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The Soul Catchers

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Germany continues to kick Scientology’s ass with this documentary that follows closely on the heels of “Until Nothing is Left.”  Many thanks to Ackerland for capturing this and adding English subtitles.

This is the documentary broadcasted by the Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk (Southwest German Broadcaster) in connection with the forerun ARD-movie “Bis nichts mehr bleibt” (Until Nothing is Left) as well as the talk show “tough but fair” (firm but fair) on the subject of Scientology. Heiner von Rönn and Markus S. tell how their families have been destroyed by Scientology. Moreover, a camera team is travelling with Markus to the USA to reconstruct the suffering of the late Uwe S, who died from multiple sclerosis.


40 Responses to “The Soul Catchers”
  1. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Germany has the right Idea.
    They know evil when they see it, especially after Adolf Hitler was a part of their history. Evil must be crushed in all its forms. The King of Lies after all uses many tactics to decieve the unwary. That’s why I like the baptismal oath i.e. Do you renounce the Glamour of Evil? I do., etc. Evil men after all only win when good people do nothing. Scientology must be given the same mercy it gives its opponents, which is none at all, for you reap what you sow. Scientologists need unlearn the B.S. that L. Con Hubbard made up. L. Ron es un C+^ron y Miscavige es un p$#o.(Spanish swears I refuse to translate.) Why does anyone: Scientology = Jews? Scientologist does not = Jew.

  2. Scam Shamalam says:

    I just watched the first nine minutes. It is so sad that it is difficult to watch.

  3. marcehole says:

    Co$ spawns difficulty! IT doesn’t really care about US! Of course I am only exaggerating… :-) I figure if I can catch a soul… then so can everyone else…

  4. BLiP says:

    First they took his youth, then they took his mind, then they took his health, then they took his wife, and then they took his life. And they call this a religion.

  5. Surf Dude says:

    First off, I’m crying so hard, it’s difficult to type this. Some acknowledgments are due. Thank you: Arnie Lerma (one of the first), Larry Wollershime(sp?), Anreas Hidal-Lund (sp?), Mark Bunker, Tori Christman, and all the others that have left and had the incredible courage to speak out. Xenu.net. Xenutv.com, lermanet.com, F.A.C.T.net and all of the other web sites that expose this cult. And especially, anonymous!

    This cult is a family destroying operation on a global scale. Let’s take them down. I’ve said this before, so please excuse me, but as bad as your think this cult is, it’s a thousand times worse. It’s almost like the American Nazi Party started a religion.

    I am anonymous…

  6. mbm says:


    Rex Fowler charged w/ first degree murder, no bail.

    I’m hearing rumors that his wife may also be charged w/ tampering with evidence (allegedly Fowler’s OT-7 files)

  7. TrevAnon says:

    Hi Mark,

    Off topic:

    You might be interested in the fact that the list of ex-CO$-members who have spoken out under their real name now has over 1.000:


  8. ex-protester says:

    I wonder, because I am not a lawyer, can a corporation or a church be charged with murder?

  9. Astrid says:

    So, I guess Scientology put Uwe with MS, in a nursing home for the last week of his life so they would avoid the embarrassing situation of having him die in their prison camp. Same situation as Lisa M, in that respect.

    No wonder Tommy Davis didn’t want to appear, trying to explain that RPF is a “religious retreat,” or that L. Ron’s medical quackery is justified in treating a person with MS. What a lack of human compassion they showed in separating his wife, and then making her divorce him, so she can be DM’s sidekick, and not associated with a Scientology failure like Uwe.

    The von Roenn kids show that not only does Scientology treat children as adults, that kids are encouraged and allowed to disconnect from a parent, if that parent does not want to do Scientology. I hope they’ll be stimulated by the controversy enough to do a little more reading on the web, and maybe change their minds about that decision.

    After all, it couldn’t have been that happy, being shuttled off from their parents to attend brainwashing boarding school in Denmark, because mummmy wants super powerz.

  10. xYz says:

    It’s great that Markus got to take this trip and got to know so many people who knew his brother.
    And even better that all of this is made public like that.

  11. mbm says:


    Aaron Saxton states that ESMB is a Freezoner haven

  12. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Let’s sing:
    Of Scientology you should beware,
    Lest they take your underware.
    Never a dime of your’s they should have.
    Let the critics be your salve.
    Do not end up like Mr. Cruise,
    or your brain thou shalt lose.
    Do not be come a Kristy, all too fat.
    Do not lose your child like poor John,
    He was never the same after that.
    If you think they will help, you are a Dunce.
    Beware of books by L. Ron.
    Never get the stress test even once.
    Battlefield Earth was a Bomb.
    John looked like Hagrid and Chaka Khan.

