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Stanley Kubrick’s Family Torn Apart by Disconnection

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Stanley KubrickThe UK Guardian has just published an important article revealing for the first time the destruction of Stanley Kubrick’s family by Scientology. The revelation now makes film icon Kubrick the most prominent celebrity upon whom Scientology has inflicted irreparable damage.

At an open-air screening of Stanley Kubrick’s film Paths of Glory. at Somerset House on the Strand in London, Kubrick’s widow Christiane Kubrick spoke of the loss of her daughter Katharine to Hodgkin’s Disease. She also revealed to the world for the first time the loss of another of her three daughters, Vivian, to Scientology. In her remarks about Vivian she said:

But she was hugely loved. And now I’ve lost her.” She pauses. “You know that? I used to keep all this a secret as I was hoping it would go away. But now I’ve lost hope. So. She’s gone.”

A talented musician, composer, and director who composed the score for Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Vivian got involved in Scientology around the time Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut was in post-production.  Kubrick wanted her to compose the music for the film.  Vivian refused and disappeared into Scientology.

Vivian Kubrick at premiere of Eyes Wide Shut (Photo: Bauer Griffin)

Vivian Kubrick at premiere of Eyes Wide Shut (Photo: Bauer Griffin)

Kubrick pleaded with her to no avail. She showed up at Kubrick’s funeral with a Scientology “handler.” Thereafter she broke off all communication even as her sister Katharine was dying of cancer and did not attend her funeral.

Those familiar with Scientology and its policy of disconnection will recognize what is going on here.  When Stanley Kubrick objected to Vivian’s involvement in Scientology she was obliged to “handle or disconnect”, that is, get him to shut up and stop criticizing Scientology or completely severe all communications with her family. Scientologists are required to disconnect from any family member or friend who is critical of Scientology or risk expulsion from the group.

Compliance with Scientology’s policy of disconnection is not optional; it is mandatory. All Scientologists from Greta Van Susteren down to the poorest teenager sucked into Scientology are required to disconnect at Scientology command or face being declared a Suppressive Person which would strip them of their belief system and make them an outcast to the friends and family members left behind in the group.

Failure to disconnect could have subjected Vivian to punishment by Scientology including public disclosure of confidential information in her Scientology counseling folders.

This has been the case with recent defectors like Amy Scobee,  who spoke out about Scientology abuses in the St. Petersburg Times’ important investigative report, The Truth Rundown, which set off a continuing stream of mainstream media reports about Scientology abuses including Laurie Goodstein’s front page story in the New York Times and Anderson Cooper’s five-part series at CNN, Scientology: A History of Violence.

Scobee was a high-ranking executive responsible for the Celebrity Centers that cater to Vivian and other Los Angeles entertainment industry celebrities. In response to Scobee’s revelations Scientology Public Relations spokesman, Tommy Davis, son of Scientology actress Anne Archer, smeared her with purportedly confidential personal information. Scobee said, “If my folders are confidential, why is Tommy Davis talking about my sex life?”

Also to be noted in Christiane Kubrick’s account is the presence of a handler from Scientology’s intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) at Kubrick’s funeral.

Anti-Scientology criticism from Kubrick’s family made his funeral a potential source of trouble and a possible PR flap  It also presented the risk of Vivian defecting from Scientology.

OSA is responsible for all public and government relations for Scientology.  Tommy Davis is a member of OSA and Scientology’s chief spokesman. Davis accused editor Randy Sly of Catholic Online of “promoting religious hatred and violence” for criticizing Scientology in his many articles.  OSA produced a major smear job on Anderson Cooper in Scientology’s Freedom magazine and distributed copies along with a defamatory DVD in front of CNN offices in Los Angeles.

While Kubrick is now the most eminent celebrity to have his family destroyed by Scientology, Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis remains the most prominent celebrity to defect from the cult.  After 35-years in Scientology he resigned in an email to Tommy Davis, which has been widely reported in the media.

