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Handel on the News
September 29, 2005

Bill Handel comments on a news story concerning Tom Cruise. An anonymous critic of Scientology posted a satirical news release on a website. This news release was then the basis of a few news stories which refuted the release. Cruise's attorney has threatened to sue.


Whoever is making the phony press releases seems to be doing so with a purpose. Scientology's uses these same PR websites to issue a stream of press releases touting their "successes" and praising their own front groups such as Narconon, the CCHR, and the Volunteer Ministers program. No one fact checks the press releases at these websites or vouches for the legitimacy of the contents of the individual releases.

Several of the phony press releases from anonymous critics have pointed people to various videos on this website. While I am not the one behind the releases, nor do I know who is, I do find the releases often times to be very clever. I would urge caution to those who might be involved in this project while at the same time thank them for pointing out a serious flaw on websites such as Pressbox.

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