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Michael Fairman On Fair Game Attacks

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Michael Fairman

I had the great pleasure of interviewing actor Michael Fairman and his wife Joy last weekend.  Michael has a lengthy career in front of the camera and is one of those actors you recognize immediately from countless productions.  He also appeared in a number of training and promotional films for Scientology.  When Paul Haggis announced he was leaving Scientology a while back, it spurred Michael into looking for more info on the web about the group he had been in for decades.  Already fed up with the constant regging and other outpoints he had seen first hand, suddenly he discovered the wide range of abuses former members had been reporting.  He publicly departed Scientology earlier this year in a letter published on Marty Rathbun’s blog.

In this brief excerpt from our interview, Michael talks about the attacks Scientology has made against Independent Scientologists and other whistleblowers.

YouTube Preview Image

In this clip, you can see a fair use excerpt of one of the ads he made for Scientology.

YouTube Preview Image

Michael has also been interviewed by Tony Ortega for the Village Voice.


7 Responses to “Michael Fairman On Fair Game Attacks”
  1. norbert79 says:

    Mark, the second recording and the second part of the interview ends at 0:48. Must been some issues with Youtube I guess. Anyway good stuff!

  2. ohbuddy says:

    i like this man, he shows my level of frustration with the same issues…..glad he is speaking out

  3. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Oh failitology,
    We will stop your idiotology;
    Your base Moronology
    is why fair game doesn’t work;
    David is L. Ron’s monkey jerk.
    Oh how you try,
    but Anonymous makes you cry.
    No more brains to fry;
    Your cult’s money will run dry.
    Stupidtology is Scientology.

  4. Dan says:

    Michael expresses what many still inside think… Scientology spends its time and money harassing ex-members and relentlessly regging current members, and in the end provides no public benefit. Because Scientology is built entirely as a fraudulent criminal cult, it has no choice but to try and silence its critics, which will only create more defectors and critics. Its a death spiral that Miscavige is utterly helpless to prevent. And it’s fun to watch!

  5. Knight of Anonymous says:

    @Dan, et al:
    So much fail is Scientology,
    That it is now a joke;
    People now laugh at Idiotology;
    There is much fun to poke
    at their expense,
    because the Tech tis not
    worth more than Fifty Cents.
    Fair is all for naught.
    Common sense celebrities were never taught. :D

  6. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Insert game between Fair and is. :)

  7. Anticult says:

    Hi Mark,

    It might be too early to say, but do you intend on releasing the full length interviews of each of these guests on your site after the movie is released?

    I am a big fan, going back to LMT and think this stuff is top notch. Thanks a bunch!

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