Haggis was outraged at the violation of Amy Scobee’s confidential information and Davis’ blatant lying in denying that the policy of disconnection exists. Haggis’ wife had been forced to disconnect from her own parents.

Disconnection is the most wide-spread damage Scientology does in society for it affects not only individual Scientologists, but  entire networks of family, friend, and business relationships.

There are tens of thousands of families like Kubrick’s that have been destroyed by disconnection. One of the most heart-breaking is that of Allan Henderson. Henderson died of cancer disconnected from five of his six children and all twenty-two of his grandchildren.

Christiane Kubrick has given up hope. Scientology has rendered her daughter effectively dead to her.

Other parents need not yet despair if voices in society will speak up strongly denouncing disconnection and all of Scientology’s other human rights abuses such as coerced abortion, which is becoming an increasing concern particularly in the pro-life community after the recent exhaustive report in the St. Petersburg Times – No Kids Allowed.

Amy Scobee is the former Scientology executive most knowledgeable about Scientology’s control and manipulation of Scientology celebrities like Vivian Kubrick. She has recently published a book, Scientology: Abuse At The Top available at Amazon and her website, Scobee Publishing. She may be contacted at amy@scobeepublishing.com.


47 Responses to “Stanley Kubrick’s Family Torn Apart by Disconnection”
  1. DanFTF says:

    Since Kubrick’s daughter joined Scientology in Eyes wide shut post production, I was wondering if Tom Cruise was involved in that incident?

    Very sad story, I really admire Kubrick, especially for Dr Strangelove.

  2. knight of anonymous says:

    Another reason Scientology must be destroyed totally and without pity. Scientoloscum have no love for anyone but themselves and are incapable of love, mercy, forgiveness, charity, honor, bravery, ect. All Scilons are cowardly bullies like their masters David and L. Ron. There is NO good in Scientology and there will never be any, period. If Vivian wants to be an Enemy of the U.S., freedom, peace, and goodness, she’ll get the heart break that is coming for her.

  3. Cromwell says:

    As a massive Stanley Kubrick fan and a protestor of Scientology, this has upset me even more. I didn’t think, given Scientology’s disgusting practices, that was even possible. Unfortunately, it is. With that, my new protest cry will now be:


  4. Frankly, from everything that’s been reported about him, David Miscavage, the current head of the Church of Scientology, could be possessed. If so, if my assessment about that is accurate, I hope he never, ever manages to get exorcised of whatever demon owns him. That way, he’ll end up in Hell forever, suffering because he embraced that evil and made it his own, which he richly deserves — with that same demon taunting and taunting him to eternity for being stupid enough to fall for its seductions.

  5. BTW, David Miscavage is not essentially different from the mullahs and government leaders in Iran who use their positions to do hideous things to their subjects. Nor from Hitler, nor Stalin, nor Caligula, nor any other infamous dictator in history. That the rank-and-file of the Church of Scientology must tolerate his shenanigans is horrifying and pitiful; that the upper-echelon management of the Church of Scientology tolerates him and, indeed, supports him and carries out his vicious, sadistic orders with gusto and glee, is unforgivable. Someday the Church of Scientology will be mentioned in the same breath as Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia, all because of David Miscavage. The man is a disgrace to the human species.

  6. towardtheopen says:

    Thanks for another very enlightening article!

  7. sam says:

    I always wondered what the Kubrick/Scientology connection was all about. I’m glad to know that he himself never fell for it. Interesting article.

  8. towardtheopen says:

    Actually, I think this story belongs onto a national news channel – this will interest a lot of people. All fans of 2001, for example.
    I always wondered about the Co$ activity surrounding Eyes Wide Shut, with Cruise and Kidman being the “scientology dream couple” of the era.

  9. Emily says:

    Christiane Kubrick makes it pretty clear that Cruise had nothing to do with her daughter getting involved with Scientology. For anyone who only read Mark’s synopsis and not the full article, do yourself a favor and read the whole thing, especially if you’re a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s. It is truly beautiful from start to finish, on other levels that have nothing to do with Scientology.

