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Marc Headley Files Bombshell Lawsuit

January 8, 2009 by  
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Marc Headley

Marc Headley

Wow!  Just, wow!.  Former Sea Org-er Marc Headley has just slapped CSI with a lawsuit over unfair labor practices at Gold.   This test case will try to strip away the “But we’re a religion” defense Scientology has used for decades. 

He asks for a jury trial.  If he can get one, any jury would be astonished to hear about the conditions in which Scientologists must labor.

Will this suit succeed?  It certainly deserves to.  Marc is smart, detailed and formidable.  Can he withstand the onslaught coming his way?  And will we help him every way we can?  I say yes all around.

Read the Lawsuit

Watch Marc speaking in Germany about his experiences.  And here is a thread at Why We Protest where the lawsuit is being discussed.

Watch out 2008!  2009 may well top you in enturbulation!