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Blackout Day for XENU TV

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UPDATE Tuesday May 31, 2011:

Our long national nightmare is over. My YouTube channels are back online!

UPDATE: Tuesday 5/3/2011

I feel very confident that my YouTube channels will return in a couple of weeks.  I’ve been e-mailing KESQ since their notices took down the channels and they have been helpful in getting this situation resolved.   We should know in 10-12 days.


Nathan Baca has posted this exchange with his former news director over at WhyWeProtest:

My name is Nathan Baca,

I am the reporter behind the Tommy Davis interviews viewed by many of you in 2009 from KESQ in Palm Springs.
I am now at KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, happy with my new news team.

Sadly, this Friday, KESQ-TV has decided to enforce the removal of nearly all Scientology and other investigative pieces from YouTube posted by many of you.

This is a puzzling move since KESQ has not had these videos available for view on their own website for more than a year.

Many of who have sent me emails asking to find out why this has happened. Following are my email conversations with the KESQ manager responsible for making this decision.

If any of you have any further questions for me, I can be reached at nbaca@8newsnow.com. Many of you have also reached me on facebook as well.
Here are the emails in chronological order:


Various folks in the group known as “Anonymous” have also informed me their videos have been taken down due to a KESQ Copyright notice. These are the Scientology series stories. The video no longer exists on the KESQ website and hasn’t for more than a year.
Having worked with Anonymous in the past for multiple stories, I implore you not to awake this sleeping giant. Telling the world’s most infamous group of internet hackers what not to post on the internet is bound to stir them to attack KESQ’s network. KTTV had their website hacked by them for a similar reason.

I’m want this situation to be resolved quickly because I’m getting far too many distracting emails about what’s happening with KESQ’s website. Unless the station plans on permanently restoring those videos onto its website archive, it’s only fanning Anonymous’ belief that there is either a corporate greed or Scientology conspiracy going on. When they get that scent, they act quite brashly.


I am out of town and will deal with this Monday. Please spare me the burden of reading your demands and having others email me at your suggestion.
You haven’t worked for us for a year and I am more than a little irritated with the tone of your emails. Just to remind you… all of these reports are the copyrighted material of NPG.

Mike Stutz
Director of News
News Press & Gazette Broadcasting
42-650 Melanie Place
Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 340-7002 (Office)
(760) 641-0014 (Cell)

These are clearly not demands and for you to say as such does a disservice to the spirit of accuracy you’ve made a career of. At no point did I ever state a demand. Instead, I implored you to come up with a resolution for a situation that does nothing but upset and antagonize KESQ’s past and present sources.

All of those reports are the copyrighted material of NPG, and if the company wishes to burn bridges with murder victim’s families or groups of hardened internet hackers, that is the company’s choice.

But to personally blast me for bringing this to your attention saddens me.


Tony Ortega of the Village Voice is checking into the situation.


I just got notification from YouTube that they have terminated my accounts because KESQ complained about two videos I posted in the past on the main XENU TV account.  I may not be able to recover the account this time.  It will depend I suppose on whether KESQ will be willing to drop their complaint to YouTube as Paramount did the last time.   It will be a shame if everything is lost.


33 Responses to “Blackout Day for XENU TV”
  1. Garry Scarff says:

    You are not alone, Mark. The video in question was uploaded well over a year ago when Nathan Baca worked for KESQ. He has been working for a different station in Las Vegas for over a year now.


  2. Mark,
    This sucks *big* time. Is there anything we can do? Write to them?
    Let me know, please. What a drag………..

    Best, and may XenuTV return!


  3. sam says:

    Mark, I bet a lot people have downloaded your videos from YouTube via third party and will repost them if they are lost. You might also encourage people to do so in the future to make removal more difficult.

  4. Amt says:

    I did notice that Nathans’ interview on http://anonforgreatjustice.blogspot.com/2009/03/kesqs-nathan-baca-merchant-of-chaos.html and the one with Tommy Davis is gone completely. There may be bigger issues here.

  5. Lonnie says:

    Hey Mark,

    That’s terrible news! Is there anything we can do to help?

    Good luck!