  10. Surf Dude says:

    And this cult has tax exempt status? Tearing families apart is part and parcel of this so-called religion. As is the financial ruin that goes with it. I spent 7 years with this criminal group and hope to see it crumble soon. Our country and world will be far better off for it.

    Make no mistake, their goal is world domination. And if you’d like to see what kind of government they would implement, google: North Korea. This so called “Church” is currently run based on that model.

    Contact your congressperson or state senator and simply ask why a mind bending, brain washing, family destroying, financial ruining, first amendment hating, U.S. government hating (just like Osama bin Ladan!), criminal enterprise cult has tax exempt status?

    They probably won’t comment because this “church” will viciously come after them. Wow! There’s a cancer in American and it’s called Scientology.

  11. Astrid says:

    In public statements, $cientology has revealed confidential information on non-celebrities only. We have not read anything about the sex habits or past lives of Jason Beghe, Paul Haggis or Larry Anderson, as we have with cult executives like Amy, Marty or Steve Hall.

    What concerns me about the Haggis defection being less promising [in leading to more celebrity defections], is he had a family disconnection, a gay daughter, and personal dealings with Tommy Davis, in addition to being a writer, who might be more sensitive to the content in that particular issue of Freedom which aroused his concern.

    For most celebs, it seems that whatever $cientology does to other people, is fine or of no concern to them. They trust the CoS.

    I think the celebrities have an additional anti-web mindset, based on years of blocking out tabloid gossip, that the internet is just another place to tear them down and make fun of their beliefs. Therefore, for them, because of their level of absorption in other projects, or promoting themselves, they miss out on the wealth of information about $cientology’s history, operation, and current activities, that is on the web.

    So, of the four groups: “Raw Meat,” $ci workers, $ci publics, and $ci celebrities, I think the $ci celebrities will be the last to wake up. For them, the most important impact of the internet will be on public awareness and perception of $cientology, as it shifts from a secret cult to a joke. This will eventually affect the celebrities.

    $cientology has survived the TIME cover story, books, multiple law suits, celebrity defections, scandals, secret documents revealed, countless excellent news stories. They were able to fight each one as it came along or at least keep it all from impacting their self-absorbed membership. What it can’t survive is the collective history of all that assembled on the web for easy access.

    $cientology attracted curious and adventurous people, in addition to celebrities, the mentally ill, and vulnerable people. The curious and adventurous group is going to be doing their exploration on the web first, by exploring the experiences of past members, who are the only ones who are allowed to really talk about their experiences.

    This particular news story of a celebrity family’s upset, with a daughter who “disconnected,” falls into something that didn’t exist before the web. It is “Scientology news,” which is available to people around the world. Pre-web, even the most scathing and accurate article in a newspaper, could be read only by locals. There was no way for a person to put the whole picture together.

    The curious and vulnerable were overwhelmed by the propaganda put out by $cientology and many felt the only way to know about it was to try it for themselves, which the cult keeps pressing people to do.

    $cientology is like a car manufacturer who says, “Don’t believe all those stories in the media about the Pinto falling apart or catching fire. They are wonderful cars because we say so, and you need to own one and have yours catch fire, to see if it is true for you.”

    Or something from the Wizard of Oz: “Pay no attention to that volcano behind the curtain.”

    “Tom Cruise is using special terminology understood by $cientologists only….we understand him because we are the people the planet obeys.”

  12. Gladys Kravitz says:

    Astrid, you have a way with words!

  13. Leftovers says:

    Yet more evidence that Scientology belongs in the category of groups with “holy wars” as part of their “scriptures”.

    What I noted in Mrs Kubrick’s admissions is how many years she has kept silent. I couldn’t help wonder just how many thousands more are yet silenced either by threats, or because they keep clinging to hope their silence will buy back their diconnected family member in the future.

