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Journalist Booted Off Australian Island by Scientology

June 8, 2010 by  
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Here’s an interesting piece in which the reporter and crew for A Current Affair are turned away from an island where Scientology is holding a WISE seminar. I’ve certainly seen this before.  Jeff Jacobsen and I were banned from a Clearwater Chamber of Commerce meeting even though we had paid for tickets to the event […]

Scientologist William Rex Fowler Charged with Murder

February 6, 2010 by  
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An OT8 first considered a victim of a crime was recently charged with shooting his former partner to death.   The Denver Post has the details. A 58-year-old businessman and founder of an Adams County software company was arrested Friday on murder charges in a bizarre office shooting at the end of the year that […]

Shooting at Denver Scientologist Owned Company

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Details are still sketchy and confused but what appears to be a murder- attempted suicide has Scientologist Rex Fowler at its core.  Initial reports said a disgruntled former employee tried to kill Fowler at his software company.  Later reports now say it was Fowler who put three bullets in the employee’s head before putting one […]

Scientology re: Business Scams – Day 6 of Holiday Tips

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Hubbard realized there was a great deal of money in business people and thus he created WISE which is Scientology’s Business Management arm.  ALL Scientology businesses are part of WISE and they have to pay 10 percent to Scientology Management. Their main pitch is they can make your business more money. Here I explain how […]

Scientology Front Groups and Global Picket

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This describes some of the front groups of Scientology for people who say there is no Scientology in their area AND an invitation to the Altadena Comedy Festival in LA tonight Have FUN and Stay Safe.