  6. Amt says:

    Dear Mark,

    A friend of mine just got this response back from Nathan via Facebook –

    My old station, KESQ, has seemingly gone on the warpath. I recommend sending a legal challenge against them. They are doing the same against nearly all of the reporters sources that have posted excerpts online. Even excerpts that have been off KESQ’s website for years. Keep me informed of what happens. I’m already been assisting other folks in this youtube fracas regarding my octopus murder investigation.

  7. Rick Wolff says:

    Don’t you have the right to counter with a Put-Back Notice? Read this:

  8. anon says:

    S’cuse the tinfoil, but why now after so long. Have you contacted KESQ?
    I wonder if this has anything to do with your film WBM. Sorry to hear about your YT loss.

  9. mbm says:

    I hope it returns. Hoping for the best and crossing my fingers!

    in Scilon celeb news, Priscilla Presley is in LA for the TCM Film Festival

  10. XENU TV says:

    To clarify, I do have backups of all my videos so they are not lost forever. However, the comments and history and reach of the channels may be lost if YouTube denies the channels to return.

  11. Xenumania says:

    I wonder if that “Axiom” asshole or maybe even Oliver Schaper is ip to shinannigans again? Get in touch with KESQ Mark. See what they say. I dont see why they would continue with the complaint if you offer to pull the two videos. Good luck! Thanks for all your hard work and effort.

  12. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Attn: You Tube,
    Thou shalt not be Scientology’s tool,
    lest the internet turneth against thee.
    Attn: KESQ,
    Rid thyself of Scilons,
    lest they ruin you.
    Attn: You Tube,
    An Unholy alliance has told thee lesyngs (lies).
    They lie to ruin WBM.
    Do not let these traitours run amok and cheat people of their rights.
    These speakers of untruth are the alleged so called Church of Scientology.

  13. towardtheopen says:

    is there something real behind those claims or is it just a Co$ agent somewhere trying to push the buttons?
    This really sucks. Youtube should be supportive of free speech and open information exchange.

  14. marcehole says:

    WHAT!?!? Copyright infringement?! Indeed!! Either Whiners or Fair Gamers. Claim Fair Use as a counter to Fair Game… or offer wine to the whiners… :-)

    Co$ is such a poor loser…. no wonder… led by the holy trinity of Miscarriage, Davis and Cruise conjoined in mutual circle jerk…. while the faithful minions look on in awe… and KESQ WISE execs are probably being blackmailed… while YouTube is chuckling with delight and reminders of South Park… or some such thing… :-)

  15. 3GXK says:

    Your ‘Shrinking World of L Ron Hubbard’ is the best-ever $ci video with 2 year’s-worth of really interesting and informative comments. KESQ can’t SURELY want them all to be lost?

  16. mbm says:


    WBM, are you going to be in DC interviewing people for the press correspondents dinner after you’re done w/ Priscilla Presley in LA?

    Greta Van Sustern and John Coale are supposed to be there…

  17. Helge says:

    Why where your entire account removed from Youtube, when it was just two videos in question? Why didn’t youtube just remove these two videos? It would be great to get some clarification as to what kind of dispute KESQ has risen and what kind of reason youtube made as to remove all of the videos.

    As a PS, I have made my own blogpost about this http://www.helges.net/scientology/well-known-cult-campaigns-internet-censoring

  18. Ashley Wilkes says:

    This really has me fuming. They don’t have enough ethics to fill a thimble. Sucker punches below the belt is one of COS’s key MO’s. And “copyright infringement” is their biggest and most used abuse of the legal process. I’m still livid.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I thought that videos uploaded from free podcasts (news videos, etc.) were allowed? I’ve never heard of a news organization filing a DMCA charge for someone using one of their clips on YouTube. Could very well be that someone is pretending to represent KESQ to take advantage of YT’s automatic take-down system.

  20. Mest says:


  21. mbm says:


    30 minute French TV documentary featuring WBM, Nancy Many, and Amy Scobee. At 6:19 in the video, Nancy Many says about Travolta:
    “He was in trouble with the law. He was about to be [inaudible] in a legal morass, and they used their lawyers and their private investigators to get him out of it. And then — I don’t want this public. Could you shut the camera for a second?”