    Scientology’s secret holy war policies are coming to light via one tragic story after another. I do not excuse celebrities. Doesn’t matter if they’re endorsing car wax or shaving cream, they have a responsibility to thoroughly research what they’re selling to a massive, potential customer.

    Scn celebrities donate many millions of $$ which is being used to finance lawyers, private investigators and OSA henchmen and all their despicable human rights abuses. The mountains of evidence are easily found. No more excuses, scientology celebs! An accessory is an accessory. Find out that you are!

  14. mbm says:

    BI suggests that Lisa Marie has been disconnected

  15. John Wysozki says:

    I’m a Scientologist and I’m appalled at your level of bigotry, Mark Bunker.

    Scientology made me the artist I am and Suppressiveness made you the fat, bloated Socialist you are.

    Get a life you fat pervert. Ditch the net-porn and read The Way to Happiness because there is a way and you’re not on it.


  16. Tyler says:

    Hey guys, I’m a massive fan of Stanley Kubrick’s films, as well as a follower with what’s been going on with Scientology, so this a quite the shocking story for me.

    Vivian did the documentary on The Shining that you can find on most of the DVD’s and Blu-ray’s, and she did an audio commentary for it as well (as well as the aforementioned composing work she did for Full Metal Jacket). In 2001, she was also the child that Floyd (one of the main characters) talks to, through the video on that spaceship.

    And, this is probably nothing, but I immediately noticed she looks VERY similar to the mean Scientology lady in this video:


    Again, it may not be the same person. I don’t know.

  17. Tyler says:

    Hey, if you listen to her here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ohGJlImsdw&feature=related, she has a British accent, so unless she’s been putting on a American accent in those crazy videos, it’s not her. lol

  18. XENU TV says:

    Thanks for stopping by the site, John. Enjoy the videos while you’re here.

  19. XENU TV says:

    I like your artwork, by the way.

  20. knight of anonymous says:

    Hey John,
    Scientology didn’t make you an Artist, you did. Scientology will lead you to dispair and heart break if it hasn’t already. I congradulate you on being the first Scilon to DARE come here. It shows you have potential. All you need do to expand your horizons is abandon Scientology. It is because we care about helping people like you get out of an abusive system and heal your soul. Watch some of the videos and learn some Truth. L. Ron lied to you.

  21. Gladys Kravitz says:


    Please read all that you can about scientology – both negative and positive. Then make up your own mind.

    Religion is an intensively personal thing and it is not my place to tell you what to believe or how to practice it. No one however, should harm others in the name of religion/God/Allah, etc.

  22. Dean Blair says:

    This can happen to anyone involved in the cult of Scientology. It could happen to the biggest movie star or a regular joe. There will be many more “disconnections” in the future until the cult has been completely handled.
    Just look on the internet. There are thousands of disconnections.

  23. Unex Skcus says:

    John, whilst being rather ugly by calling someone “fat, bloated” and “a pervert”, do yourself a favour and check out some pics and descriptions of LRH in his latter years. And who was it that recruited young girls, dressed them in hot pants, and had them cater to his every whim?

    Research the web and you’ll find that LRH never offered a single original thought… his so-called ‘religion’ used material plagiarised from others. With the notable exception of Evil Overlord Xenu, of course.

  24. Scam Shamalam says:

    John, it seems that you disagree strongly with Mark Bunker’s opinion of Scientology and are looking for ways to insult him. If you don’t like fat people please add Kristie Alley, John Travolta and L.Ron to your list. Is Mark in fact a socialist? I wasn’t aware of that. Anyway, the world is filled with countries where a dominant political movement is socialism. Surely not everyone affiliated with that movement is bad. Is Mark bloated? Would you pounce on someone because of a medical condition? I had no idea Mark was into porn. Where do you get your information? Are you friends with Mark? Do you monitor his downloads? I suspect that you really have no idea if he is into porn or not but you are trying to find a button to push.

