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Chariots of Fraud

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VIDEOTAPED December 18, 1999

The LMT shows up for Scientology’s Annual Public Relations event: a race through the streets of Clearwater.

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First Picket from the LMT

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VIDEOTAPED January 9, 2000

A few days after the LMT opened, Bob Minton and Grady Ward held a small picket on Watterson Street. Jesse Prince went along to observe.

Ten minutes after the picket, we decided to go back outside and discovered that Mike Rinder, the head of the Office of Special Affairs, had called the police.


Taking the Pulse of the City

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VIDEOTAPED April 28, 2000

Members of the LMT joined with Clearwater citizens to picket Scientology in downtown Clearwater.


The Mad Picket

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VIDEOTAPED July 26, 2000

When members of the LMT held a small picket, they were quickly outnumbered by Scientologists who had been holding a meeting in one of their buildings.

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Jeff Jacobsen’s account of the event

CLEARWATER — I am reminded tonight of 1984 by George Orwell where the people are ordered to scream in hate at Goldstein for 2 minutes every morning. I’m also reminded of the civil rights movement in the 60′s where black people who picketed for their rights were surrounded, taunted, and told “Go Home Nigger!” Read more

Uncovering Crimes

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VIDEOTAPED: August 19, 2000

Dr. Ian Shillington and Bub demand to know my crimes. Jesse Prince’s arrest on pot charges is a theme for the day.


Maureen sec checks me on the subject of drugs.


Hans Bschorr tells me that he read my report about our encounter of the day before.  Mary DeMoss denies me membership in the Foundation for Religious Tolerance, a Scientology front group she created.


Jeff is being asked a standard Scientologist bull-baiting question by an OT8 when Patricia Greenway and her guests stroll by.


Joe Neal and Dr. Ian Shillington accuse Jeff of being a tax dodger.


Bob Peterson is accused of making bomb threats and embezzlement. A first time visitor to Clearwater is accused by Shillington and Bub of being on the LMT payroll. And a local resident fed up with Scientology’s bullying ways is accused of the standard crimes


An out of town visitor is questioned about cheating on his taxes and his wife while in Clearwater.


Maureen O’Keefe insists that I walk to the corner to be insulted by an OT hairstylist named Sheryle Festa.


Ursula Caberta Visits

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VIDEOTAPED September 19, 2000

This picket of Scientology’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida pits members of the Lisa McPherson Trust and citizens of Clearwater against Scientologists.  This picket was done as a German official in charge of a Scientology watchdog group made her first visit to Clearwater.