  22. Mark — What about Vimeo? That’s where all those “Downfall” clips spoofing everything from sportscasting of Soccer games to scientific peer review went when Youtube kicked them off the site. Then they came back to Youtube, because Youtube and the people who made “Downfall” threw up their hands and said “Fine, it’s fair use and we can’t do anything about it, so do your worst.” If you move your videos to Vimeo, though you’d lose all the history attached to them, the videos themselves would be available to view. It’s a shame you can’t post them on your own video-sharing site; maybe someday a big donation could help get that started. In the meantime, go for Vimeo and similar sites. I noticed that Anonymous has some videos on Vimeo, too, so you’d be in good company.

  23. mbm says:

    I toldya it wouldn’t end well w/ the Scilons and NOI. Miscavige fucked w/ Calypso Louis and lost…

  24. Knight of Anonymous says:

    The “Church” of Scientology: the absolute biggest bunch of cowardly bullies ever. They won’t confront the S.P. Nation. Attn: Tom Cruise, I’m calling you out. Prove us wrong. Scientology “Ethics” are the inverse of Ethics. If Scientology is Ethical; then the Nazis won WWII. I dare any Celebrity Scilon to come here and confront, right now. David Miscavige, if you have any guts, I dare you to be present at the next protest. Silence? I know why: Scientologists aren’t allowed to talk to critics lest we convert them to the truth. A little ranty? Perhaps,but everytime we invite them to logically refute the evidence all we get are logical fallacies. Scilon Logic = Ad Hominem attacks, sweeping generalizations, etc.

  25. Anonymous X says:

    As soon as I saw all the XenuTV videos were down, I knew Scientology was behind it.

    It’s just all too convenient that they want all anti-scientology videos removed.

  26. mbm says:

    does anybody know if Lorna Luft is a Scilon/Scilon shill? Her ex husband Jake Hooker (formerly of The Arrows who originally did I Love Rock n Roll) is Scilon celeb Edgar Winter’s manager. I do know that Lorna is pals w/ John Travolta going way back to the early ’70s and she is acquainted w/ (now SP) Lisa Marie Presley. Even though she rehabbed at the Betty Ford Clinic in the ’80s, this ranting would make Mama Judy roll in her grave…

  27. mbm says:


    Scilon celebs Marisol Nichols and Jennifer Aspen are in a pilot ‘Good Christian Bitches’ which might be picked up by ABC as a series. Kristen Chenoweth, who is very very gay friendly and has a very conservative family [her autobio 'A Little Bit Wicked' explains more], is starring in it. I’m pretty sure Nichols and Aspen will be replaced when the series is picked up…

  28. mbm says:

    Charlie Sheen says on his Crazy Train Tour (lmfao) that Kelly Preston shot herself and that he didn’t shoot her.
    http://www.tmz.com/2011/05/03/charlie-sheen-kelly-preston-gun-shot-shoot-arm-story-1990-one-man-show-violent-torpedo-of-truth-fiance/ (no wonder she’s kept quiet about it!)

    isn’t that what we here have been saying all along?

  29. 3rdman says:

    And so KESQ’s director does the dumbest thing ever. He provokes Anonymous and acts pompous in response. What a fool. Does he realize KESQ’s vids are now going to go viral twice more than ever?

  30. mbm says:

    finally I got a response regarding Lorna Luft. She’s not a Scilon (phew, thank god)!

    those statements she made were in re:to Conrad Murray, one of the many “yes-men dr. feelgoods” of Michael Jackson, who was pals w/ Lorna and her sister Liza Minnelli.

  31. oldclown says:

    I follow Mark Bunker and XENU-TV on YouTube.
    I was surprised to discover that the channel had been shut down.
    I had many thoughts when I saw that but I try to not jump to conclusions.
    Still, I am glad I found my way here and can have direct access to what is going on regarding reasoned response to the cult of Scientology.
    I live in Boston and we have a “church” here with many tables appearing around the public spaces (like Boston Common) with those odd ducks and their galvanometers.
    There is also an active Anonymous presence here as well.
    I am very interested in the movie that Mark Bunker is producing and want to keep myself informed about it’s progress.
    I hope the YouTube thing gets cleared up but, this site is a resource I can rely on.
    Keep up the good work.

  32. Unex Skcus says:

    WBM: The ISP `DreamHost` offers reasonably priced hosting with video streaming at NO extra cost. There are no doubt other ISPs as well. Even if you keep your domain hosted where it is, you could maybe host a ‘video’ subdomain at one of these other ISPs?

    HTH, and good luck with YT.

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