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Ex-OSA Volunteer Exposes Critic Op

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Paulien Lombard working as a Volunteer Minister in 2005

Paulien Lombard talked to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors earlier today and explained how she was approached by OSA to find out info on AnonOrange, harass him at his home and deny any involvement by Scientology. ¬†She makes a pointed reference to Supervisor Stone’s Scientology friends who once were her friends before she was declared an SP.

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Paulien was well known as Orange County’s top Dianetics book seller and Volunteer Minister before being declared.


13 Responses to “Ex-OSA Volunteer Exposes Critic Op”
  1. Jim says:

    Will the last person to leave Co$ please turn out the lights?

  2. Unex Skcus says:

    Ms Lombard no doubt followed LRH’s “tactics and rules of engagement” until it finally became too hard to swallow.

  3. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scientology friends = Job’s Comforters = fake friends
    Scientology is dying. Scientology is gutless. Scientology is full of FAIL. Scientology, I’m calling you out. You call yourself ethical. You pit of vipers. Your bullying keeps getting exposed. The world no longer stands for bullies. Your heresy of ethics is upfront to real ethical organizations. Your snares no longer entangle because of South Park. Anon Orange is an unsung hero to America. He is more of a hero than L. Ron could ever hope to be. The true heroes of humanity stand against you, so called “Church” of Scientology. I’m sorry if I’m ranting again. Scientology’s tactics irk me so much. Heroes like heroes like Mr. Bunker and those who stand against evil will live forever in the hearts of the world. I want to see a day when the Earth is free of oppressive systems of thought, like Scientology.

  4. Leannekera says:

    Every little helps.

  5. gerryphilly53 says:

    Testimony like this is valuable. It’s like water constantly flowing over a rock. It may take time but eventually the Grand Canyon is created. Scientology hates the light and openness. It can only thrive when its deeds remain hidden and its members prevented from freely interacting with the world. The need for control is telling: It reveals Hubbard’s knowledge of the ultimate weakness of his creation.

  6. ScamProof says:

    @gerryphilly – Regarding your statement about how the need for control is telling – The “control” reminds me a lot of the Berlin Wall. I always used to wonder if things were so great behind the Iron Curtain, why did they need walls to keep people in? The answer seems obvious but it took a long time for the people to figure it out and for the wall to come down. The fact that they finally did gives me hope for the end of Scientology. To us on the outside the hypocrisy and contradiction seems very clear. I wonder how long it will take before the people trapped on the inside of this thing figure it out.

  7. ohbuddy says:

    this woman is amazing and inspiring i loved the way she laid everything out and her pointed remarkes to the treasoning mr stone

  8. towardtheopen says:

    Thanks so much Mrs Lombard for the testimony! So cool!!!
    How can a “County Board of Supervisors” just allow all of this to happen within their district?
    What is wrong with these people?

  9. Knight of Anonymous says:

    OSA came to bully me,
    But they failed to see
    That they were in Gang land.
    Then they saw my shotgun in my hand
    And let me be;
    This how you deal with the bullies of Scientology.
    This didn’t happen for real, but if OSA came to my door; this is how things might play out. Bad news for them; good news for me. They would be traspassing and bad things happen to trespassers.

  10. Rusty says:

    I hope she talks to the media, the police, or prosecutors before too much time passes. She may have information on illegal activities that are recent enough for something to actually be done about them, unlike the claims from more notable defectors that are “too old.”

  11. Knight of Anonymous says:

    More fuel for the fire, I suppose.

  12. Bert says:

    For such a dedicated follower to listen to her conscience and leave the cult shows that there are limits to Scientology’s ability to supplant a person’s personality. Thank you Paulien for your bravery and for doing the right thing.

  13. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Oh Scientology, I love your FAILS;
    Especially when a member bails.
    Oh by Xenu can’t you see,
    There is no future for Scientology.
    The year is nearly gone;
    There is your bridge which no one’s on.
    Oh Scientology, epic is your fail;
    The tech is not worth a dog’s tail.
    No new members for you to ensnare;
    Refute this you I dare.

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