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New Larry Anderson Interview

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Larry Anderson was on the Chariots of Iron show and sent along this write-up of his appearance:

Larry here.

Happened to catch an interview with Marc Headley a while back on an Internet podcast called Chariots of Fire. It features news and topical discussions on atheism, humanism, skepticism, science, religious history, scriptural criticism and (of course) wacky religious antics. A perfect fit for a discussion about Scientology.

I contacted them and they enthusiastically invited me on to explore anything and everything they wanted to discuss. The guys who run the site and conduct the interviews are sharp, witty, enjoy banter, and we had a lot of fun discussing my recent defection and the Church in general. It’s a lengthy interview but I hope interesting. We also cover a lot of ground left undiscussed due to time limitations of traditional media. Many thanks to Mark Bunker for providing a forum for those who want to hear more than sound-bite coverage of important topics. Hope you’ll give it a listen (perhaps in a couple of sittings) and that you enjoy what you hear.


Listen to or download the Chariots of Iron interview


19 Responses to “New Larry Anderson Interview”
  1. Astrid says:

    I’m with the radio host; lucky for us they didn’t give Larry his money back. Lots of good tidbits in this interview, and Larry is an important factor, a down-to-earth, open, nice-guy celebrity, to be speaking about how the CoS actually operates.

    Larry’s own story about the money-on-account is a huge foot-bullet for the CoS. They should have paid him a million just to shut up and will probably regret not doing so, if they don’t already.

    I’ve used 10% as the figure for CoS who don’t know about Xenu, but other artistic license was taken on South Park besides Xenu, for example, use of the e-meter. The subtitle of THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS BELIEVE on the OTIII story was okay because that is what they end up believing, and also, it is why Scientology is necessary.

    It is the Xenu stuff that will send the South Park viewer to their computer, to read more about how CoS operates, and what they REALLY believe, including the secret stuff.

    At the lower levels, as the radio host points out, “LRH tech,” is not a mystery either as it is just regression therapy, combined with an amalgam of other self-improvement or empowerment programs.

    As Larry points out, there’s the liability of sharing your most intimate secrets with CoS instead of a shrink, or a person who won’t use them to trap you.

    Any Scilon declaring that South Park is completely false, on the basis that they don’t know Xenu, need only be told, “It’s the OTIII story”

    These shows are not made for CoS, just as the German TV movie is not made for Scientology, and they said upfront that the main character’s story was altered, and a composite of some others. Instead, they are made to entertain or inform the public, to get beyond the veil of the shallow CoS propaganda of “We’re here to help, just do it, or you may as well blow your brains out.”

    Reminds me of the issue with Jon Krakauer’s UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN. He digs up hundreds of historical details about Joseph Smith and the history of the LDS, that aren’t going to be recognizable to the average Mormon, yet the Mormon scholars chose to highlight a half dozen minor, almost insignificant errors, as a way to condemn the book, and make sure the faithful would shy away from reading it, as if he got it all wrong.

    Krakauer, who is a wonderful writer, wasn’t writing a book to draw people into the LDS church, and same is true for all but the CoS when writing about Scientology. Karkauer was just trying to get at the truth, just as South Park was doing it in their own way, with satire.

    That was interesting Larry was told, that the orientation film script was based on what LRH wrote, or that LRH wrote it. Wouldn’t surprise me. When kept within the Org, that film would dig right into the vulnerability of people and sounds to me like something LRH would know how to do best.

    Combine that with Mark’s other post about Heber talking about the launch of their commercials in the UK years ago, which were all about TRUST.

    CoS wants people to not only TRUST them, and mistrust everyone else, they want people to TRUST them from the beginning! Just put yourself in their hands, start paying up, and put everything else out of your mind. CoS will help you with that. And they do.

    How can you TRUST CoS these days, when as Larry mentioned, they have to hire outside actors to do their films, rather than members, because they don’t trust people to stay for any length of time, let alone the multiple lifetimes you are supposed to be signing on for. Why should people trust CoS when CoS can’t trust the tech or themselves to keep members?

    CoS members will deal with each major issue of controversy by TRUSTING CoS to provide the proper view, the only viewpoint they will consider appropriate for their spiritual health, and to KSW. They’ll repeat this over an apostate, article, death, book, TV show etc. that has anything to do with CoS. I think a million people could surround and Org, protesting, and many of these people would only believe harder.

    However, covering up and demonizing people like Rinder, Rathbun, Anderson, Isene, and Haggis…I think it is stretching it too far.

    In their own terminology, aren’t they going to wonder why they are “drawing it in.”

    Can’t wait for the upcoming BBC show.

  2. marcehole says:

    Wonderful discussion! Great touch-upon and recap of so many Co$ ‘things’. The host is humorously grateful for Co$ being a prick about refunding Larry… :) With regard to IRS blackmail, Larry ‘speculates’ as I do…

  3. Scam Shamalam says:

    I listened to it all at once. You are doing a service in describing the inner workings of the cult to those who might otherwise make the mistake of believing their PR and joining. I think a big problem with the cult of Scientology is that they pretend to teach people honesty and ethics. When people leave, they actually do want to be honest and ethical, so many speak out about what they have seen. My deepest thanks for what you are doing to make the world a safer place.

