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Ursula Caberta’s Trip to Florida

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German government official Ursula Caberta made a visit to Clearwater, Florida in July of 2000.  This was her first trip to Scientology’s Mecca and she was in for a shock.  From her arrival at the airport to her hasty departure, Scientology made her life difficult. It started when she landed at the Tampa airport.  I […]

Scientology Critics Night Before Xmas – Day 12

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To every single person who has helped me, from Andreas to Bob Minton, Stacy, and Jesse to WBM and ALL of the Critics of Scientology, as well as ALL of Anonymous who help expose this insidious CULT… and all my friends here in Los Angeles thank you for all that you’ve done to help expose […]

The Barnes Letters

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Originally Presented in 2000 by Stacy Brooks for the LMT As many of you may already know, Greg and Debra Barnes were recently declared Suppressive by the Church of Scientology. RTC apparently views it as a high crime for someone on OT 7 to object to being security checked every six months, even though these […]

A&E Investigative Reports

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Inside Scientology ORIGINALLY BROADCAST December 14, 1998 This two hour documentary was produced with the co-operation of Scientology and features interviews with David Miscavige, Jon Atack, Vaughn Young and others. Part One Download Part One Part Two

Scientology and the Clearwater Police

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Clearwater police officers accepted off-duty jobs from Scientology in 2000-2001,  accepting a total of $176,000 a year from Scientology. They were called by some “Scientology’s police force.” Scientology snuck into Clearwater, Florida in 1978 under the assumed name of United Churches.  Since then they have come to dominate the small town. I lived in Clearwater […]

A Trip to Clearwater

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Friday Picket Videotaped July 9, 1999 After I was assaulted by Scientologists on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles, Bob Minton announced a picket in my honor.   I traveled with Bob, Stacy to Clearwater.   Saturday Picket Videotaped July 10, 1999 We visit the CCHR and FLAG where we meet Peter Alexander and […]

60 Minutes – 1998

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The Cult Awareness Network December 28, 1997 Scientology’s takeover of CAN is the subject of this broadcast. Stacy Brooks is one of those interviewed. Transcript:

Hubbard’s Great-Grandson

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VIDEOTAPED November 11, 2000 Jamie Kennedy (not the actor) is a slam poet who also is the great-grandson of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. In 2000, Jamie Kennedy traveled to Clearwater, Florida to host a benefit concert for a group which was helping people who were defrauded or abused by Scientology. Jamie’s grandfather was L. […]

Speaking Freely: Tory Christman

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VIDEOTAPED in December, 2000 Tory Christman speaks about her experiences inside Scientology shortly after leaving the group after 30 years.

The LMT’s First Anniversary

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Taped on January 6, 2001 The Lisa McPherson Trust opened in Clearwater Florida in 2000. We set up shop in the heart of Scientology’s “mecca” to help those abused and defrauded by Scientology. Unfortunately the LMT closed within two years after undergoing countless court battles with Scientology. This video was taped on our one year […]

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