Totally Fun Recon Mission

In preparation for the Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket of December 1999, the Church of Scientology went out to make their property sparkle.

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Patricia Greenway of the Totally Fun Company shot these lovely pictures of the Fort Harrison on November 24th.


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Here's another view of the wreath.

But it looks like some of the preparations won't be done in time for the Lisa Picket which is a mere week away.

For seems that the Scientologists have torn up just about every sidewalk around their property.


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This is the rear of the Ft. Harrison.  Notice the GTE truck halfway down the block.  The GTE workers told Patricia that the church was paying them directly to run fiber optic cable into the building and that it had to be done during these two weeks.


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Here's a closer look at the corner at the rear of the Ft. Harrison.   This is the area of the hotel in which Lisa McPherson was held captive.  In past years it has been the site of a candlelight vigil in her memory.


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This is the side street approaching from the rear heading towards the front of the building.


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Here's a closer view of the side street running toward the front of the Fort Harrison.


Mvc-005s.jpg (43144 bytes)

The same street halfway up the block.


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A closer view of the heavy machinery by the corner.  The sidewalk was completely torn away.


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The same street but from the front.


Mvc-035s.jpg (33844 bytes)

And a view down that street from the front.

Seems someone didn't want anyone picketing down this street.


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The only sidewalk at the Fort Harrison that remained untouched was the one that ran along the front of the building.


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Some Sea Org members enjoying the sidewalk while they could.



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