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St. Pete Times on Forced Abortions

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UPDATED with Scientologist’s reactions below. The St. Petersberg Times continues their terrific series of articles on Scientology fraud and abuse.  This time they focused on how Scientology coerced Sea Org members to have abortions in an article called No Kids Allowed. Laura Dieckman was just 12 when her parents let her leave home to work full […]

Mike Rinder Accosted by Scientology

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Mike Rinder was accosted by a team of Scientologists a few days ago in Clearwater. Included in the group were top executives and Rinder’s former wife, his daughter and his brother. There was a blog post after the incident over at Marty’s website and now it has made it into the St. Pete Times. Mike […]

Tommy Davis’ Latest Footbullet

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Remember the reporters hired to to an investigation of the St. Pete Times?  Well, part of their deal was the whole report had to be released so their findings could be seen in their entirety and Scientology could not cherry pick and distort those findings.  Scientology had the right to bury the report but they couldn’t distort […]

Scientology Investigates St. Pete Times

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Investigating the media?  That’s nothing new for Scientology — but the way they are going about it is.  They have hired three veteran outside journalists to write a report on the SP Time’s methods, according to the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz: After decades of digging into the Church of Scientology, reporters and editors at the […]

One More Celebrity Leaves

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This is about celebrities and how Scientology treats them IF they decide to leave. Larry Anderson is an actor, hired to be in their “Orientation” film. Jason Beghe is an actor who also was in their films and has left, and spoken out about Scientology, “Clear”, etc. I’ll put links to Larry’s most recent talk […]

Three OT VIII’s Keep the Faith But Leave The Church

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The St. Petersburg Times closes off 2009 with another installment of their Truth Rundown series.   This time, public Scientologists tell why they reached the top of the Bridge to Total Freedom and then told David Miscavige they were no longer going to support his mismanagement of the organization.  What Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder […]

Chased by Their Church

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A damning new chapter to the David Miscavige crime series has been published by the St. Pete Times.  More people speak out about the abuse they faced inside Scientology as well as after they left, as Miscavige hired PI’s to dig into their lives, their finances and their relationships.   As former members tried to […]

Nightline Takes on Slappy Miscavige

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ABC’s Nightline has done a two-part report based on the amazing St. Pete Times articles about David Miscavige’s physical and mental abuse of Scientology staff. What I don’t understand is, how come the self-published “Miscavige is great” issue of Freedom Magazine didn’t handle the flap?  Who is to blame, Slappy?  Who will you lash out […]

The Truth Rundown

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The St. Petersberg Times has run one of the most important series of articles on Scientology in years.   David Miscavige was put squarely in the target of former top executives Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder who have spilled the beans on the inner circles bizarre behavior.