Orgs, for example? Alternatively, since the company is a W.I.S.E. entity there might be some sort of requirement for periodic payments to one of the many church sub-corporations.

  3. mbm says:

    just received word that the Scilons might be airing 2 30 second commercials during the Super Bowl (read: might). and I thought the Tebow/Focus on the Family shitstorm was bad…

  4. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scilons! It burns me up that they are going to spred their gospel of Stupidity to people who want to be entertained on Super Bowl Sunday. Kristy Alley is below dirt in my humble opinion. I dare that Scilon bitch come and read our post. Then she would see that the enemies of the cult are everywhere. As for that jerk who shot his worker, I have this to say: Try him and fry him. That is all.

  5. zontar says:

    Please tell me the police didn’t hand the briefcase full of damning evidence -excuse me, “religious materials” – back to Mrs. Fowler!

  6. geepers says:

    I say give him life in prison w/out possibilty of parole. He tryed to
    kill himself so why help him do that. The scn funeral has a forgiveness
    statement in it. The person is forgiven for everything they did in their
    life. So make him wait for it, thats what I say.

  7. Cory says:

    I guess I am not alone. Pretty simple question and can we get some reporting done for the simple answer?


    I have heard numerous news sources state that she asked for the briefcase and not one stated whether they gave it to her or not. Incredible. It would make no sense whatsoever if they did but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  8. Jeff Mischotowitz says:

    Wow – A gay scientologist killing his partner – intriguing.

  9. thetruth4justice says:

    Wow! Another Sci death go figure. Nice wife–all she cares about is a brief case that is so important to her and the church. The (peep) with the fact that your husband shot someone and then tryed to shot himself to cover it up…I guess the employee must have been an SP right! Sick that the brief case would mean more to you then your husbands life and since she knew there was trouble—did she know what he was going to do or if she knew what kinda plan was taking place….Maybe she isn’t all that innocent since she was concerned about the brief case and not the actually murder…..Makes one wonder what they are actually teaching now adays there at the good olde SCI I hope that he is convicted and throw away the key

  10. exponerejustice says:

    Is Rex Fowler in court today, Feb 11, 2011?

  11. exponerejustice says:


    -Scientology uses harassment techniques. They are very proud of their ability to put someone into effect, make them commit suicide, get in car accidents, get into domestic violence situations, and get into whatever it takes to destroy them!!!

    -Rex Fowler’s son was in the Sea Org. If Rex doesn’t do what the bullshit Church of Scientology says, they will get his son a passport and send him to a Scientology Base in another country – wherever, and hold his passport – keep him as a prisoner, until Rex becomes submissive to their request!! The request could be money, labor/services, forced participation is harassing other members deemed to be a possible future threat to the Church, or just whatever!! His son, while this is going on, will be told that he is on a secret mission (being impressionable and easily influenced – BRAINWASHED) or that his family is now SP’s (Suppressive Persons – enemies of the Church) and he is not allowed to communicate with them, or just use your imagination!!

    -These techniques used by the Church of Scientology could very easily drive a person, Rex in this case, into a state of CONFUSION, hence an inability to make proper and moral decisions and/or an inability to correctly identify the true enemy!! In this state he will grab onto anyone giving him direct guidance (the Scientology Church has always been a good source of direction up until now. It seems logical he would lean in favor of what they demand), hence a human weapon, if the case calls for it!!!

    -Concerning Rex’s trial, if the Church of Scientology were to be slandered in court, us – the public/democracy would feel sorry for them and they would resurface stronger. However, if the Judge/Court protects the rights of the Church fully and allows them not to be scrutinized unfairly in the trial, but it is obvious that they were the underlying cause of it, we the public/democracy will deem Rex and Ciciano both martyrs and the Church of Scientology would be revealed as the true villain, but not sentenced. Hence, the Church of Scientology will sink because we/the-public/democracy will protest and demand enforced guidance over their future actions in order that these crimes don’t commence. Freedom of Religion doesn’t mean FREEDOM FROM THE LAW!!!

    What do I know? I don’t know!! What is just is!!!


  12. Al says:

    So glad this man will pay for the terrible crime he has committed but it is terrible that the church’s involvement in this case was so understated. Fowler would never have behaved as he did if he had not been brainwashed by CofS into giving all his money! It a very sad affair, one man is dead and another will never life outside of a prison cell.

    Terrible… all for the greed of a evil cult.

    I hope we are in the last decade of Scientology and by 2020 it is no more!


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