    Anyway, I think your beef with Mark is that, like myself, he thinks Scientology is hurting people. He has been both inspirational and effective at spreading that message. I am sure that there are any number of people here, including myself, who would debate or discuss, what Scientology is doing to people. But no one likes being insulted, especially without cause.

    What do you think about disconnection John? Does it exist? Are the people who claim it exists making things up? Do you know about Paul Haggis’ experiences with it? He called Tommy Davis, the Scientology spokesman a liar for his public explanation of it. I have experience with disconnection too, but my experiences are petty and I am certainly no celebrity. My words aren’t as weighty as Paul Haggis’.

    Also, you might notice, Mark did not originate this news. The widow of Stanley Kubrik did. If you are still around it would be nice to know what you think of the item.

  25. marcehole says:

    Hey John,

    For someone who has the skills to be an artist (as you are, and a fine one I will add)… you are incredibly insulting to Mark, especially with the cheap mean-spirited name calling… You obviously have not availed yourself of ALL the information surrounding Scientology.

    As an ex-Sci myself, I can understand your indignation and current position… I hope that soon you will realize that YOU are responsible for being an artist. I can just imagine the love-bombing and the sycophants who are currently ‘handling’ you.

    I realize that you feel very enlightened by your brush with Scientology, but I can assure you that ‘they’ do NOT have your best interests at heart. You, dear John, are being EXPLOITED.

  26. Cory says:

    knight of anonymous has it dead-on. There is NO good in the cult of $cientology. The cult lies, harrasses, stalks, denies the truth, empties people’s bank accounts through charging for services, coerces abortions, uses virtual slavery, and brainwashes people. It must end ASAP.

    Surfdude- the same question that really got me taking action. Send your rep and senator a message:



    Send Dougie a note and ask him how and why the cult of $cientology has tax exempt status:

    Douglas H. Shulman
    Commissioner of Internal Revenue
    Room 5203
    Internal Revenue Service
    Courier’s Desk
    1111 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20224

    Your blood will boil when you read how the cult stalked and threatened IRS officials, resulting in tax exemption while you struggle to pay yours. Some people should be prosecuted for allowing this, the cult should be taxed immediately and back taxes recovered. Through threats, harrassment, frivolous lawsuits, and other methods, the cult got tax exemption.


    Just reading about the tax exemption alone will make you send comments to those who represent you and tell them to end it.

    Until it ends, more families will be torn apart, more people will be brainwashed zombies working for virtual slave wages, and an obvious greedy cult will continue to not pay taxes while fleecing people for “services’. It MUST end.

    Astrid, Scam, marcehole – great points on the cult as always. John, we all feel bad for you while at the same time solidly against the bad science fiction destructive cult. There is hope for you, do your research. This site has great information and the internet has plenty of information on the cult of $cientology that you are obviously not reading or with the “help” of the cult, denying.

  27. Moochie says:

    @ Astrid — wonderful piece of writing. More! More!

  28. Moochie says:

    @ John Wysozki, if you actually believe that this cult made you the artist you are, I shudder to think how finding out that they had bugger all to do with it will affect you. Poor sod.

  29. wil thompson says:

    John, scientology ruined my life. Took my mum away from me. I was aged 7. My story is long and hard but I won’t go into it here. Your attack on Mark is obviously a piece of brainwashing put into your head. Mark does not recieve money from Big Pharma or any other PTS/SP organization. Ask yourself why would someone put so much effort in exposing scientology. Why? Because he actually cares.

  30. Alan Scott says:

    I wouldn’t even bother responding to John, as it’s probably Tom Newton again.

