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Mike Rinder Interview Clip

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Mike Rinder

Last week I finished a nearly month and a half road trip around the U.S. in which I interviewed about 20 people for my new movie, Knowledge Report.  My last stop was Clearwater, Florida where I visited with Mike Rinder and Christie Collbran.  Both agreed to be part of the project.  I spoke to Christie about the pain of disconnection and will have a clip up from that interview soon but first, here is a clip from my two hour talk with Mike.   He talks here about the use of PI’s by Scientology and explains how the PI’s report directly to OSA.  He specifically talks about David Lebow who he sarcastically refers to here as “Leblow.”

YouTube Preview Image

As with all the interviews, once the film is completed and released, I’ll put the full interviews online.  If you can, please contribute to the project over at IndieGoGo.  There’s two weeks left in this latest fund drive.  Your contributions will make it possible for me to attend the cult conference in Australia where Senator Xenophon has agreed to do an interview for the film.   Please spread the word and help me give the film a global reach.  Thanks.


12 Responses to “Mike Rinder Interview Clip”
  1. Gun_Bunny says:

    Mr. Bunker, After all these years you are still obsessed with Scientology? Doesn’t this get old after awhile? Maybe, You should find a new hobby?

  2. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scientology is Evil. Scientology will not let its critics live in peace, so WBM will shine light on all of the cult’s misdeeds. Scientology must end. If you are a Scientologist, I pity you. The SP nation grows. Scientology is dying. Scientology’s School of Abuses is why WBM, et al protest it vigorously. The fact that Scientology’s “truths” are not free and open, thus it is not a true religion. Scientology practices quack medicine behind the cloak of “religion.” Scientology pretends to be better than Psychiatry, an actual branch of medicine which Scientology is not. A righteous quest never gets old. This not a trivial hobby, but a quest to end the violation of people’s rights and the abuse of the innocent.

  3. Bert says:

    In Janet Reitman’s book Inside Scientology, a young Scientologist is quoted as admitting that there is an addiction to the idea of helping humanity by clearing the planet. I get the same feeling (and I suspect Mark does too) knowing that I may play some role in reducing or ending Scientology abuses and helping their victims recover their ability to think independently.

    The truth is that most people, including Scientologists, are decent people that just want to help others. The problem is that groups like the Moonies, Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons, and yes, Scienology capitalize on people’s inherenet compassion for their own ends.

    I won’t answer for Mark, but helping people never gets old for me.

  4. Bert says:

    Mark – Thanks for the clips. If you’re trying to tease us it’s working. I know you will weave these interviews into an entertaining and compelling story. How about some bake sales to raise money for your movie? Or better yet, just lock us in a room and don’t let us out until it’s completely funded!

  5. towardtheopen says:

    Scientology is a lot more dangerous than some people believe.
    There are still people locked up in SP Hall in Gold Base. People are still cheated out of their money around the world. Families remain disconnected.
    People chase after freedoms and making life better and end up with controlled minds. Private investigators are still chasing after personal information of critics.
    It happens to this day.

    I can’t thank Mark enough for his steady eye.
    Scientology is not over yet. I recently found news again linking Scientology protests for example to the Hacker attacks on Sony and governments – evidently the spin about the “Internet Terrorists” found a way into the news channels.
    Or Jeff Stone, who launched the Scientology-bent Ordinance 884, who is now attempting to split California in 2, potentially to become governor of South California.
    If all of us keep a watchful eye on things we have a chance, so I’d say let’s do it.

    This is much more important than a “hobby” could ever be.

  6. Johnny Rebel says:

    Let’s hope Mark never tires of exposing the fraud and criminal activity of $cientology. The only evil I know of in American culture that has destroyed more lives is Amway but at least they only destroy your family, friends and finances and haven’t started an RFP. Mark is a hero and has done 90% of his work with very few resouces and fortunately few are needed to expose $cientology for what it really is. He is just one man. Imagine if we could have had 10 Marks over the past 20 years and $cientology would no longer exist or be a topic of conversations except in stand up comedy acts.

  7. Gun Bunny, you should just thank Bunker for what he is doing. Just a simple “thanks”. But you would actually put him down. He is putting time and effort into fighting a real evil. It might not be the evil you want him to fight. Maybe you would like him to be finding a cure for cancer. But most people are not fighting ANY evils, so let’s just thank Mark Bunker.

  8. BigBaker says:

    Gun bunny’s on a boat

  9. towardtheopen says:

    When i hear Mike Rinder talk like that I often can’t shake the feeling he never really woke up from scientology – he keeps on talking so mean about people, calling them “leblow” and such, and he sounds almost as if he was proud of what he did.
    I wonder if he will ever acknowledge how nasty all that was, how much he should be asking for people’s forgiveness for all the bad treatment and the pain and difficulties he caused them while doing this “job”.
    He still seems to be maintain that he is either a “victim” or that he did all of this for a greater good that is strangely still in place.
    But of course, he is a chief witness, and we should all appreciate that he is talking at all.

  10. Jim says:

    Gun_Bunny, when are Scibots going to show us a perfect clear? When are they going to stop romanticizing about a college dropout / pulp fiction writer who was a paranoid schizophrenic?

  11. Khatjal says:


    Don’t you think OSA “volunteers” should do something better than lurk on a Scientology critic’s website and troll him?

  12. Harry says:

    “Are you still sucking cocks?”

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