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Scientology Attacks Anderson Cooper

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Scientology attacks Anderson Cooper and CNN


Scientology responds to a blistering week of broadcasts that exposed David Miscavige’s brutal reign by printing and distributing a new issue of Freedom Magazine, their in-house attack dog publication.    If Scientology is really a good guy and CNN had it all wrong, why does it take Scientology’s own propaganda arm to set the record straight?  Why aren’t others stepping forward?

Scientologist passing out Freedom Magazine at CNN’s L.A. headquarters.

Scientology is already losing the war on truth.  You see, I can do something Scientology can not.  I can give you the link to Scientology’s Freedom Magazine report…and the links to the Anderson Cooper broadcasts:

A History of Violence: Day One

A History of Violence: Day Two

A History of Violence: Day Three

A History of Violence: Day Four

A History of Violence: Day Five

Scientology could never say, “Look at both sides.”

We win.


Here’s the video Scientology produced to smear Anderson Cooper’s name.  Its wild-eyed exaggerations and crazy leaps of logic mark it as a typical Scientology project.  Listen carefully to the sentence construction and cadence of the language and it is identical to the overwrought speeches David Miscavige does at Scientology events.  I think there’s a very strong likelihood that Slappy Miscavige wrote this work of art himself.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

And what’s with the childish gay inuendo?  “Pulled from his closet?” “Designer jeans and cargo pants?”   C’mon, Slappy.  Stop being a little bitch.


111 Responses to “Scientology Attacks Anderson Cooper”
  1. matthew says:

    So I watched your videos and I liked how you talked mostly about scientology. I found it very interesting. I was surprised when it came back around to anderson again. Could you take down the insult after the last video, I found it insulting. Please. I think I’m going to do some scientology research, I hope it’s exciting. Best of Luck. Peace

  2. phillyanon says:

    Intelligent, well-educated people fall for Scientology? Sorry. You can’t possibly watch one of these sophomoric videos with their royalty-free audio tracks and tedious displays of propaganda and convince me Scientology does anything but appeal to the lowest common denominator of society. I fully realize some ex-members may take umbrage with this. Sorry. Take some pride in knowing you’ve elevated your psyche and intelligence quotient by leaving these losers. Did anyone notice Anderson Cooper could pass for a relative of Miscaviage? They kind of look alike.

  3. bigotryatitsbest says:

    i just read up on scientology and watched all the anderson cooper investigations and i find this crap a joke and also frightening that people can manipulate the govt and people that this is an actual religion. the only reason that the leaders of scientology are able to make it possible is by misdirection. I think this so called religion is an insult to other religions because anyone that passed high school can see this is a psychological attack to basically steal money from less fortunates that feel theyre a part of something greater than themselves. good luck to everyone thats trying to take down this atrocity.

  4. I find it interesting that they claim an interview with the (nameless) leader of Scientology. Especially since if it is David Miscavige, that’s a hard offer to refuse as the last interview of David Miscavige was on Nightline back in the 90s. I mean, nearly 20 years since a news interview of DM and they claim CNN refused it?

    What a crock of shit. But considering how John Sweeney got treated by the Cult of Scientology, would you expect different?

  5. Nr says:

    I love in video 2 at 2:12 where it just state “Warehouse” as if “we’ve got one of these, so you know how could anyone say anything bad about us… we gave a warehouse for gods sake!”

  6. Matt says:

    I hope Coop knows about this. Somebody should make sure he does.

  7. OBwanAnon says:

    *sighs* Again, Co$ proves it is parallel with dog poo.

  8. Teufel says:

    “…mimic each other right down to their facial hair.”

    How bizarre and hilarious. What more proof do I need to know the anti-Scientologists are in cahoots?

    The Scientology video paints these discredited former Church members as liars and bad people. Yet even if they want to tar and feather these people in the court of public opinion with lies or even nasty truths from auditing, and maybe they ARE bad people, that makes Scientology only look worse. These were people who were not just members of the Church for decades, but high level operatives in it with positions of power serving Miscavige. What does it say about the Church when members who spent virtually all their adult lives in the Church and rose to positions of prominence now end that long journey with Scientology as liars and terrible people?

    I would say that they took home quite a bit from L. Ron Hubbard, but I don’t think that’s what the Church is going for.

  9. PsychagainstScientology says:

    Just feel the need to point out more exagerations/lies from these slimy little buggers….L. Ron Hubbard is not the most translated author in the wolrd, William Shakespeare is, and rightly so. I’ll even provide the easy-to-find proof http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/Search/Details/Mosttranslatedauthor/48287.htm.
    I conceed that The Way to Happiness is the most translated ‘book’ (http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/Search/Details/Mosttranslatedauthor,-same-book/66927.htm), which is a little worrying, especially as it is one of their less obviously schizoid materials. It’s probably the cheapest to produce and most rose-tinted view of them. But one pamphlet is a far cry from ‘Most Translated Author’.
    I don’t believe in an afterlife, but if there is one I hope old Shakey is kicking that rubber-faced clam boy up and down eternity for his minion’s lies… that might encourage LRH to get back on post, he’s really late, maybe Slappy will beat him up for that.
    *giggles at Celebrity Deathmatch style mental image*

    Sorry for the rant, I just hate to think of such a crap writer stealing credit from genuine literary icons.
    ‘Dydd Dewi Sant hapus i chi’, to anyone from Wales. Take care all :)

  10. Chris Anderson says:

    This whole video is a hoot.

    If “AC” were there he would have had all this for free. Everything that you just saw cost upwards of 500,000$.

    So if we added up each book which book of $50,00.00
    L.H.R’s remastered DVDs at $700,00.

    Through your mind Purging Boat cruise for another 100,000.

    See all this together is more then 2M.

    What if I put this all together with Dianetic’s? What if I told you that you can save your self for just 1M!!

    People would call me crazy. Bur yu better act fast! If you mention this you can also 2 copes of the LHR fully remastered DVD.

    But you must call within the next 2 minutes as our stock

  11. Corey says:

    I just feel like every “Freedom” Investigation Report that is released is made up of 5% Actual Investigation, 95% Scientology Propaganda.

    Anyone Else Seeing It???

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