  31. mbm says:

    Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, and Scientology http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?t=19836

  32. Duckman says:

    There is a book called “The Big Con” that describes the reason for “disconnection” perfectly. You see, when running the Big Con, you have to send the mark home for more money, and you don’t want friends and family discuraging your victim, so you just don’t let them talk to people who want to call the “Bunko Squad”.
    People who want to “call the Bunko Squad” are labelled Suppressive Persons, and the victims are told that they are, for all practicle purposes, criminally insane. Of course, the church does not word it that way, but that is the essence of what they are saying, after you translate their wording, with the aid of the LRH Technical Dictinary and a good English Dictionary.
    “The Big Con” is available from Amazon.com, and the big con is available at Churches of Scientology, worldwide. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.

  33. Astrid says:

    About the “handler” arriving with Vivian for her father’s funeral, a celebrity $cientologist probably mistakes this person for one person in their life who is concerned with their well-being, someone they can trust, who isn’t in for a cut, like an agent or attorney.

    Tom Cruise had Tommy Davis at one point. Katie Holmes apparently has Davis’s wife/beard as her handler.

    These stories are helping people put the pieces together, of the other side of $cientology. Probably won’t help Vivian now, but it will help some of today’s prime cuts of “raw meat” get a clue.

  34. LRH'sPsychiatrist says:

    Hahahahaha…..John, you are a stand up comedian, aren’t you? THAT is your art, eh? That was pretty good. That sarcastic imitation of a cult member. Almost sounded real. Just as naive, shallow, dorky as a real one. Hahahaha…And boasting about your self-perceived success due to the fairy tale ramblings of my patient, Hubbard himself. Hahahaha…You even called Mark a socialist! Bwahahaha…This was your trying to splice a cult member with a tea bagger. Hahahaha…That was great! You should sell tickets. You even got the classic accusation of “net porn” in there. Bwahahahaha…You threw in Mark’s size just like a real drooling CoS would do, like size matters, as can easily be demonstrated by looking at the size of half the indocs in videos. That was great, too! And perhaps the best was last bit recommending that Mark get The Way to Happiness, like this would really help him, just as a rtue believer would have done. You are REALLY good. I can almost see the glazy-eyes through the monitor. Hahahahaha…Good job, John. You should have thrown in a couple dozen “Hubbard said”s though. You know, like you really believed what his drug induced butt was babbling all the time. And I even get your deeper joke here. Kubrick’s ‘Eye’s Wide Shut’. You’re imitation of a cult member who pretends that their eyes are wide open thanks to LRH’s nonsense, when you really meant the opposite. That is, one’s eyes are actually shut during this process. That was genius on your part. Please, John, more, more, more. My stomach is hurting from laughing. I’m crying so hard I almost mistook my tears on the couch, yes, the same one where LRH used to lay his greasy-ass head, for some of his sweat. I recommend that you go to as many ANON gathering as possible and do your routine. You’ll probably get a following in no time. Get it? “A following.” Like when the drooling CoS indocs “follow” folks around. Bwahahahaha……Catch you later. Gotta go spend some of that hard earned money Hubbard gave to me, which he took from you for buying that book. Get it? Bwahahahaha…..

  35. LRH's Psychiatrist says:

    Mark, if you, or anyone else here for that matter, has a list of ANON members, or simply critics in general, they should ALL have this. Perhaps many do, and I’m just slow on the scene. But this document, prepared by Graham Berry, entitled –

    ‘Criminal Complaint to Ashcroft – Scientology Crime and Terrorism – 1
    Berry’s Criminal Complaint to Ashcroft
    Re Scientology Crime and Terrorism’

    is very good source of data on crimes of CoS for anyone wishing to look at specific cases.

  36. david says:

    just a heads-up: The crime show “Tatort” on german TV will have an episode this sunday about a cult-like organization named “Epitarsis”, which apparently has a lot of informants and uses disinformation tactics to hinder the investigation into a murder. Apparently “Epitarsis” will closely resemble Scientology. Infiltration and disconnection might be prominent topics too.

  37. marcehole says:


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You fukn crakhed!!!… :-) Welcome to the world…

    See Mark?… what you have done by inviting us to ‘Tell us what you are thinking’…???