  4. marcehole says:

    @Scam Shamalam : Yeah! There are numerous branches of bait-and-switch in this cult… one of them is the “Scientology Personal Values and Integrity” course which quietly and ultimately morphs into the “acceptable truth” in the name of “KSW”.

  5. Berkeley says:

    Larry Anderson is a great speaker, even though he’s still (maybe subconsciously) using CoS terms like “church”. Seems like he’s still in the process of catching up with the news from the outside, just having seen “Scientology and Me”. But he’s excellent at explaining CoS in a down to earth way, that mainstream media can relate to.

    The upcoming BBC report might be historic – featuring Rathburn, Rinder, Anderson, maybe more?

    The question is: Will COB be thetan enough to take it?

  6. Bert says:

    Thanks for this interview. I tried recently to have a polite conversation with some Scientologists selling Dianetics books and ended up getting threatened with violence and having the police sicked on me. Their extremely defensive and over-the-top reactions to simple questions makes me realize that there just is no way to have dialog with this group. It is this type of interview and the actions of many other brave people that ultimately stop the type of abuse they inflict in society.

  7. Knight of Anonymous says:

    If Scientology is a church, I’m Lord Xenu.

  8. marcehole says:

    hmmm… speaking of tea parties…???… I trust that Obama can take a joke… :-) The poor guy is suffering from the delayed reactions of folks who took too long to figure out that Bush was blowing their money… governments are high mass inertial chaotic systems… like weather systems…

    While Obama is busy beating off the front edge of the push from the past… “item #9″ will have to be addressed without government assistance… probably just as well that we don’t implicate the bible thumpers…

    anyway I digress… :-)

  9. marcehole says:

    Larry effectively points out how Co$’ chronic ‘litigious nature’ is a malicious exploitation of an otherwise reasonable justice system…

    The intended spirit of ‘law’ is a very fragile thing under such circumstances…

  10. marcehole says:

    Hey Astrid : You should be more careful about what you say… You are scaring DM away… and now he won’t come out of the closet… :) Seriously… mind you not too seriously… do you have any idea when the BBC show is going to happen?

  11. ohbuddy says:

    i listened to it all over the course of a day while keeping the house and i hung on every word.. what i would have liked to hear more of is the build up to him leaving like when he first started doubting up until hes concrete decision on leaving stories like that … of waking up would be good for current scientologists i think… very excited to see the bbc special…very

  12. Mike says:

    Excellent interview. Well done, Larry!

  13. Davey says:

    It’s interesting listening to ex’es like Anderson and Beghe – they didn’t get out because of Xenu, or because of bad PR, or stories about the Sea Org. They got out because the tech ultimately does not work. These are people rich enough to get through the OT levels, and then discover it was all a load of baloney – there are no super powers. Being rich is a double-edged sword it seems in Scientology – ultimately you buy your way out.

    It seems as though the “average” Scientologist is someone who thinks LRH was a great guy who wanted to help people, and all their Scientologist friends are a bunch of very nice people, and they can’t understand why everyone is attacking their church.

    What they don’t see is what it is they are propping up with their money.

    Interesting how Larry stressed the importance in Scientology of the greatness of Ron. In a sense it’s old news to us now, we take it for granted he was a very very flawed character to say the least, but I reckon someone needs to do a new documentary on Hubbard.

    Oh, and great interview Larry…again.

  14. Knight of Anonymous says:

    If Scientology gives Super Powers, then I’m the Emperor of the Universe and my wife is Sailor Moon. :)

  15. gerryphilly53 says:

    This really is the best interview of Larry so far. I agree with Astrid that the CO$ gave itself another huge footbullet by not giving him an immediate refund. What were they thinking?

  16. marcehole says:

    They weren’t thinking… they were ‘postulating’… :-)

  17. jim says:

    There are clues as to how many scientologists know about the xenu OT level 3–its less than 10,000. It would be hard to know the exact number as the church doesnt make known their statistics! Dont know the former scientoloist # who did OT3 and above? If you take 10% then there were only 100,000 scientologists ever made. If the church says it has ten million and the number of clears ever made is 60,000 then new members with a calculator can see the chance they will ever be clear or even OT3 and above is so slim they may want to try playing the loto.

  18. marcehole says:

    Larry’s credibility ranks very high in my books. I was particularly satisfied when he addressed the whole “This is what Scientologists Actually Believe” banner which scrolled across the screen in South Park… because I know how foreign this ‘data’ is to the majority of Scientologists. I mean “Does that sound silly to you?”… :-) While I was ‘IN’ Scientology, I never heard about Xenu… and even if I happened to chance upon such ‘data’ by accident, I probably would have thought to myself “That sounds silly”… in spite of having devoured the entirety of LRH text in “History of Man” many times over and over. The whole “implant” thing was quite a puller-inner… not so much that I believed it… but that it was a distinct possibility… kinda like the Matrix. I might have considered the possibility of Xenu if LRH had skipped the alcohol-glycol and the DC-8′s… especially the DC-8′s crack me up beyond all knowingness… :-)

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