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Celebrity Recruitment

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Karen Pressley was an executive for Scientology’s Celebrity Center.  She sat down with me recently to do an interview for my feature film, Knowledge Report.  In this short clip from our chat, she tells us how Scientology management would target celebrities for recruitment and threaten the CC execs if they did not bring in a certain star by the end of the day.   

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Just a few days ago, Tony Ortega wrote a piece for the Village Voice about how Scientology used their star spokespeople to influence politicians.  It’s a great read and another story that was based on info from Marty Rathbun’s blog.


14 Responses to “Celebrity Recruitment”
  1. Knight of Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of FAIL, Celebrities are jokes now. Scientology now ends carrers, just ask Tom Cruise. Oh wait, he won’t tell the truth. Attention US politians: Scientology is our (the US’s #1) enemy. They are worse than Al Qaida. Trusting a Scientologist is a sure path to ruin. Scientology is losing every front of the war. Senator Pelosi: you must do a Xenophon and go after the evil terrorist organization of Scientology. They must lose their tax exemption, the sooner the better. I sound a little ranty, so I’ll change the mood with a little ditty:
    Oh, How you fail, Scientology;
    You put too much faith in celebrity.
    Oh, How you fail;
    So many have just did bail;
    How do you sleep at night,
    When your abuses are in plain sight. (repeat)

  2. Michele says:

    Sadly the only reason celebrities join Scientology is because they whole heartedly believe that Scientology will make them more famous, more money and get them more work in the entertainment industry. Seriously, why else? How wrong and dillusional they are especially those with super egos that the crave eternal aduration from the public. Real people with a functional rational side see through the obscurity of the pyramid making scheme for the higher archy to financial benefit from their career obsessed celebrity scientologists. I have heard them quote it in their own words as “god like status’. This has nothing to do with living life with spiritual integrity. RLHubburd must be laughing from a very dark place seeing these sleeping people follow like sheep living out his manipulative and dillusional world.

  3. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scientology is such epic fail
    That more members see the light
    and then bail.
    Celebrities are too obsessed with
    Their Ego. They can’t see the blight;
    That Scientology is more evil than the Sith;
    Oh Scientology, how do you fail;
    Tom Cruise cannot think;
    Let’s toast our drink;
    (repeat verses from my previous post)

  4. koki says:

    Mark, again, great job!

  5. gerryphilly53 says:

    Interesting story from the Corpus Christi Caller Times about a local videographer hired by the Squirrel Busters. Here’s the link:

  6. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Hey Hollywood: If you think Scientology is hot, here are some brand new religions for you to try:
    Church of Cthulhu
    Church of Xenu
    Church of NOMAAM
    The Temple of Yog Sothoth
    The Intergalatic Church of Mumra
    and The First Church of Numa Numa

  7. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Religions cont.
    The Church of Carameldansen
    The First Church of the Force
    The Intergalatic Church of Anime
    The Church of Pokemon
    Church of Warcraft
    The Church of the One Armed Bandit
    The Church of the Sith
    The Church of Micheal Jackson
    The Temple of Football
    and The Church of Pucca

  8. koki says:

    @ Knight of Anonymous
    here is one more….
    big hello from Croatia.

  9. cloud factory says:

    Some of the stuff they are doing definitely appears so hideous that it’s hard to believe the straight facts. Also a way of hiding in plain sight I guess.

    Going to the “RPF” for not getting Brad Pitt “in session”?
    I mean… come on!
    How much does it take to generate some public awareness about all this insanity?

    I really hope as many people as possible, especially in Hollywood, see all of this.

  10. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Good one :)
    Hebbo Lol :D

  11. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Hey Hollywood: Have you tried these religions?
    Church of Cake
    Ai Khan
    Church of Harry Potter
    Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
    First Church of Gozer
    and The Temple of Zu’ul

  12. Trams says:

    Mark did you ever get married?,if you did I hope everything is going great with that.Wow so much have changed when you first started your website and like Bob Dylan says( The line it drawn,The curse it is cast,The slow one now,Will later be fast,As the present now,Will later be past,The order is rapidly fadin,And the first one now will later be last,For the times they are a-changin.Keep the spirit growing Mark

  13. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Xenu TV presents: The Knowledge Report
    The Movie Scientology doesn’t want you to see.
    Summer 2012 in a theater near you.
    Learn the Truth.
    (Imagine this in the movie voice.) :)
    I previously posted alternative religions for Hollywood that are as real a “church” as Scientology but not as abusive. I may have included some actual religions in my lists.

  14. chef says:

    celebrities join scientology because they are already a bit nuts to begin with. how many of them have ever really lived even a day in the “real world”. they have been pampered and are in control of way to much money for their own good and that is the problem. take their money (money is power) and celebrity away and they are no one, just like the rest of us. how do you take their power away? ignore them. no more money, nomore power, no more influence. screw hollywood.

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