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Scientology Ruins Hip Hop Family

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Mimi Faust

Tony Ortega has run a couple pieces about Mimi Faust who is currently on the VH1 reality show Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.  She has revealed to that audience that her mother joined the Sea Org and pressure was applied on then 13-year-old Mimi to sign her own billion year contract.  When Mimi refused, she lost her mom to Scientology.

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3 Responses to “Scientology Ruins Hip Hop Family”
  1. deELizabeth says:

    Hi Mark,
    Just checking in that I’m still logged in here. Having trouble at VV. Last post was in reply to Tory on Weds thread, today. They are working on it.
    Love to you and keep up the good work.

  2. donnie harold harris says:

    Tragic unacceptable and going to be stopped.

  3. Knight of Anonymous says:

    Scientology can only teach idiocy.

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