  13. Surf Dude says:

    To TrveAnon,

    Are you sure about those numbers? If you are, you’ve given me tremendous hope the future. It’s like we’re the resistance. We could be fighting the communists, Nazis or Scientology. It’s all the same…

  14. The video of Uwe’s brother Marcus going on a journey to find out what happened to Uwe is one of the saddest videos I have seen.

    As many people as possible should see this video. To treat anyone like this is bad. The way Uwe was treated, with having MS is dispicable.

    Ackerland has done a wonderful job of ensuring we all get to see this, Thankyou.

    I post on ESMB, I personally do not support anything by Hubbard and that includes the freezone. Uwe’s brother Marcus also posts on ESMB. ESMB is where these stories of abuse inside scientology have got out to many people.ESMB has achieved remarkable insight into the world of scientology, inspite of the many who still support Hubbards insane ideology.

  15. marcehole says:

    For anyone wondering if the ‘tech works’… yes… It does exactly what is was designed to do… Is that you want?

  16. Markus says:

    Sharone you are so very right. ESMB was the most important place for me in my search for te truth about Uwes suffering and death. It is important to have a place like this where all Former Church of Scientology members can meet and talk. And I want to point out that Anonymos is doing a great job in fighting for free speach and stopping the abuses and crimes of the Church of Scientology. These young inteligent people are my hope for the future.
    We need the true believers there on ESMB – we can all learn from each other. We should not start to make the same mistakes as the Church of Scientology. Everybody should be able to speak freely and to believe whatever one wants to believe. Personally I hope that all the true believer who are in my opinion still trapped in Hubbards brainwashing system will wake up one day and be able to think for themself but to ban such people from Message boards would be the beginning of just another witchhunt – and Ex – Scientologists should know what a complete nonsense witchhunts are.

    Thank you for this post full of compassion Sharone.


  17. TrevAnon says:

    @Surf Dude. Yes I am sure. Just go to the link and see for yourself. More than a thousand people who have spoken out against CO$, and the list is very well documented. If you see any mistakes or have additions, you might want to put them on the following WWP-thread:


    which is a new thread for the old one:


    You can also directly put them on the wiki.

  18. Leannekera says:

    Thank you Germany, thank you for opening your peoples eyes to this inhumane cult.

    Such a sad story, Uwe you will not be forgotten.

  19. Gladys Kravitz says:

    Yepper, Tommy Boy, Scientology sure does keep families together.

  20. mbm says:

    Youtube mystery singer iamamiwhoami possibly revealed (skip to 0:05 in this video):
    (the tree branches spell out ‘Well PML’, which of course is backwords for LMP, who is, well you do the math; the “tree girl” in the video resembles her daughter and there are definitely some anti-Scilon themes in the series of vids if you watch all of them)

  21. mbm says:

    I don’t read Marty Rathbun’s blog, but I think he just spilled on where Shelley Miscavige is:
    “”Re drugs. Amy simply recounted a conversation wherein DM’s wife and Assistant Shelly Miscavige told Amy that Tom was “so gung-ho” that he wanted to join the Sea Org but he didn’t qualify because of his previous drug history. Bert, you “doubt” Shelly ever said that? Then why not talk to the wife of your client’s best friend and find out? She is at the CST Mile High property near Lake Arrowhead California. She has been under constant surveillance by my former wife whom DM has turned in to a prison guard. But, I am sure Tom’s pal DM can get you brief visitation.”

  22. Surf Dude says:

    To TrevAnon

    Thanks so much! You made my year! Let the wholesale stampede begin!

  23. Surf Dude says:

    To TrevAnon,

    That’s quite an impressive list! I wonder when we’ll hit critical mass (ex-members to members) and what will happen then. Implosion comes to mind.

  24. Eaf says:

    Barely managed to watch through it. This is really powerful stuff. Great work. I’m sure it will make a huge impact.

