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Scientology Tax Dodge

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Today Tonight continues to takes on Scientology in Australia and abroad.  Senator Nick Xenophon speaks out about Scientology using his district as a tax shelter for churches in the UK and other countries.  It’s a story Bryan Seymour first covered 13 months ago and  is finally getting some traction.

Australian Inquiry Underway

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The news comes in from Australia tonight that Senator Xenophon is making headway in reigning in Scientology’s abuses.  A press release announces an official inquiry that could lead to Scientology losing their tax exempt status. XENOPHON SECURES INQUIRY INTO PUBLIC BENEFIT TEST FOR CHARITIES AND RELIGIONS Independent Senator for South Australia Nick Xenophon has welcomed […]

Today Tonight on Australian Decision

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This was on channel 7 on March 11 2010 Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has slammed the major parties for blocking his moves for an inquiry into the Church of Scientology. Senator Xenophon has been calling for a full inquiry into the church since revealing claims of forced abortions and other abuses in Parliament last year. […]

Australian Setback

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The Australian Senate voted down an inquiry into Scientology fraud and abuse but Senator Xenophon vows that this is just the beginning. Independent senator Nick Xenophon today failed to win enough support for an inquiry into whether church groups should be subjected to a public benefit test, like that in Britain. His move was prompted […]

Scientology Under Siege

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The Australian edition of A Current Affair looks at the latest round of reports of Scientology fraud and abuse. We look into the lives of Scientology followers and discover how the sect is affecting their incomes. We also consult sceptic senator Nick Xenophon and leaders Church of Scientology. In Part Two, reporter Grimshaw grills cult […]

Australian of the Year Calls for Inquiry

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Renowned mental health expert Patrick McGorry says Australia should launch a new investigation of Scientology. AUSTRALIAN of the Year Pat McGorry has backed calls for a Senate inquiry into Scientology, saying its views on mental health are putting lives at risk. “They are the deniers of the realities of mental illness, which I find incredibly irresponsible […]

Scientology’s Secrets

UPDATED with follow-up report. Australia’s Today Tonight takes a lengthy look inside Scientology and uses footage from our recent press conference to highlight some of the abuses members take.  Celebrities like Anne Archer and Erika Christensen talk about  what they get from corporate Scientology.   Tommy Davis tries hard to be civil when given the challenge. […]

Radio Show from Australia

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A very good radio show from 2GB featuring Greens Senator Dr. John Kaye and Ex-Sea Org member Carmel Underwood.  In part one, they deal with Scientology’s infiltration of public schools with The Way to Happiness and Study Tech.

Aaron Saxton on Scientology’s Response

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Aaron reads Scientology’s Dead Agent letter which they sent to the press following Saxton’s revelations about Scientology’s systematic abuse of staff and Sea Org members.  

Aaron Saxton on New Zealand TV

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Scientology whistle-blower Aaron Saxton on

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