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Filming in Clearwater

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Mark Bunker with Clearwater police

I recently returned from a terrific trip to Florida where I interviewed Paulette Cooper, Hana Whitfield and James Randi for the movie.  Then I went over to Clearwater to shoot some footage.  Scientology wasn’t at all pleased.  They called the cops and told them I broke the injunction from the LMT days.  They have been trying to stop protests for the past decade by claiming everyone has to abide by that injunction.  This time it didn’t work.

While the LMT injunction was a permanent one, I was surprised to see the police had no record of it in their computers.  Even if they had, I did nothing different from when I lived under the injunction back in 2000-2001 and did not break the rules the judge had set forth as I filmed scenes for my film.


15 Responses to “Filming in Clearwater”
  1. Scam Shamalam says:

    May the rest of the filming go as smoothly.

  2. Bert says:

    Keep up the good work Mark. We are really looking forward to the movie. As the Anonymous movement matures, and in some respects catches up to what you have been doing for years, it will put more and more pressure on the criminal cult of Scientology until it finally implodes.

  3. marcehole says:

    Well Mark… This changes everything and nothing… now that you are a criminal…

    When the church says it’s ok to watch your videos, then I will watch your videos… and if they don’t say it’s ok, then I will watch them anyway… :-)

    Have fun and enjoy your criminal ways… I know I am… It has become even more fun ever since I was formally declared on that yellow paper.

  4. leslie says:

    Get ‘em Mark!

  5. Mest says:

    Mark, you really have such a great presence. Your utter calm and confidence makes them look insane!

  6. mbm says:


    Kelly Preston playing John Gotti’s wife opposite her real life “husband” in the biopic of the Teflon Don. with Lohan gone and the director already having been replaced, the budget on this biopic is probably already sky high and I’m predicting that it’s going to be shut down in pre-production if another mishap occurs.

  7. Alan Scott says:

    James Randi? Awesome! What’s it like to talk to the original Wise Beard Man?

  8. Marta says:

    You’re a champ, Mark. Please keep sharing the updates and the lulz :)

  9. eVo313 says:

    Good Job Mark keep them weirdos in check!

  10. Ray H. Ring says:

    You are a brave man my friend. scientologists scare me to death.

  11. Leannekera says:

    I must say Mark your new HD camera is amazing. Cant wait for this :)

  12. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scilons never learn,
    For their misdeeds they will burn.
    Scientology fears critics like the plague;
    It’s high time Miscavige was put before the Hague.
    Scientology is the key,
    To speaking every logical fallacy.
    Ironic it is that they claim,
    Wise Beard Man is to blame,
    When E-meters get burnt in a ball of flame.

  13. Galahad says:

    Can’t wait for the film Mark, keep up the great work, i will be paying for my copy legally when its released which is a bit of a change for me =p but i feel the cause is just and the respect is there ;)

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