  25. Robert Biasotti says:

    I love this site. I used to like it for the wonderful vids, auds and articles that Mark Bunker shared with all of us, and I still do. Now, I have found new hope and inspiration from those of you good souls who watch, listen, read, consider and contribute what you have gleaned from it, and from your own experiences.
    You are extraordinary. There is no overt (oops, sorry for the very intentional use of that term!) malice among you. No rhetoric (except poetical). No mindless vindictive spirit. There is strength. There is passion. There is exercised intellect. There is considered wisdom in your observations, and your questions.
    I do learn from you, whether I happen to agree, or not. I do grow.
    I used to think that, “I know.” Now, I think that, “I think.” Does that make sense? Well, anyway, it does to me, and I thank you all.
    KOA, right on! Scam, BLiP, mbm, Surf Dude, TrevAnon, Marcus, xYz, Astrid, Leann…, Eaf, your wisdom, your passion, and your compassion SHINE.
    Marcehole, my dear new friend and mentor, when you said, “For anyone wondering if the ‘tech works’… yes… It does exactly what is was designed to do… Is that you want?”, you cut straight to the heart of it. I do doubt that anyone has ever said it so well in so few words. Bravo! And thanks, again.


  26. Surf Dude says:

    To Robert Biasotti:

    Welcome to the site! And isn’t it refreshing to have a place where the free flow of ideas can take place! Although I’ve had my share of trauma in the CoS (I was ordered to discounnect from my mother who promptly attempted suicide), the ex-Sea Orgers, by far, took the brunt of the insanity that now passes for a church. I so admire all of them for speaking out and letting the world know that this human trafficing, family destroying, financial ruining, first amendment hating, militant criminal organizational does, in fact, pose a threat to humanity.

    Keep posting, Rob!

  27. marcehole says:

    Yeah Rob : I also very much like the dialogue on this site… a nice eclectic mix of S.P.’s… :-)

  28. Knight of Anonymous says:

    S.P. is the way to be. :)
    Let’s sing:
    Scientology tries to quiet suppression,
    Only to expose its members’ repression.
    Everytime they face us it is an Epic Fail.
    They try all of L. Ron’s tactics to no avail.
    It is quite fun to see them flail in despair.
    We tell them there are no Body Thetans there.
    Davy and L. Ron are quite fake.
    The rest just Flake.

  29. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Did ya hear: Extra! Extra: read all about it; The Razzies declared Battlefield Earth the Worst Movie of the Decade. :D
    Poor John he madeth a big Box Office Bomb or B.O.B.
    To have the movie that defines Scientology’s beliefs called the Worst of the Decade must be a big blow to the Scilons. Oh, the humiliation, the humanity, the utter shame of it all. Scientology and good movies do not mix.

  30. Rio says:

    Cold. Very cold.

  31. Surf Dude says:


    Are you here by order of OSA? Won’t you become PTS reading the posts here? Won’t you lose your chance at “Total Freedom?”

  32. marcehole says:

    Surf Dude : I AM OSA… So I am one of the few staffers here allowed to subject myself to the inevitable entheta of the internet. Of course I am at risk of falling into the abyss of PTS’ness… but I have been highly trained to confront and shatter suppression (my tone 40 is a causal force to reckon with … :-) My chance at total freedom will arrive at the end of my billion year contract. In the meantime, a few of us here at Incomm have erected a self-maintaining monitoring system to keep us in the highest order of ethical beingness.

  33. Surf Dude says:


    So…it’s your august opinion that all the defectors (imagine having to defect from a church) are liars? And that Little Dickie is the most ethical being on earth? I’ve noticed that the “church” has scaled back Hubbard’s history from the 70s. Although the cult is still lying about his war record. Here’s a man that spun a story about being “blinded and crippled” in combat and as well as being “racked across the back with michine gun fire” when he never, ever, ever, saw combat. There’s a group called Stolen Valor that’s look into frauds like Hubbard who claim to be war heros when in fact they were war zeros. It’s an affront to all soldiers who actually saw combat. But hey, he lied about every aspect of his life. Oh, and only 25,000 people have declared themselves scientologists in the U.S. What does Tommy Davis say, “We’ve grown more in the last year than the last 5 years and more in the last 5 years than the last 5 decades.” Now that’s good comedy!

  34. Ackerland says:

    Surf Dude:
    I’d suggest you should turn your irony detectors on.

  35. Surf Dude says:


    Well…the freedom after 1 billion years did seem a bit odd. But, are you saying I might be iron(y) deficient? I think there’s a pill I can take for that. Thanks for the heads up. Detectors on.

  36. Ackerland says:

    Well, it is kind of obvious if you’re reading all of what he wrote, isn’t it? ;-)


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