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Rock Center on Scientology

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During the whole TomKat divorce drama, NBC’s Rock Center did a nice piece about Scientology featuring interviews with Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Bert Leahy, Jamie DeWolf and others.  They also take us to the birthplace of Dianetics for a quickie primer on what the church wants you to know about auditing and e-meters.

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Steve Hassan and Karen Pressley on Cruise-Holmes Divorce

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Steve Hassan

Steve and Karen sat down to talk about Scientology issues surrounding the recent divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Both of them have also given interviews to me for my movie, Knowledge Report: The Rise and Fall of the Church of Scientology.  Karen was a former exec at the Celebrity Center.  Steve’s latest book can be found here.

Pressley- Hassan 7-12 discuss Scientology, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes divorce, Suri and much more from Steven A Hassan on Vimeo.

One Day, One Destiny

The haunting expose that details how Tom Cruise grew up and then became an indoctrinated, dedicated scientologist. With excellent english subtitles, this reveals from insiders who have recently left the cult, how the cult lies and manipulates its followers and the media. Read more

Suri Cruise Is Born

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Rover’s Morning Glory
April 20, 2006

The birth of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ little girl turns the spotlight back to Scientology.  Dave Touretzky is the guest.

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Radio Alchymy

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“Tom Cruise has opened up the floodgates.” So says the host of this Pacifica Radio Network program which features Tory Christman, Professor Dave Touretzky and Gerry Armstrong.

Pacifica Radio hosts this panel featuring Tory Christman, Professor Dave Touretzky and Gerry Armstrong. This show was taped on the fifth anniversary of Tory’s departure from Scientology.

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The Mike Walker Show

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The gossip columnist from the National Enquirer discusses Scientology and Kabbalah. His guest is John Conner of the Resistance.

The Mike Walker Players also do a dramatic reading of Katie Holmes’ W Magazine interview.

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The Steve and D.C. Show

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Two Scientologists appear to explain the basic beliefs of Scientology. Luckily, Professor Dave Touretzky is also on the show to point out where they are lying.

Touretzky masterfully gets them to admit that space opera is a major part of Scientology.

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The Jim Richards Show

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Look what Tom Cruise hath wrought: intense media scrutiny which in turn has drawn critics out on to talk shows who have never done so before. This is Valerie Emanuel’s first radio appearance on a show from Toronto.

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The Tom Martino Show

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Former Scientologist Michael Leonard Tilse describes the nature of Scientology on this Houston based radio show.

Callers are interested in Xenu.

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The Peter Boyles Show

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Arnie Lerma and Michael Leonard Tilse are the guests on this radio show from Denver. The host makes extensive use of the “Man on the Cross” audio clip in which L. Ron Hubbard says that “there was no Christ, the man on the cross was everyman.”

Scientology claims to be compatable with Christianity. This is one of the most common lies they tell the public. Hubbard told his followers that Christ was nothing but an alien implant.

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