    Extremism is a good thing in the right place… :-)

    Thanks psych…

  38. Duckman says:

    Here is how Scientology (the Church) really works. This might sound wild, but it is the actual mechanics, simplified.
    Staff members (Sea Org) sell their souls to the Church. David Miscavage, as the leader of the Church, sells them wholesale to the Devil. Public often get dragged into this transaction by associating with Staff and buying “services”.
    If you think this accusation is wild and unfounded, read Nancy Many’s book, or Amy Scoby’s and ask yourself “How could this happen?”.
    The actions of the Church are not justified as self improvement, and there is way too much suffering going on to assume that DM is doing it just for the money. The Church is Satanic.

  39. mbm says:

    RadioPaul protested in DC yesterday and met up w/ AnonSparrow’s assaulter, who’s a NOI bodyguard hired by the Scilons as security

  40. Sid says:

    Being a fan of Tom Cruise (the actor, not the Scilon) I hope he will one day wake up and do the right thing.

    Is he aware of this situation I wonder? How would he feel if he knew his friend’s daughter had disconnected from her family? I hope he comes to hear about this somehow.

  41. mbm says:

    Danny Masterson tweets another anti-psych article, but looking at his other tweets he needs to go to rehab pronto

  42. gerryphilly53 says:

    That picture of Vivian is disturbing. She looks very tired and very thin.

  43. knight of anonymous says:

    It is time for Scientology to die and be rendered as a foot note in the history of failed movements.

  44. mbm says:


    WWP user Captain Adderall is making a documentary on Anonymous vs. Scientology in the style of the VH1 “I Love the…” series and is requesting footage of commentators. One of the posters suggested WBM, Tory, and the Headleys.

    another suggestion: ex-Scilon celebs such as Jason Beghe, Diana Canova, Paul Haggis and (if it’s possible) Lisa Marie Presley.

  45. Clive Gardener says:

    Well, I wrote to Stanley Kubrick in the year following the UK release of Barry Lyndon, inviting him to come and talk to us at the University of Warwick about the making of ‘2001’ and also about his latest (meaning his next) film. Kindly, Stanley took the trouble to reply to me. It was a while before ‘The Shining’ subsequently appeared and even longer before I finally managed to watch it. However, when I did, I was quite surprised to note that there are three visual elements in the film which, in a different kind of way, also appeared in the fine cut of the animal documentary film that I had been in the process of completing when I had written to Stanley. I don’t see any way that Stanley can actually have seen ‘Wanted – Dead & Alive’ projected on a screen, because it was turned down by the London Film Festival and also by the National Panel for Film Festivals. So, my idea is, rather than expending energy knocking scientology, to look at the coincidences which make up our lives and work with them. I would suggest to Vivian Kubrick to obtain a copy of the 2-disc special edition DVD of ‘Spartacus’, and, after watching the feature, to pay special attention to Peter Ustinov’s more recent interview included in the set, before asking herself why she isn’t now making one or two feature films herself? Afterwards, why not take a month out to visit home in Hertfordshire and see how things develop.

  46. Unity Mitford says:

    I just noticed this story about Kubrick’s connection to the cult and what’s really bizarre is an ex-SO member swore to me last year that “Eyes Wide Shut” was all about Scientology. He pointed out things that definitely seemed to indicate some subtle hints about Scientology – the costume shopped named “Over the Rainbow” (Int), the guy in the “naval” uniform, xmas scenes with decorations that look just like scientology crosses, all the SO “blue” used in key scene and moments, etc… I watched the movie with him so he could point out all these things to me. I agreed that there seemed to be some overt connections, but also thought it might all be a weird coincidence (much to his protests) Now that I read this – that his daughter was involved and disconnected and it was an ongoing situation during the filming of EWS – well it all makes sense now and I believe my friend’s theory is dead on. Makes me wonder about him selecting Tom Cruise for the lead role too. My friend also has a theory on that….

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