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Knowledge Report Fundraising Campaign Was a Big Success!

April 28, 2012 by  
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Delivering an invitation for David Miscavige to be part of my feature film on Scientology, Knowledge Report

A big thanks to everyone who who helped us reach our $7000 goal for this campaign.   Your contributions and your support are making this film possible.   I’ll be flying off shortly for some major interviews for the film and you’ll be seeing some new clips very soon.

Recently, I spent time in L.A. and Hemet shooting some footage for the film.  While at Gold I hand delivered a letter for David Miscavige, inviting him once again to do an interview for the film.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a copy of the letter:

DM Request 2

I spoke with Tory about my adventures a few hours after the visit to Gold.

YouTube Preview Image



8 Responses to “Knowledge Report Fundraising Campaign Was a Big Success!”
  1. Hi Mark,Wanted you to know that i have filed papers to be the write in candidate for governor of Indiana. “Harris-Fish For Indiana 2012″ It is a long shot -but what can not a being do?don

  2. marcehole says:

    Did you say “communication cycle”… ????…. shut up… :-) an interview with DM would be awesome… Grand Poopah?… :-) hahahahaha…Well, maybe he will “mellow”. Just be very kind to him… kindness can disarm… Seriously… If I could see both of you in the same room just once, then I figure I will have seen the ultimate spread. Give me a little bit of time. I would like to contribute… next payday. I will pass on the word too! Yay Tory and Bunky… <3

  3. Neil says:

    Have you thought about using kickstarter on raising the necessary funds to finish the movie? This will get you exposed to more people who can help you do it.

  4. DoILookBrainwashed? says:

    It is funny…Scientology really can improve a person’s ability to communicate… but the church apparently isn’t trying to help their security guard’s ability to communicate. He is too valuable the eay he is.
    Also, it says in the scriptures that people with overts (harmful actions against others) tend to withhold themselves from commiting further overts and then go out of communication. I wonder if this might explain DM’s reluctance to talk to Mark Bunker, or even receive a letter from him.
    I wonder if DM has problems related to Scientology, or if he has upsets (aka ARC breaks) related to Scienology or Scientologists.
    And I wonder if DM is trying to prove he is right by making others wrong.
    You see, Scientology works, but it takes a lot of work. It is not the right tool to use in committing a crime, and that is why DM does not use it. You do not rob a bank with Scientology, you would use a gun and a note for that. Likewise, you do not extort millions of dollars from thousands of people with Scientology, you use something else, and that is why DM has forgotten Scientology. DM has been very busy in criminal activities, that is why he has practically forgotten Scientology. (He still knows the vocabulary, but like a retired musician he has lost his “touch”, if he ever had one.)

  5. tvteaserARTE-TV says:

    Don’t know where else to post this on this site. Douc sounds promising….

    Television docu to be broadcast:

    The Office of Special Affairs – O.S.A., 90 min.
    Director: Markus Thoess

    15. May 2012, 8.15pm (GMT +1hr) on ARTE (french-german free tv)
    followed by a studio discussion (9.45 to 10pm)

    Programme might be available online afterwards for 7 day here: (ARTE+7)

    Excerpt from printed interview with director in ARTE magazine: “I’ve made films about Kurdistan and suidice killings. But never before have I been followed, photographed or even attacked for this many hours. This was unparalleled.”

  6. Knight of Anonymous says:

    “See the movie Scientology doesn’t want you to see. It will shock you, make you laugh, and inform you about the sinister and scientifically ridiculous beliefs of Scientology. The Knowledge Report, coming soon to a theater near you.” (Read this in a movie promo voice)

    {check local listings}

  7. Brad Laurie says:

    Hi Mark,
    I would like to contact you to discuss a possible Australian documentary to strengthen Nick Xenophon’s efforts here as we are getting closer to the end of scientology. Could you please contact me. I have been researching the international issues for some time now and I eager to discuss ideas with you.

  8. Brad Laurie says:

    I also wanted to ask, is PayPal the best way to make a donation for KR? I noticed that there was another way of making a donation (Indigogo) and I wasn’t sure, that’s all.

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